I was the first one awake this morning, and the sun was shining brightly. When I opened the front door to grab the newspaper off the step, I was greeted with warmth and the promise of a beautiful day. I decided to go for a walk and changed into shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed my sunglasses and mp3 player and took off down the path that runs behind our house.

My usual route takes me past a little pond and today there were three families of geese paddling around. The parents were leading their little ones across the pond with the daddy geese taking the lead and the momma geese bringing up the rear. It looked as if the babies were expected to stay between their parents, but one of the babies was overly enthusiastic and took off ahead of Dad. The whole family came to a halt and the ants-in-his-pants baby was called back to rejoin his clan. He paddled fiercely back to where he belonged at which point his momma gave him a stern peck and yanked him back to where his siblings were waiting. I don’t think he’ll be venturing out of formation again anytime soon.

I wished I had brought my camera!

After watching the geese for a while, I picked up my pace again and by the time I got back home I had actually worked up a sweat. I sat on the front step, enjoying the sun and peeled off my shoes and socks before heading into the house to make a pancake breakfast for the kids.

When everyone had eaten enough pancakes and eggs, cooked to order, I cleaned up the kitchen and hit the shower, anxious to get outside and enjoy a play-day after spending the last two days working inside and out of the house. I dressed in shorts and a tank top and dried my hair with plans to get the deck furniture out and spend some time relaxing in the sun and playing our new Ladder Ball game with the kids.

I bounced out the door and suddenly realized the sun was nowhere to be found and the temperature suddenly felt much cooler. Damn! I tried to tell myself the clouds would move along shortly, but no such luck. I had to go grab a sweatshirt, but I wasn’t changing out of the shorts yet. I had faith the sun would make a return.

By noon, the sun was still missing in action. Mark and I made a trip to the grocery store to pick up some things to put on the grill for dinner. By the time we got back home, I had given up and changed into warmer clothing.

The kids and I still had fun playing Ladder Ball all afternoon but it was obvious there was no hope for getting even a slight tan today.

Dinner was excellent. We made some colorful kabobs, with teriyaki marinated chicken, red, yellow and orange peppers, mushrooms and sweet onions. We also grilled potatoes with peppers, onions, garlic and lots of butter and we enjoyed some fresh, sweet cantaloupe.

By the time we finished dinner, the temperature had dropped to 50 degrees!

It was a good weeked anyway, with all the makings of summer. We just need to sun to start cooperating!

21 thoughts on “Gypped

  1. 50 degrees! Oh my – I’d LOVE to see that temp again – even if just for a day. We were up in the mid-90’s AGAIN today…killing me, this heat is. I’m frightened of August!


  2. When I go home to visit the sisters I am alwasy surprised at how cold it feels to me, I am pure southern now as far as my temperature tolerance is concerned…I only want cold if snow is involved, otherwise it all heat, all the time!!!

    I’ll be sending warm weather wishes your way, hope the sun cooperates soon!!!


  3. I don’t know what the temps were here today but it was nice and sunny -pleasantly warm until about 5 or 6 p.m when all of a sudden, the grey skies moved in and replaced all that pretty sunshine.
    However warm it was during the day today though, the temps haven’t dropped significantly this evening and I still have some windows open in the house to keep it a little cool and better sleeping conditions that way!

    You know since Murphy and his stupid law tends to rule these things, most likely the next couple of days -when you have to work – will be pretty, warm, sunny and bright -don’t you?


  4. We got your weather today. Yesterday 70s & 80s. Today barely the 60s. Thanks for sending it our direction.

    Looks like a great weekend. The kabobs sound awesome. I might have to make some this week.


  5. Nummy sounding kabobs! It’s been in the 90’s here, though we’re still waiting for “the windy season” to end (it’s been three months now). Packers come in three weeks, and then we’re off to our next duty station (which is presently getting hit with tornados and hail) in Kansas.

    What is with Mother Nature? Sending sunny thoughts your way!


  6. Yup, we got the colder stuff today. But it really isn’t as bad as they forecasted. We were supposed to barely get to 60 and it has been 65 since first thing this morning.

    It was so nice to have nice weather this weekend though! I really, honestly felt like summer is almost here. Unfortunately, I was almost too busy and tired to really enjoy it!


  7. DANG! That stinks. I know you had big plans for the holiday. We too had crummy weather all day in Colorado. Oh well, there’s always next year… and this summer will surely bring us lots of warm beautiful weekends.


  8. Sorry the sun disappeared on you! But am glad that you had some fun outside anyway and that dinner sounds delicious! I will try kabobs again, our first attempt was not good because I forgot to marinate the chicken! OOPS!


  9. Your walk sounds heavenly! I need to get up early and do that before Chuck goes to work.

    Our weather here has been chilly again too. That is a bummer! I feel your pain sista!


  10. Those geese should run paranting classes for humans!

    Our weekend was like that – Saturday was good, then going downhill to the mother of all thunderstorms last night.

    Still, think positively – the sun will return!


  11. Yeah, I hear ya. It’s the last day of school today for the kids, and they were trapped INDOORS for all the recesses! It’s cloudy/foggy/drizzly.

    Mother Nature, I feel like that little goose that just wants to get on with it already!


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