I've decided to keep my kids…

even though there were lots of promising offers. Ok, I’m lying.  There were NO offers, just a lot of “thanks but no thanks” type comments.  What’s with you people?  These are high quality kids!

Actually, I’m glad I got no takers on the offer to sell my kids.  They are precious and no one else understands me like they do.

For instance, this evening, Kacey was browsing through her school registration book to pick her classes for next year.  She mentioned she could take a web page design class.  I said I wanted to take a web page design class so that I could fix my blog.  I mean my real blog.  The territerri.com blog. The one with lots of pink which is still not fixed with some urgent WordPress update that it needs to become functional again. So I’m stuck here at territerri.wordpress.com until someone has time to fix territerri.com.  Because I don’t have the slightest clue how to deal with these things.

So Kacey asked me, “Why hasn’t Paul fixed your blog yet?”

And I said, in my best whiny voice, “Because he got a promotion.  And he has to WORK. And he has to KEEP his job so he can, like, feed and clothe his son. And he’s been busy at CHURCH!  I mean… WHERE are his PRIORITIES?”

And as I sat fully expecting my daughter to swat me on the shoulder and tell me how selfish I was being, even though I assure you I was being COMPLETELY facetious, she said to me, “I KNOW! Like feeding his kid is more important than fixing your blog? JEES!” (She really says it like that.  “JEES!”)

Who am I kidding? I’ll never find any other kids that are as warped and twisted as I am! Took me forever to cultivate them just so. Why give up a good thing?

16 thoughts on “I've decided to keep my kids…

  1. Warped and twisted -that’s my kids, I’ll have you know. But then, most of my friends and neighbors would say I trained them well in that department cause that’s also “me” – warped and twisted, ya know!


  2. I offered the trade – the deal still stands (we had three poopy diapers today – no, nothing’s wrong with the kid, he just refuses to poop all at once). I’ll even throw in a broken shower head with the deal. ;-)


  3. Oh, darn… I miss a couple days of reading and lose out on quality kids. Kids that are already grown and sleeping through the night. Kids that don’t pull on the dog’s ears and force me to put the dog in another room (which is sad, because she was there first, and by “there” I mean in the room and the world). I missed out on a kid who is so desperate to drive a car that he would probably go to the grocery store FOR me. Arrggghhh… I must recommit myself to this whole reading of blogs task so I don’t miss out again.

    How about a trade? 18-month-old for a 16-year-old? My kid only eats cereal and milk, too. Mostly.


  4. I didn’t know the auction was closed. I wanted to sleep on it.

    I figured I could use the boy around here for chores since he had finished enough book learning by now.


  5. I thought about selling mine but then I thought who was going to give me smart ass answers ..clean out my fridge and nag me..so I kept her…so now I have a 5 year old grand daughter who is in training to take over those duties…:):):)


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