We celebrated my mom’s birthday here yesterday. I’m happy to say that it was a very nice party with a complete lack of family drama. (Okay, maybe one twelve-year old nephew now considers me Mean Old Auntie Terri because I wouldn’t let him catapult off my love seat, torment the dog or eat his dinner in front of a Rob Schneider movie instead of at the table with the rest of the family. But other than that, it was a great party!)

My youngest brother smoked a huge beef roast in his smoker. I made the potatoes and gravy and put together a veggie platter. My sister made glazed carrots and dinner rolls. It was all delicious!

My sister also proved to be an artist in the birthday cake department.

It's a bouquet of flowers! It's a cake! It's the best of both worlds!

And there was picture-taking for posterity’s sake.

Mom and her "baby" and some of the grandkids too

Mom and her favorite (and only) daughters

It was such a successful party, I’m tempted to do it again! But maybe I’ll wait another year! ;-)


While other parts of the country were battling extreme weather today, things were quiet here. It was cold, but considering the alternative, I wasn’t complaining.

We did have cause for celebration in the office today though.

No, I’m not talking about Groundhog Day. Quite honestly, I totally forgot about Punxatawney Phil for most of the day, but I did hear he’s predicting an early spring, so, thanks for that, Phil. Can spring begin next week, maybe?

Actually, we celebrated Sally’s birthday today. Birthdays are serious business around our office and if you’re the guest of honor, you can plan on being honored all day long. Diane is the designated party planner and she’s always got a hand-made card designed with the guest of honor in mind. In the weeks before a birthday, the card is passed around and everyone signs it, offering sincere good wishes for a very happy birthday. There are party decorations and everyone makes sure you feel special the whole day through.

Since Sally is Diane’s sister, Diane wanted to make her day extra special. She brought in mini cupcakes and brownies with pink and white frosting and sprinkles. But treats and goodies aren’t all that unusual when there’s a birthday to celebrate. What made today’s celebration unique is that Diane brought in a little something for every person in the office so that we could pretty up our lips and give Sally the biggest smiles possible for her birthday.

Botox, anyone?

Diane’s surprise was a big hit and there was lots of laughter!

What do you think? Good look for me? …… Nah!