Raindrops and Birdsong

Last evening, it rained. And then the birds sang a symphony. I’d forgotten how pretty the world can be when you stop to notice it.

Raindrops on the canopy frame

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29 thoughts on “Raindrops and Birdsong

  1. Nice photos, a blue bird? I’ve yet to see a blue bird in my yard. The other two are finches, right, yellow and red? Trying to bring up my bird knowledge!

      • I need to get a small paperback to keep close in the kitchen to identify Minnesota birds! Suggestions? I can identify the nuthatch, chickadee, yellow finch (I think the pic you have must be a red finch) and of course their mates, cardinals, but that’s all we seem to have flying through.

  2. Great pictures, Terri. The one of the bluebird is sooo pretty -it actually managed to cheer me up as I sit here looking at the 3rd straight day of rain -which tends to depress me!

  3. Great photos, as always!

    I have been getting the comments from your blog as emails recently and each time one arrives I start humming this song:

  4. What is it about birds that is so fascinating. Maybe it is the way they look when they fly that seems so much fun (though I suspect as animals surviving in the world it is a lot less fun than we make it out to be.)

  5. Terri, you got some excellent pics of the birds and the outside after the rain. You must have a nice camera. I too love to hear the birds in song.

  6. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but it had been a while since you graced the blog with your stellar photos. Well worth the wait! I’m glad you took the time to smell the rain.

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