Random Photo Friday

My foot in a size 17 shoe…

(which belongs to our 15 year old neighbor.)

24 thoughts on “Random Photo Friday

  1. My sister went to high school with a guy who had feet that size. Man, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to find shoes. EVERYTHING has to be special ordered I hear or you have to go to a factory outlet.

    I thought about this post yesterday and wondered if I have a foot fetish. I determined I don’t. I just like to look at nice feet.



  2. wow, size 17 shoes…now that’s a big foot…

    I wandered over here from teresa’s blog..she had such nice things to say about you…
    my husband donated a kidney to his mother abut 9 years ago…both are doing very well, it’s a wonderful gift you are giving to your father — and to the rest of your family.


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