Getting stupid

Allow me to introduce you to stupidtom:


Now, I’m not being rude and disrespectful by calling our stupid friend here, “stupidtom.” Stupidtom CHOSE that stupid name for himself! And stupidtom did something stupid today. He challenged me to a stupid blog fight! (In one of his RARE appearances in my comment section, he CHALLENGES ME TO A BLOG FIGHT! The stupid NERVE!) Now take a good look at that stupid picture up above. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that a guy wearing such a stupid mad bomber hat can’t compete with the likes of stupid ME! Of course he can’t. I could out-run him! That stupid hat eliminates all of his stupid aerodynamics!

You really must go have a look around over at It is full of stupidity. Approximately every other blog post is stupidly categorized as “cranky.” Stupidtom writes about such stupid things as the time he stupidly peed in his own face, how he names his own stupid manly parts, and my ALL TIME FAVORITE stupid post about the time he ran into a rather, shall we say, voluptuous woman, (to put it kindly) in the stupid Speedway store where he purchases his daily six gallon allotment of stupid Diet Coke and was so entranced by the size of this woman’s stupid breasts that he was moved to document his stupid feelings in writing: “These things were huge and loose and I was locked in like a fat kid to a bakery window.”

If you haven’t caught on to me by now, I should tell you I’m not really writing this to fight with stupidtom. Stupidtom is one of my favorite stupid sites and I really just want you to go on over and check out the daily stupidity. Stupidtom’s blog is so stupid, he even got a stupid cartoon designed in his stupid honor. I can’t promise you G-rated material or warm fuzzies, but if you want to laugh until you pee your stupid pants, it’s the place to go.

(P.S. Hey Tom? My blog had a visit from someone named BobBible today. I’m guessing he’s not going to be back after this!)

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