Scenes from the State Fair

They call it “The Great Minnesota Get Together.” It’s a great place to eat, people watch and get the back of your flip-flops stepped on over and over.

The view as we entered the fairgrounds

The masses by you.

If I eat nothing else at the fair (but of course, I did eat PLENTY else) I must have some deep fried cheese curds! (Abby, you don’t know what you’re missing!)

Deep Fried Cheese Curds by you.

Tractors of days gone by

Tractors by you.

The sunflower garden

Sunflowers by you.

The Sky Ride

The Sky Ride by you.

Mark and the kids check out an ice house. (For those of you in the less frozen states, this is used for ice fishing in the dead of winter. Only used by the crazies who actually enjoy sitting on a frozen lake.)

Ice Fishing house by you.

Most food is served on a stick, including Big Fat Bacon. (Sorry de-I. I couldn’t find the Hotdish on a Stick, nor the Spaghetti & Meatballs on a Stick.)

Big Fat Bacon on a stick by you.

I was told the fish tacos were good. After much searching, we finally found them. They WERE pretty good, although they are NOTHING like a traditional taco.

Fish Taco by you.

Later in the day we met up with Kacey’s friend, Andi and her dad. The girls took a ride on the Crazy Mouse.

Kacey & Andi by you.

Kacey & Andi by you.

The weather was beautiful, we had a fun day and we all came home exhausted and desperately in need of showers! All in all the day was a great success.

20 thoughts on “Scenes from the State Fair

  1. Cheese curds? They actually call it that? Anything with the word “curds” in it is not going on my plate…just sayin’.

    Looks like it was a terrific time, though!


  2. Karen – I couldn’t even begin to name the hundreds of foods on a stick offered up at the fair. The oddest one we saw yesterday was …FRIED fruit ON A STICK.

    MTAE – Yep, that’s what the sign said. BIG FAT BACON ON A STICK.

    Judy – Cheese curds are THE biggest item at the fair. They are just chunks of cheese, deep fried. YUM!


  3. Oh Terri, I just love the State Fair. I mean where else can you get Fried Coca Cola? Where else can you get fried twinkies? Where else can you get fried, fried pies. I usually start at one end and eat my way to the other. I love that everything is fried and on a stick.

    I have never been to the Michigan State fair but I have been to the State Fair of Texas and the Montana State Fair and the California State Fair and the North Carolina State Fair.

    I think that should be on my Bucket List, make all the States, State Fairs!

    I would weight 800lbs!


  4. Wow… that is a LOT of people!! Looks like fun, but I get claustrophobic.

    Those deep-fried cheese curds look like a heart attack in a nice, neat little container. Haha.


  5. The deep- fried cheese curds sound… interesting…

    Looks like you had fun at your state fair! My state doesn’t have a fair, but my town’s fair is actually one of the biggest in the country! It starts this friday, I think.


  6. Hoooray for the giant bacon stick .. Ha haa!! Looks reaaly good.
    I always stopped by the all you can drink milk truck. Is that still there?
    Been a long time since I have been to the State Fair. Your post was like going back in time for me. Lots of family memories.
    The first concert I ever saw was at the fairgrounds. Johnny Cash in 1975 at the “grandstand”.

    Of course, the Pronto Pup is far better than the Corn Dog.


  7. Yummmm…Fair Food! Makes it all worth it! Actually, that’s a BIG reason TO go to a fair! Crispy Cheese Curds look delicious! Never heard of them. Looks like your weather and the whole time was awesome!


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