Saturday Morning TV for Catholic Kids

Sister Eva Destruction teaches all the standard prayers…

While Father Cam Keepisandsoff leads the boys choir.

(I’m going to hell aren’t I?)


18 thoughts on “Saturday Morning TV for Catholic Kids

  1. Gigi went to Catholic school and she said those nuns were mean as hell.

    Plus there are Catholic s’s doing time in Purgatory for eating meat on Friday, before they repealed the sin.

    Gigi’s father comes here and watches Mass every day on TV. It’s the same thing day in and day out.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that…

    I’m just an old sinning protestant boy.


  2. I went to Catholic school for three years, and I think I’ve blocked most of it out! I knew that nun I think. She was large and in charge with a ruler and a mean habit!


  3. Ha haaa!!!!! …. here is what I want to know, how do you get a picture of a TV that turns out so well?
    ..ohh, and I think I went to school with Sister Eva Destruction :-)


  4. You’re not going to hell – as Jeni said, GOd has a good sense of humour. Not so sure the people who made this programme are so safe, though!

    I can here little voices all over the USA saying “Daddy, I don’t want a Dora the Explorer doll for my birthday, I want to become Catholic.”


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