If you’d like to read Rude Awakening III, please leave a comment here and I’ll email you the password asap. Sorry, I know it’s kind of a pain, but there are some things my kids don’t need to learn about me from my blog.

63 thoughts on “Password

  1. Am I the only one who wants to read this? Or am I just “fast draw McGraw” this morning and beating everyone else to the punch? Password, please -send to avonlady at gotmc dot net. You know the drill there at means @ and dot means this -(.)!

    Thank you veddy much!


  2. Hi there! I would appreciate a password, if you don’t mind. I agree – there are things our kids just don’t need to know about us – especially through a blog!


  3. I am back and you have a story! Awesome what a great way to catch up. I will have to check in a little later. I have to get kids off to school… I missed you, I can’t wait to read your novel! Password…oh how personal! ((hugs))


  4. Hi Terri,
    have never commented before although I’ve been reading your blog for months… Hope this doesn’t mean I don’t qualify for a password… :-)


  5. haha, i just realised that is a great way to make the lurkers come out of the woodwork! lol

    i also realized how many braindam…. er… craz… um… sick f…. no that’s not it either….

    ….freaking weirdos – yeah that’s it – everybody from morethananelectrician and up are all a bunch of weirdos to be up that dang early in the morning begging for a password.

    now….can i have mine please?


  6. It was nice running into you at Rainbow.. I hope all is well??? Sorry for the tackle… Didn’t mean to give hurt you if I did??

    I would love to continue reading Rude Awakening III…


  7. ok, i won’t call any of your commenters freakin’ weirdos any more. i’m sorry.

    can i have my password, please?

    (i don’t know what happened before but i didn’t get a password)


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  9. I just discovered your blog tonight and I’m hooked. Would love to have the password so I can see what happens next. I don’t want to miss the good stuff.


  10. The ending of Rude Awakenings: “I… had no idea how much one person can negatively impact another’s self esteem” caused me to burst into tears. I need to know if we lived the same stuff.



  11. My friend Kim is about your age. She has MS, and a tough day. At the base of her blogpost, she had four computer generated “related” posts. “Getting Inside Your Head” was one of ’em.

    I keep a folder called “Good Writing” and sling various finds into it. You got slung after I read Larry the great kisser and also deceiver, Part II of Ben, the chameleon with a catholic girl, and ready for part 3.

    I am not sure if I would even have my daughters perusing my Part 1 and part 2 stories, but I admire your transparency.

    Divorced in 1990, I had custody of two young daughters. Early on, I dated.
    It distracted from being a dad, so I stopped all dating and raised a family.
    Next came taking care of mom as she got sick. She died last year. Now, I am starting to finally take care of me.

    I had forgotten romance, young love, heart movement, but your post turned a flatliner into a beat every now and then, so I thought I would see if Ben went on as a genuine person (tough to do with divorce, mom rejection and alcoholism, and poverty) or if running the bases and parting ways led you to finding a man of value elsewhere, finally.

    I have read nothing on your blog except Part 1 and 2, and a comment by some character hitting on you…..something about how young you are.
    Um, you state you are a wife.
    That is enough information for me to say respect is in order.
    I happen to know what it feels like when another guy does not respect the fact that a wife….is yours, not his.

    Thanks for the new heart beat you planted. Maybe I will look at a woman at the beach tomorrow, instead of a book.
    That’s my comment Terri.

    Oh, and I do not blog, but I comment widely, as a bit of salt and light, here and there, to encourage good writing.
    Wordsmith away!


  12. I just found your blog and love it. Of course I get suck into this wonderful story, please send me the password and put me out of my misery.


  13. First off, I love your blog title! I saw it was linked to my blog somehow. I thought “Rude Awakenings” might be health related, so I started reading, part I, then II, and now I am so curious to find out what happens! Can you email me at christa525 at hotmail dot com? Thank you, and thanks for sharing your story!


  14. Terri, I have enjoyed your blog for about a year now. Only written once I think but never miss an entry. Just stumbled upon this part of your early years and would enjoy reading further. Please send a password. Thanks, Kelly


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