Get blogged by Terri – Episode I – The BlogPaul Chronicles

If you want me to write about you on my blog, all you have to do is ask. I will say nice things and steal pictures from your own blog or flickr account to showcase what a wonderful person I think you are. It’s true. Just ask BlogPaul! He “suggested” that I blog about him, and so here I am doing just that!

This could become a regular thing. I was actually asked by another person today to write a post about him too. See? My services are in demand! Just make your request in my comments and I’ll add you to the schedule!

 (Alright, alright, you’re probably on to me already with those last remarks. That second request came from my oldest son, so tomorrow or sometime soon, I’ll be showcasing my son’s and his friend’s talents with some kind of modern day spear fishing, complete with pictures. Clean pictures. No barf-buckets required.)

But back to the task at hand.

Meet BlogPaul. BlogPaul’s given name isn’t really BlogPaul. (You probably guessed that already. That would just be weird and make us wonder what his parents could have been thinking.) BlogPaul’s given name is Paul, but around my house, he is affectionately referred to as BlogPaul so as not to be confused with our other friend, Paul (who is not a blogger and probably has no desire for me to write about him on my blog.)

I “met” BlogPaul in my early blogging days and we became fast friends. At first I thought he was a bad-ass because of his tattoos:

paul0407_01 by adonis hunter's 'stuff'.

L.A. Paul by adonis hunter's 'stuff'.

But I soon learned through Paul’s writing that his first priority is God. Look closely at the tattoo above. It reads, “By His wounds.” The other arm has a tatto that reads, “We are healed.” So as it turned out, BlogPaul is not so bad-ass as I first thought, but rather, he lives a life of conviction, which is pretty cool!

Paul is a single dad with full-time custody of one of the cutest seven year olds you’ll ever meet. Check this out. Is Payton adorable or what? (Also, if Payton doesn’t appear to be your average seven year old in this picture, it’s probably because I stole this from Paul’s flickr archives. But you get the idea. Cuteness! )

Flexin' by adonis hunter's 'stuff'.

And look at how he loves his dad!

Best Friends by adonis hunter's 'stuff'.

Paul doesn’t actually do much blogging anymore, so if you go over to his blog, leave him a nagging comment DEMANDING that he write more often. Do this ESPECIALLY if you are a cute, single, Christian girl! (Hey, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t try to hook him up?) 

In Paul’s defense, the lack of blogging is due to the fact that he is a very busy guy. Here is the comment he left on one of my posts. This is the comment that prompted this very blog post:

Just to let you know what my weekend will consist of this weekend and since I don’t blog anymore I will just write in your comment section (and you will probably blog about it anyway and copy all of my comments blah blah blah and to that you know you have my blessing).

1. I am going to read your blog this weekend for the past month since I never read anything anymore (nor write…nor date…nor have sex…nor have any fun except with my awesome 7 year old son).

2. I will always have a passion for writing but since I also have a passion for photography and on Friday I will be picking up my Canon 20D, I hope to have a model shoot scheduled in order to continue to build up my new portfolio at (click on my picture to see my less than exciting port).

3. Prepare my second grader for a new grade, a new school and hopefully the true beginning of his new life since Seminole Florida is the place he will be going to school until he graduates…then im kickin his azz out!!! By the way, my little 7 year old Mensa member beat his 38 year old father at chess this past weekend).

4. Mid-month payday means no rent to pay…which means tithe, electric, water, credit cards, food, moms cell phone, starting this month…web hosting!!!! Payton’s allowance for the week, Payton’s allowance for the next 3 weeks put in my savings so I can actually pay him when it comes Saturday, an expensive cigar for my boss, any other bills that I can find that is surely delinquent, and if there is $1.50 left over, a t-shirt for me at the Salvation Army.

4. Going to church to praise the Lord. As much sin as I get into I gotta have me some church at least two times a week.

As you can see, Paul is a good guy. I’m proud to call him my friend.

34 thoughts on “Get blogged by Terri – Episode I – The BlogPaul Chronicles

  1. We should all be so lucky if you write so well about all of us. BlogPaul sounds like a great guy and lucky to have an adorable boy and a friend like you who will rave about him.

    Write about me if you want, don’t if there is better material.


  2. Hi my name is Adonis and I would like to remind all the selfish people here asking sweet Terri to write about them, that this blog is about this super Paul guy and so should all of the comments be also.

