Speedy's Wordless Chicken Tuesday


Why? Go see Speedy to find out.

18 thoughts on “Speedy's Wordless Chicken Tuesday

  1. 10,000 dollars? You are a brave woman showin` this poster in these parts I reckon so … umm hmmm
    One of the best I’ve seen so far Terri! Is the world coming to an end outside today? Yumpin Yimmenies bone *** cold. Why do we live here again????????

    Thanks for playing – I’m headed back to the coop to enter you on the “BIG BOARD of POULTRY”

    SpeedyCat Chickenfeather


  2. Haha! So not alone. I feel that in my safe little bubble world of stay at home momville, I do not need one!! And we have not been sick yet!! That said, we will probably get sick in two days :)


  3. now that is good…..no flu shot maybe that’s not so bad.. I have never had one and I haven’t had a bad case of the flu in years…Oops maybe I shouldn’t have said that I might have jinxed myself..:))))..


  4. I get a flu shot every year. I consider it cheap insurance. And if I get the flu and it developes into pneumonia and I kick the bucket, I won’t have to feel guilty that I didn’t get the shot.



  5. I have enough trouble solving the problems I do have that I can’t bring myself to solve the problems I don’t have, like the flu!

    When we’re burying all the people who got the flu shot and died young from some unforeseen freaky disease they got from it, we’ll remember when!


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