Beautiful Sunday

The sun and warmth made their return today. IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL!

For some reason, the wait seemed so much longer this year. I thought the winter would never end. And even when winter did finally fade away, the gray skies and chill were hell-bent on overstaying their welcome. But the sun kicked their asses today!

It was a car washing day…

a playing catch with my daughter day…

a boys fishing at the pond day…

a clean up the gardens day…

a taking a walk day…

a barefoot in the grass day…

a “wonder if anyone would notice if I sunbathed naked?” day… scratch that! Bad idea!

a pleasure to feel the sun on your skin day…

a grilling out day…

a drive with the windows wide open and stereo blasting day…

a sing along with every song day…

a hangin’ with the neighbors in the driveways day…

It was a long-awaited, happy to be alive, celebrate the sun day!

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday

  1. Yes it was an incredible weekend! It was mid-summer weather, not spring. Of course, I need to remember that it was about 20 degree ABOVE normal this weekend, and it is still spring. But oh that sun felt heavenly!!!


  2. It’s finally spring here and I missed beautiful weather yesterday cause I had to get some sleep so I wouldn’t fall asleep at work last night. Drat! It’s supposed to be nice here the next couple of days so when my days off start tomorrow morning I’m going to ENJOY IT!


  3. Terri- you should come down here for a visit. Those kinds of days are our days everyday:) Windows open, gentle breeze, hang you clothes on the line to dry, work in the garden, lay out on the deck type of day EVERYDAY:) You would love it!!!


  4. Yay for today! I couldn’t agree more.
    It’s a pic nic in the park day
    A nap while the clouds roll by day
    A day dream day
    A perfect day for pictures day
    A blanket in the grass day
    Hoorray Day


  5. Sounds like an awesome day, Terri! From what I understand, it was really nice weather here too, while I was gone. And I can say for the record that the weather in Scottsdale was unfrickin’-believable!!! Glad you got to do so much fun stuff!


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