Did you see it?

Wasn’t it amazing?

20 thoughts on “Did you see it?

  1. Sadly, I missed it! I didn’t know anything about it till I read about it on Fermicat’s blog and she even went to all the trouble to post times it would begin, the various stages, etc. I had figured I could manage to slip outside and take a peek here and there but then, Mandy’s best friend called and needed her to help her with some stuff plus son-in-law went to the garage where he works part-time and I was here with just me to deal with the two little ones -who were not being exactly cooperative much of the evening either. So I’m gonna have to wait now.
    But a news flash here – Mandy just got a text message on her cell phone from her sister-in-law -who is NOT the sharpest tool in the shed -telling Mandy to hurry and look outside because there’s a lunar eclipse now! Yes, this came through at 9:15 in the MORNING, people! I think that proves I wasn’t exaggerating about her sister-in-law’s iq level now doesn’t it?
    Thanks for posting the pic though – Fermicat posted a pic too of it – cool!


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