The Fourth Folder, Fourth Photo Meme

Mike at Unraveling Life’s Mysteries tagged me with a meme. And as I explained to Mike, I’ve become a bad memer. I used to faithfully play along with each and every meme that came my way. And then somewhere along the line, half-finished memes started piling up in my drafts. It became overwhelming, and in true Terri-fashion, I chose to simply ignore them rather than try to get them all completed. (If you think this says anything about my personality, you are right. Don’t even ask what happens when I fall behind in balancing the check book. Also, please don’t go in the walk-in closet. We may never find you.) But this meme seemed easy enough, so I promised I’d do it.

The rules (which you may choose to follow, bend or break as you see fit) are as follows:

  • Go to the folder in which you keep your digital photos.
  • Choose the fourth folder.
  • Find the fourth picture in that folder.
  • Explain.
  • Tag four people.

I had to break the rules right off the bat. I had to. No, the little Devil Terri wasn’t sitting on my shoulder taunting me into being a rule breaker. It’s just that when I went to my fourth folder, there were only three pictures there.

Now what?

So, being the creative minded person that I am pretend to be, I figured out a new plan! I found the fourth to the last folder instead. And as long as I was bending the rules, I chose the fourth to the last picture in that fourth to the last folder. And this is what I found:


That’s my Jake at, oh… I want to say, maybe four months old. We didn’t know it then, but this picture clearly shows his “lazy eye.” He ended up having to wear glasses for a while starting when he was three years old because one of his eyes kept crossing. He hated those glasses and never wore them if he could get away with it. Eventually, that eye righted itself and the glasses were no longer needed. Thank God! (That was probably way more explanation than was necessary, but if you know me at all, you know that I am rarely capable of keeping it short and sweet.)

I scanned this picture recently for Jake’s soccer banquet. The senior players were featured in a slide show and we were asked for baby pictures and youth soccer pictures. Wanna see the youth soccer picture too? Ok, twist my arm:


Look at me, just bending, twisting and breaking the meme rules all over the place! But really, how could I resist? I mean, look at this kid? Is he not just the cutest? Look at those chubby cheeks! Don’t you just want to squeeze them?

Oops… what’s this?


Well, you know I had to throw his senior soccer picture in there too. I can’t believe how much he’s grown up!

Ok, enough pictures already. I just blatantly broke all of the meme rules and as long as I’m at it I might as well keep going. I’m supposed to tag some people, and I usually refuse to actually do the tags, but open it up to anyone who wants to give the meme a try. That sounds like a solid plan. Go ahead and grab this one if you like!

23 thoughts on “The Fourth Folder, Fourth Photo Meme

  1. I have yet to be inundated with memes and I’m not even totally sure that I know what they are completely, but I intend to play along. My intentions are great. Now let’s see if I get it DONE.

    As for Jake – what a precious little baby and now what a lady-killing young man! Nice job, Mom!


  2. I like the fact that you take a MEME and do with it as you wish! This post was a great example of how to actually make a really cool post using a meme and I’m really glad you chose Jake and his soccer career as your focal point too! My, my -but nice eye candy there he is now and you know, he’s only gonna get better looking too (if that is possible) with age, don’t ‘cha?
    Happy New Year!
    Keep breaking those rules too!


  3. Whats that they say about rules……….

    a proud mom can do what she pleases, as a proud dad does too.
    Fun to see before during and after pictures. handsome boy. I had lazy eye too. I had to wear an eye patch for years. HATED IT. But it want away soon after and life as we say is good.

    I wonder if I use them on both eyes if it will help my 52 year old eyes see better. LOL


  4. if i EVER get caught up reading and get to post again i will do this meme. well, if my 4th 4th pic doesn’t feature me. and if it does, i’ll just pretend i’m a rule breaker and do like you did :) and if THAT one features me, then i’ll just pick a pic (of pickled peppers..wait..sorry got sidetracked) and the LIE MY BUTT OFF and say it was my 4th 4th. so there.


  5. Terri that is not a meme! That was a youyou! LOL! Who said you need to follow the rules…Not I said the little train. He is a handsome fella! Does he know you posted his photos in the different stages of childhoood?he he !You are a nicer mom than me I would have found a bare butted picture!


  6. Oh I love this meme! Hey thanks for your call. I was sitting in a movie with my little boy when you called, or I would have answered. Madagascar and my 5 year old took priority though. Your photos are adorable! I may have to do this one too!


  7. Heh… I love looking at old photos. It’s cool to see what people looked like when they were younger. I know what you mean with posts like this, though. The one you gave me about “10 things I like that start with ‘M'” is still in the works. Maybe I’ll do that today….


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