Get blogged by Terri #7- Where One Day Runs Into Another

Most of us, at one time or another have known how it feels to have so much going on that it literally feels like one day runs into the next. This is the premise of Judy’s blog, which is appropriately named, Where One Day Runs Into Another.

Judy is an amazing wife and mom of two boys, Travis, age nine and Tyler, age four. Being the mom of two boys is in and of itself, plenty to keep a mom on her toes and Judy does a fantastic job of juggling everything going on in their lives. Travis is an athlete, a scout, and an all around active kid. Tyler is a busy preschooler. There are swimming lessons, piano lessons, ball games, volunteer activities and sleepovers. Both boys have busy social lives already, so there are always friends to visit or play dates to host at home.

Aren’t these boys just the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Look! It even appears that they actually like each other too! 

Among the many hobbies Judy keeps up with, there is gardening and she kept us posted this summer as to the progress. Her pumpkins grew, but looked to be in danger of starting to rot. So, not wanting to waste some perfectly good pumpkins, she did what any creative-minded mom would do. She gathered up the boys and together they carved up a jack-o-lantern. It may have been a little early for Halloween, but it looks like everyone had fun anyway!

Judy teaches Pre-K classes three times a week (Judy, just in case you weren’t aware, this fact alone secures you a spot in heaven!) as well as doing some freelance writing. She sews, reads and scrapbooks. She is active at church, singing in the choir. In her *cough*hack*ahem* spare time, she’s been known to create some pretty amazing crafts, like this beautiful cross-stitch project.

Does it sound like Judy’s schedule is jam-packed? I don’t know where this woman finds the time and energy to accomplish all that she does in a day. With all these things going on she manages to cook meals, bake goodies, take her boys to the local waterpark all summer long, plan birthday parties, stay active in the local athletic association and squeeze in visits to her parents’ lake cottage (which just so happens to be situated across the lake from THE PATRICK DEMPSEY’S lake home. Girls, I say we talk Judy into a blog-meet to be held at the lake home. All in favor?) Oh… and did I mention blogging?

Judy’s blog is always full of humor (such as the tale of the cake-eating dogs) and helpful advice. Every Wednesday, you can find the Works For Me Wednesday post which offers household tips and other advice for making life easier.   Her Flashback Friday  posts bring back fun and funny pop-culture memories for those of us whose teen years were spent in the 80’s.

What I love about Judy is that she is living proof that the parenting years can be survived with humor and grace. Even when things seem to be getting the best of her (which is rare) Judy’s words have an underlying tone of calm and faith. She’s one of my favorite daily reads. Go check her out!

13 thoughts on “Get blogged by Terri #7- Where One Day Runs Into Another

  1. I’d soooo blog Patrick Dempsey. I’m gonna go check Judy out and will become her number #1 fan if she agrees to the ‘Blogging convention’ at the lake house. I’ll bring the binoculars.


  2. Whew I am tired just reading about all she does! Good job Judy! It’s ok all the work you put into with your boys, you will get back. Boys will take care of their moms! I was told that once. Of course all I had was boys! lol! Awesome friend review Terri! Did you change your header again! Looks great, again!


  3. Eeek! I am feeling super lazy right about now, lol!
    Judy sounds like a dream mom, what lucky boys she has :)

    And, uh, ahem, I could TOTALLY make myself whip up some cupcakes (or sangria) or something for this blogger convention…especially if McSteamy ended up being over to visit McDreamy!!!


  4. Great “Get Blogged by Terri” ! She sounds amazing! I’m so impressed with some of the young moms I’ve come acrossed! This would certainly be one! I’ll go visit!


  5. All in favor of a blogging “convention” at Judy’s parent’s Lakehouse say “I”! We NEED autofocus binoculars…those things are just AWESOME!


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