Saturday cleaning was interrupted by the doorbell. Always grateful for any excuse that gives me a break, I headed for the door to see who was there. Too late, I realized it was a political campaign volunteer. Groan! But it’s not like I could just walk away. Our front door has a large window through which he had already seen me.

His presidential candidate’s name was emblazoned across the front of his shirt and he was holding a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other. I opened the door and he started his spiel.

“I’m doing a poll for (presidential candidate whose name was splattered across his shirt.) I have Mark’s name on my list. Can I talk to him?”

Relieved that I didn’t have to discuss politics with him, I politely told him Mark wasn’t home.

“Do you know who he’s voting for?”

Feeling a little peeved now, I simply said, “Yes.”

“Care to share with me how he plans to vote?”

Thinking this would be the end of it, I simply said, “I’d rather let him do that himself.”

His smug reply came, “I take it that means he’s NOT voting for (presidential candidate whose name was splashed across his shirt.)

Totally flustered now, I sputtered, “Uhhhhhhhhhh… well……”

“Thank you,” he smiled, placing a check mark on his tally sheet and walking away.

I never even knew what hit me. WHY? WHY can I never think of a good retort when I am faced with arrogant people such as this guy? He got his answer. I gave it right to him. But being a campaign volunteer, he should know better than anyone that it’s not MY right to share my husbands voting preference. I wonder if his candidate would be proud of his underhanded actions? Jerkwad.

19 thoughts on “Jerkwad

  1. I would have said, “I take it you are a sell out and not able to think on your own. Nor are you capable of making your own decision or seeing that every politician … EVERY POLITICIAN lies and will not admit his or her own faults. You sir, are a tool. And if politics could solve anything we would be living in Utopia … prick. Off my porch before I call the cops. Is that on your clipboard, pencil dick?”


  2. You really are to good of a person Terri. You need to make you some business cards with you blog address on it. And pass it out to all of these jerkwads. I haven’t heard anyone called one of those in a long time lol, have a great day.


  3. No offense Terri, but I am soooo glad it was you -not me -who got caught by the campaign person! If it were someone like that at my door -and if that person was representing a candidate I was not supporting, I’m afraid I probably would have slammed the door in his face or worse, lambasted him with all kinds of reasons why I don’t care for his particular candidate and done it in no uncertain terms too. And if that person had asked me how another person was going to vote, I think I’d have really given the guy the boot! That guy is sooo lucky that he encountered someone with good manners!


  4. You should have said, “Well he was asking me alot of ignorant questions so I have him tied up right now, anything I can do for you?” LOL! What a assk!Poor Terri. You wanna borrow my big white dog? She weighs around 130lbs. That’s how I keep everyone away!


  5. This time of year I keep a copy of all the kids’ fund-raisers by the door. I would have tried to sell him cookie dough or wrapping paper!

    This also works well with religious pamphlets! A sincere, “Have you found God?” while reaching for your local church brochure usually send those folks running!

    The key is to turn the tables and reverse the pitch!


  6. Jerkwad.

    Had one come to my house yesterday too, only he asked specifically for ME. Chaco answered, said he thinks I wasn’t home (I don’t like him to lie, but in this case, he knew he was approved). The JW asked if he could come back later. Chaco said “No”. That’s my boy!


  7. I have little patience for the door-to-door campaigners. I agree with what Bad Momma suggested: Start hitting them up to buy some Boy Scout popcorn or ask for a donation for the cancer foundation. I’ve even met one at the door while cleaning my shotgun after a hunting trip (didn’t want to hang around for a long chat). You have to have fun with these jerkwads and don’t let them get under your skin.


  8. Thank goodness I live so far away from anyone! We don’t get ANYBODY knocking on our doors! This political crap will be over shortly…this go round anyhow. But it seems as each election, whether Pres or Gov or whatever…they are all getting more crooked, more disrespectful to not just citizens, but to the laws and integrity of our country!
    (ps…wish Trick or Treaters would come knocking! I miss those days! Been over 25 yrs since we’ve had one! )


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