Ups and Downs

Proving that my life operates under the principals of Murphy’s Law, the last couple of days have been a series of ups and downs….


  • Yesterday was my day off – serving to give me a break from the constant bad news we hear at work about the student loan industry.
  • Kacey’s school softball team finally had a game scheduled on my day off.
  • Parent teacher conferences went well. Jake’s grades are impressive and it looks like he might be able to avoid summer school for the first time in four years. Kacey’s math teacher noted that she is “an A-Number 1-Prime Candidate” for accelerated math next year. (Where the hell she got her math skills is beyond me. I’m a language girl, myself.)
  • Someone tapped me on the shoulder while I was at conferences and complimented me, “Nice ass!”
  • Mark and Jake went to a Duck’s Unlimited banquet last night and Jake came away with a big prize. He’s thrilled beyond belief.
  • The weather has been in the high sixties and seventies all week!


  • Yesterday was my day off and the temperatures were around seventy degrees. Of course, it rained ALL day. And I do mean ALL day. It started at 7:00 am yesterday and is still raining this morning.
  • The softball game I was finally going to see was cancelled due to the rain.
  • In spite the math teacher’s impressive assessment of my daughter’s skills and future in her math studies, Kacey’s reaction was, “I’m not taking Acccerated Math! That’s a lot of work!” I told her the conversation’s not over. We’ll be revisiting this issue soon.
  • The “nice ass” compliment came from my friend Megan. And in all honesty, I’m GLAD it was just her!
  • Jake’s big prize was a gun. A 20 guage, I think. Because we need more guns in our house. (And yes, we do have a gun safe and they stay locked up at all times until they’re ready to be used for a hunting trip.) As much as my boys love to hunt, I will never get over worrying about them handling guns or being around others with guns.
  • The temperatures are dropping into the thirties tonight. Snow is predicted for later today and tomorrow. Just a guess, but I’ll bet this weekend’s softball tournament gets cancelled.

But HEY! It’s Friday. So I’m putting all the “downs” behind me and looking forward to making the weekend a good one!

14 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Wow – SNOW??? Schlitterbahn opens tomorrow here. We’re not going because the water temps will be too chilly for my thin skin. We’re in the 90s here and I am PRAYING for rain so our baseball game gets cancelled tonight – I’m supposed to run the scoreboard! Only three games left for the “regular” season!


  2. Please keep the snow there or send it someplace other than easterly! Don’t want no more of that junk cluttering my life.
    It’s a bummer when you have these things supposed to happen and then, life comes along, bringing old Murphy with it, an presto magic, before you know, all the good plans just went down the tubes. There’s also something rather nice in hearing that someone else’s life tends to be under the control of Murphy besides me. Guess that comes under the head of “Misery loves company,” doesn’t it? Hope the weekend goes better -for both of us.


  3. Oh I know, we have SNOW predicted for next week! I love my woodstove, but I truly thought it was done for the season. Very depressing to think we will be burning next week! It is almost May!


  4. I can totally relate…to the ups and downs. Snow…NO!!! Run!!! I am scared of what I’ll do if it snows here one more time this SPRING!!! I feel so ripped off…we missed Spring!


  5. haha whoa… it’s been a while since I’ve been here :p (if you even remember me terri)

    Anyway, I’ve certainly learnt from this post that we should all go out and compliment each other on our lovely forms and shapes!

    Oh, and on a more serious note… we’re always going to have ups and downs… for life is merely a very entertaining rollercoaster!


  6. Well you still had more happen in your day than I did! I blogged for a little while, then I slept so I’d be able to stay awake at work then I got up and got ready for work and then I went to work….That was my day.

    It also rained here on and off yesterday and it’s cold and windy today!


  7. I feel like you do about guns Terri, and am still coming to terms with the fact that they are standard accessories that all Texans must have readily accessible and in multiples. Children grow up learning to handle them safely and with respect here, but still. Guess I’m of the “do we really have to kill things?” mentality. Will let you know if John ever wins me over on this. I have already warned him that a loaded weapon and annoyed wife are not necessarily a good combination!! :-)


  8. Terri: A few friends of mine are actually working on a community site based around my person (yes.. I know how cocky and vain that sounds but they agreed :p)

    I’ll probably be back writing in… 1 week – 1 month.

    I apologise for forgetting about your blog for such a long time… it just struck me that I hadn’t been on here in like forever a while ago :p

    I’ll keep reading this time though :)


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