Am I just immature…

…or does this gift from my boss give anyone else the giggles too?

IMG_8969 by you.

IMG_8970 by you.

29 thoughts on “Am I just immature…

  1. It got me giggling, and wondering if he actually read the label or hopefully some cleric butchered the pronunciation enough to make it sound like something else, or maybe you work at the funnest and kinkiest place on earth. Are there things you aren’t sharing?


  2. Well, I think I’d have thought about that gift a bit, snickered a lot, then most likely, enjoyed the wine. Well, hopefully I would have enjoyed the wine -never know there since I’m such big wine drinker. My tastes in “fine wine” lean towards Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill or Apple wines. Fine CHEAP wino I am! Used to enjoy a bit of Ripple too back in the day -usually good for the gang to take up a collection and make an alcohol run the day before payday, ya know.


  3. Haha maybe she is making you an offer there. Some of the wines we have here have funny names ; but the only one that springs directly to mind is Old Git.

    Some beers have good names too: Dog’s Bollocks, Old Peculiar, Newquay Steam Beer, Bishop’s Finger….


  4. Ummmm, does he not read French? Or is he giving a hint? Maybe he thinks your cute? Or let his secretary do the shpping and didn’t actually look at the gifts?


  5. No, you’re not immature. I saw a box of the same wine at Costco over the weekend and bust out laughing! Great gift . . . . for someone who’s got a great sense of humor~


  6. OMG!! I have a funny story to tell you bout that same wine!

    You see I got that same brand of wine when my cowboy and I got married. (From? don’t know, no name?) Anywhoo, I never even read it, just put it in my wine cellar (aka pantry) Well I have a good friend that enjoys red wine. I thought, hmm I will just give “him” the bottle in the pantr…wine cellar. I wonder if it a good brand? I will look it up online. Well I don’t speak french, sooo I don’t READ french! Are you seeing where I am going with this? Well I put the “Name” of the wine in the Google bar, search….OMG! Hello!? Wow! Well let’s just say it wasn’t wine that came up! yikes! hahahahaha! I looked at the bottle,the lights went off! oh I get it! oooopsie, Needless to say the wine is aging in my cellar, as we speak! I think I will have tht bottle for quite some time! No sharing that …bottle of wine, or anything else for that MATTER! LMAO!


  7. HA! Love products ESPECIALLY alcoholic beverages that utilize a play on words! In fact… you’ve inspired me to go post something along these very lines right now…….


  8. LOL!! I went to look that up, just to make sure it meant what I thought it did. I laughed even harder when I found out that I was correct. The last line in the description is priceless too. “Everyone loves our pink!” HAHAHA. Yeah… I’m a guy… that’s the way my brain works. Sorry. :)


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