Don't tell anyone, ok?

I can’t keep that sad post at the top of the blog, so in an effort to distract myself, I’m going to jump in on a fun meme that Kiki posted.

Five Songs I’m Embarassed to Admit I Like

(Yeah. SOOO embarassed that I’m posting these on the World Wide Web. Obviously my embarassment factor has greatly subsided since I began blogging…)

First up? Jose Cuervo by Shelly West. This is a cheesy drinking song which I will readily belt out at the Karaoke bar. Yes, I have done it and I will do it again. There isn’t a huge range of notes, so there’s no humiliating off-key adventures for the most part, and when sung confidently enough, will usually elicit a cheer and big round of applause from those already well on their way to feeling goooood. Sung best with a couple beers under one’s belt.

In the category of “I was ALWAYS way too damn old to enjoy this song, but I love it anyway, so sue me,” we have Hansen’s Mmmbop.

A rap/country duet. Of course I would get psyched about this kind of wierdness, but in my defense, Tim McGraw is HAWT so that justifies the whole thing. Nevermind the fact that the song consists of a grand total of four words. Just keep looking at Tim. And try not to even wrap your head around the fact that a tough rap artist wants to be known by the name of Laura Ingalls’ spoiled, bratty playground enemy.

I have no desire to be a cowboy, but I do love this song:

I also don’t feel that I am angry, cynical, bitter or wish to scare young children with creepy tales of the Sandman, yet somehow, this song makes this 40-something suburbanite want to bang her head.

Wanna play along? I’d love to see your embarassing faves!

10 thoughts on “Don't tell anyone, ok?

  1. I made a whole CD of embarassing stuff — Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Elvis, Barry White, Village People, etc… — that my daughter labeled “Dad’s Big Gay CD” with teenage girly writing. :)

    “Mmm Bop” would have been perfect for that CD. :)


  2. Wow, some real corkers there!

    Now, Shelley West. Not a big name over here but I think that, with a new hair do, you could do a great look-a-like. What do you think? Is it just me?


  3. There are so many songs with catchy melodies … you just can’t listen to them “lots of times in a row”

    I actually like achy breaky heart ….. don’t tell anyone


  4. Props on Metallica…all the other should definatly be in this post…ok ok Terr…im gonna steal this idea and write a friggen blog post before work…but first I have to run to ChickFil-a for an overpriced breakfast sandwich


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