    Paul sounds like such a swell Christian guy but I am guessing that he is probably just like every other sinner awake on the internet at 3:58am.

    But truthfully I know him better than anyone and he is not really a spot stealing whore like you think he might be.

    ok he is.


  3. That was great! I read some of BlogPaul’s posts towards the end of his blogging and he does seem to be a really nice guy with his priorities in the right place.

    I won’t ask you to blog about me.


    Unless you really want to.


  4. Oh, it is working again!

    Anyway, at the 3rd try, from my limited contact with BlogPaul he seems to be a great guy.

    I won’t ask you to blog about me.

    Unless you really want to and have nothing better to do.


  5. Laughing just thinking about what you wrote about his parents not really naming him BLOGPaul…if they did name him that 38 years ago then they must have really been up on the times…b/c I’m pretty sure blogging didnt’ exist then! LOL!!!!

    Paul sounds like a fantastic guy and the kind we need more of!!!


  6. Barb – I do feel blessed to have a friend like Paul. Everyone should have someone like him.

    Adonis aka Paul – I have a suggestion for when you find yourself awake at 3:58 am. GO BACK TO SLEEP! You nut!

    Jamie – I’ll add you to the line-up.

    MTAE – He really is an impressive Dad. There should be more like him.

    Rock Chef – Sorry. I don’t know what was going on with the spam filter but it was apparently VERY aggressive today! Your previous attempts went to spam. Weird, since you are a regular here. Also, I’m going to blog you too.

    Aparna – He did make it easy for me, didn’t he?

    Logzie – I’m glad someone appreciates my stupid humor! ;-)


  7. I think BlogPaul is how I found you! He’s a great guy, but he needs to blog more! His little son is soooo cute!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on cre8buzz Terri. I appreciate you.


  8. I went over to his blog and liked it! I’m trying to subscribe, but feed burner decided to be an idiot and is not loading. I shall find some way to keep up with his blog!

    Blogging about other people is a good idea, and very nice! You can write about me if you want… You don’t have to though….

    PS: When you wrote “you are a cute, single, Christian girl”, you should of specified close to his age, ‘cuz I’m a cute single Christian girl…. XD! JK.


  9. Wellllll Hello Faith…how are you this evening? Isn’t age all really just a number?

    Ok Ok…I wont try to scam cute Christian girls…and WHAT NOOOOO…the reason Terri did not say “close to his age” and chose the word ‘girls’ is because Paul tends to like girls…ohhhhh around Kaceys age…ok maybe a few years older!

    Seriously Faith….YOU ARE A CRACK UP…HILARIOUS!!!
    You said “keep up with his blog”…hahaha GOOD LUCK…ps feedburner only works when someone actually BLOGS! ;)

    Ok so I am a bad Christian Faith…I lied, im totally trying to scam cute Christian girls so hit me back and we will go get a burger and a tattoo sometime.

    paul errrr I mean, adonis


  10. Half-Past – Hollywood cute is right! I wonder if Paul realizes that his kid is that cute?

    Blessed1 – I agree he needs to blog more. I hope you went over to his site and nagged him!

    Faith – I’ll blog you. You’re added to the ever expanding list. But you can’t date Paul. You’re too young for him. ;-)

    Adonis/PAUL – BEHAVE yourself. I just said all these nice things about you, so don’t prove me wrong.

    de-I – I’ll gladly blog you too!


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  12. OHBOY, Terri…looks like I may have another ex long-distance relationship on my hands.

    Two bloggers…ya know what, this might be good for biz Mel.

    Meleah Rebeccah Hawthorne…Oh my goodness Im already crushin on just the name…were in trouble!


  13. HAHA you know whats even funnier…and yes I am not as loony as everyone thinks bringing up and ex girlfriend, but I remember about three years ago when I just started the “Devon saga” [see blog 05-07] we had a fight because I said a girl on American Idol had a gorgeous voice and she was also “yummy”!!!

    My local WW3 began!!! So THANKS Mel for validating the word Yum…and my goodness, thanks for saying it about me!!!


  14. TERRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIII….I just saw a memoir from that too perfect of a girl…did you make her up???

    Am I on some sort of new camera show…Blogk’d

    Wheres Ashton?


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