Don't get too used to your name. We're not going to call you by it.

My family has a habit of picking up on potential nicknames and making them stick.  Sometimes, these nicknames make sense.  Take Brad for instance.  When he was little, my sister started calling him “B.J.”  It stuck.  As my family continued to use this little nickname, it eventually morphed into “Beej.”  One of my daycare kids asked why my dad always called Brad “Peach.”  (Just an episode of creative hearing there.)  Sometimes he was “Beej-a-roni.”

My brothers have a tendency to latch on to all things weird.  Don’t even ask me how or why, but for a while there, poor Jake was referred to as “Steakum Tator Tot.”  I’m sure it thrills him to death that he still gets called “Jakey.”  Kacey spent a fair amount of time answering to “Kace-Eraser,” then later (and still on occasion,) “Kay Dice.”  My little niece, Hannah will never be allowed to forget her Scooby Doo phase and the time she asked everyone to call her “Daphne.”  We still call her that even though the phase has passed.  Also, of course, “Hannah Banana.”  I may have mentioned before how my niece, Lauren was called, “Noreen,” “Lauren DeBecca Luda,” and eventually, “Deluda.”  (I know.  I told you my family is strange.  And family? I say that with the utmost of love and sincerity.)

The kids caught on quickly to the name game and at one time or another were calling their uncles, “Uncle Elephant” (because of his ability to make a realistic elephant noise) and “Hymay.” (I really have no idea where that came from.)  Uncle Jim is now stuck with the term of endearment, “Unk.” I was christened, and still remain, “Dewey.”

The renaming is not limited to family though.  My brother’s friends, whom my boys have camped and fished with, are not allowed to be called by their real names either.  Keith is “Beepers.”  Don is “Don the Bod.” (It is precisely because of Don’s lack of body fat that he is called this.)  However, these nicknames came along well before my kids.  My kids simply can’t resist latching on to them.

Our own friends get renamed as well.  Mark’s buddies (The Man Friends) are “Willie” (Bill, whom no one ever referred to as Willie before) and Paul is “Paulie” or “Paulie Balls.”  (His wife let that previously attained name slip and it has nothing to do with what you might be thinking.)

There may be a genetic predisposition to the name mangling game.  When I was young, my dad’s siblings, my aunt and uncle were still merely young adults.  My aunt convinced us to call my uncle, “Creep.”  He was a good sport about it even though the not-so-flattering name hung on for YEARS!

13 thoughts on “Don't get too used to your name. We're not going to call you by it.

  1. Uhhh, Kiki, Heathey, Lavrin, and Poochina are my and my sisters nicknames, we tend to give these names out and then they stick. I love them though, the backstory and the familiarity that they illude to. I especially loved your nickname “Dewey” sounds so sweet, lucky it was nice and nothing too embarressing.


  2. Is Uncle Jim the one they call “Hymay”? Because, if so, it’s “Jaime”, which is spanish for James. If not, it’s a darned weird nickname for someone who is not named Jim. LOL.

    I, too, love nicknames and won’t agree to name my unborn children without first thinking up one nickname that goes with their given names (yes, I said names… plural… my husband is negotiating for #2). My poor kid has more nicknames than you can imagine, and he’s not even 18 months old.


  3. I could be a long lost member of your family! I adore names other than the one you were given at birth. My kids have more than one and answer to all…

    McKenna = M (Em), McKenna-bean, Bean, Beanie, Kenna
    Brady= Brady-boy, Boy, B-boy Handsome, Handsome Devil, HD
    Robert (my husband)= Robby, Rob, RJ, Ball and Chain

    At work I come up with nicknames for every employee and by the end of a couple of weeks they don’t remember their real name.

    I think this all stems from the fact that my given name, Erin, really has no nickname-ability. I cringe at Er (pronounce AIR) and Rin (YUCK). So I have never had a nickname… hence everyone around me who has a name that can be changed will suffer a nickname given by me!


  4. Lol… omg, I couldn’t stop laughing at the nickname “BJ.” I kow, I know… I’m an idiot.

    But you have some interesting nicknames you give everybody. I think my family does that too since we were young, but that’s mainly extended family that I don’t see too much Lol….

    (Look Terri, no links so hopefully this doesn’t end up in your spam!)


  5. No nicknames given in my family other than the ones given by me. For instance, Spam (wife) Bub (son) Axel (daughter) Torio (other daughter) Mutt (liza the dog).

    My kids do however create Weird AL type parodies out of every commercial, jingle, and song they hear. It’s almost like a competition with them to see who can butcher the song the worst.. (or the best). I wonder where the heck they got this from? ;^)


  6. Hey Dewey!

    I like nicknames. I think of them as terms of endearment (usually), and I think it reflects a relaxed closeness of your friends and family members.

    I was “Cow” for years growing up. And no, it’s not because of my being so well endowed.


  7. I miss my nickname from when I was little – “Katie Mouse”. Sometimes my parents and my godmother still call me by it though – when they’re trying to be endearing, but really want something. Then there’s the annoying BIL who’s a stoner and thinks his nicknames for everyone are SO funny. Ugh, he’s so annoying. Names like Tony Ton, Katie Kate, Pohn, Squibs, Vinnie Vincenzo. Ugh, I can hear his freakin loud voice in my head and I must stop now :)


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