Christmas Tree 2008 by you.We’re celebrating Christmas with my family here today. I spent all day yesterday cleaning, doing laundry and getting the last of the food items needed for the party. We had our first real winter storm yesterday and it was my goal not to leave the house, but I ended up having to anyway. The kids had nothing to wear for Christmas Day¬†and I realized there was no way I was going to find time to shop with them in the days before Christmas, so off we went to shop yesterday afternoon. All I can say is I’m glad we have a truck with four-wheel drive. There were so many cars spun out and in the ditches. We made it to Kohl’s and back home without incident and got everyone outfitted for the big day.

Kacey and I finally spent some time baking together last night. I cut out the sugar cookies and she frosted them after they were done baking. We listened to our favorite Christmas CDs and Jake even came to hang out with us and enjoy the cheer. I was exhausted already by this point, but Kace has been asking me to bake with her and I was feeling seriously guilty for not having found the time. I’m glad I did last night. We had fun!

View out the back door by you.This morning I woke up to a beautiful scene outside the windows. I was up by six o’clock, starting the rolls, mixing up another batch of cookies and preparing the wild rice soup. It was beautifully quiet and although I was facing a big to-do list, I felt remarkably relaxed and peaceful. I love these quiet mornings all to myself. I tuned in to my favorite radio station which was in the midst of an all Christmas music weekend, got busy with the Kitchen-Aid mixer and just enjoyed my time alone. I was a little stressed out yesterday (always am the day before having company,) but this morning I’ve found the holiday spirit and I can’t wait for everyone to get here, especially the little kids. They’ll be bouncing off the walls with excitement, I’m sure.

I better get back to my to-do list, but before I do, I wanted to show you what a funny girl my daughter is.

Gingerbread house party by you.

Looks like they’re havin’ a party at the Gingerbread house!

19 thoughts on “Celebrating

  1. Hope that you have a wonderful time with your family and keep that same calmness that you are writing about now. Holidays and family can often challenge that ;) at least in my world.

    Glad you are finding time to pack it all in…


  2. Echo Tara R about your tree. We lost our treetop angel this year (or more precise sometime between last year and this year) don’t know where she went off to. So now I am going to look for a light up star like you have.

    Have a great Christmas with your family.
    Talk to you afterwards!
    Thanks for always being the first to comment on my humble blog

    James in England


  3. It’s so hard to try and do the things you want to do for your family when you are working full time and fulfilling your obligations as parent and spouse.

    I’m glad that the spirit has fallen in place and you can enjoy things.


  4. how can you be nervous the day before company and then fine when they are actually there??

    last time i cooked for company my mom told me i needed to get a prescription for valium!

    i also feel like the total slacker mom/wife too… no presents wrapped yet, no stocking stuffers, and i’m not cooking anything except a country ham. maybe i’ll share the recipe soon. it cooks overnight in a box!


  5. LOL – That gingerbread woman definitely looks like the result of something that I would do. But I’m glad that you got to see your family. It seems like there’s never enough time to get everyone together. I hope it went well!


  6. Good (early) morning to you Terri! :) The Christmas tree is pretty..and WOW…look at all that snow! I’d rather have all that snow than all the ice we have here! ahhhh! ;)

    And um…well, I want to eat the ginger bread house!!!! :P



  7. And we’re off! Sounds like the beginning of a great holiday! I wouldn’t have left the house!

    Cooking with the kids can be fun.

    I have a similar picture of snow on the deck!

    Awesome gingerbread house!



  8. LOVE your gingerbread house!! I bought the same kit but our didn’t turn out near as nice…I’m blaming it on the 5 kids under the age of 7 who put it together! LOL I had a hard time letting them do it on their own…I get that way and eventually I just stepped away and said “have at it and have fun!”…that’s progress for me!


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