Knee abrasions CAN be fun

Day two of the softball tournament came to a quick end. Kacey’s team played at 8:00 am, and due to several errors, lost their game and were eliminated. I can’t say I was sad about it. I had things to get done at home and wasn’t looking forward to another whole day, sitting in the wind, eating dirt, while the sun tries to decide whether or not to grace us with its presence.

Besides, I was cranky. I was tired, and I’m still kind of sick. This crud has been hanging on for an entire freaking weak and my lungs appear to be attempting to vacate the premises with each coughing fit. (Damn lungs! Fine. Just go. What do I need you for anyway? Oh, yeah. Breathing. I guess you better stay. Breathing is kind of nice and comes in handy on a regular basis.)

Anyway, after the game ended, I was still sitting on a picnic table with one of the other moms, who happens to be divorced, while the team gathered up their gear and were leaving the dugout. The other mom’s daughter came and stood in front of her, put her foot up on the picnic table bench and began dusting off her knee. Divorced Mom says to her daughter, “What’s the matter? Did you get some dirt inside your knee pad?”

Daughter says to Divorced Mom, “No, my knee hurts. I was wrestling with my friend Matt last night and he gave me a rug burn!”

D.M. looks over at me and says, “Personally, I don’t have ANY friends who would give me rug burns…. It’s kind of unfortunate, actually!”

Forget the coughing! I damn near choked on my gum, I was laughing so hard! I’m sitting with that chick ALL season!

13 thoughts on “Knee abrasions CAN be fun

  1. Oooh, rug burns…I was young once…snicker.

    I’m hoping, with time, to have the same attitude you have about these competitive sports. Friday killed me (although I am almost over it now…almost).


  2. Robert – this is SUPPOSED to be a family friendly blog. (I know. I’ve strayed from the plan now and then…) I’m not sure I could pull off such a poll!

    Judy – Keep in mind that Kacey just finished an entire school softball season and this was the first tourney of the summer season. I have lots of ball to watch before it’s over. I’d be sad about a loss if it was the year end tourney.

    Darrin – She would be a riot as a blogger!

    MTAE – Oops. Sorry!


  3. There’s a story or two…
    It sounds like you might be getting the bronchitis junk going around this spring. Don’t let it go too long before getting into the doctor. I ended up on meds as well as an inhaler to get rid of mine.


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