Saint Terri?

When I woke up this morning, the realization hit me. I smiled in anticipation. Today was the day. It had seemed like it would never come. I contemplated what to wear and finally settled on a simple red cable knit sweater and my favorite jeans. After all, this was going to be casual and I hoped I’d be lying down not long after we met anyway. 

The work day dragged by. Business was slow today and there were many moments that I would catch myself daydreaming about the evening. Five o’clock could not come soon enough. I watched the hands of the clock creep round and round as I thought of him. I wondered if my husband knew. I worried that he might question the fact that I didn’t come straight home from work but I wasn’t changing my mind. I was going and nothing could stop me.

It took me about a half hour to get there and I arrived in the room before he did. I sat waiting, nervously tapping my toe, anxious for him to arrive. I checked my hair in the mirror and brushed my hair out of my eyes. Just then, the door knob turned and finally, FINALLY the moment I had been longing for all day had arrived. He smiled as he said my name and took my hand, closing the door behind him. I couldn’t help smiling back and wondered if he knew how often I had thought of him throughout the day.

“You know,” he said, “when I ran into you at the bar a few weeks back, I was really surprised to see you there.”

“You were,” I asked? “Why”

“Because I had always thought of you as being somewhat… well… saintly.” He said this while tossing a crooked grin my way. “It was good to see you out having fun.”

“SAINTLY” I asked with mock indignation? “Really!”

“But now I know that’s not completely accurate. And that’s a GOOD thing,” he added teasingly.

I smiled. I always had enjoyed his sense of humor.

Not wanting to appear overly anxious, but feeling like I couldn’t bear to wait much longer, I asked him, “Can we get started? I really need this today.”

“Sure,” he said. “Go ahead and lie down.” And with that he began to work his magic. He has the most wonderful hands in the world and knows exactly how to make me feel good. As I lay there relishing every move he made, I knew I wouldn’t regret this meeting. I had only one small complaint and that was that it was over much too soon.

I stood up and faced away from him. He massaged my shoulders and I wished I could stay longer, but it was time for me to go.

“See you again in three weeks,” he asked?

“Yes,” I replied. “Three weeks. I’ll be here.”

“Good,” he smiled. “Because it’s been five weeks since the last time. And I’d really like to see you more often than that.”

“Hey, I wanted to be here,” I said. “Remember? But YOU couldn’t get here because of the holidays. But I promise. Definitely only three weeks this time.”

“Alright,” he smiled, “I’m glad to hear that because it’s important to take your chiropractic care seriously.”




Saintly! Seriously! Well… he might have a point, but I’d say I’m more “angelic” than “saintly.” (Remember? Charlies Angels…)

roddys19 by you.

What’s this? That’s not my husband!

roddys12 by you.

See? I’m not so saintly!

36 thoughts on “Saint Terri?

  1. Hmmm…Are “Saints” supposed to be hot? You are Saint Cayenne! hahaha Or yes an Angel! Look at how much fun you look like you are having! Chiropractor huh? I don’t know? How do you know they don’t “adj” you just so you have to keep coming back??he he Now a massuse? I would totally see one of those weekly! You look Great girl!


  2. MTAE – not sure why, but I already had that category set up in my options! Must have written something smutty at one time.

    Agg – No. No tongue. I’m only slightly off-saintly.

    TW – Oh yeah… a masseuse! That would definitely be a weekly thing.

    Gladys – LOL! As if I would be writing about enjoying a gynecological exam! You crazy?


  3. i would go to a chiropractor AND a masseuse every week if i could pay for it. instead i just find a guy who doesn’t look like he will injury his back by giving me the bear hug adjustment :) had one tonight at the dart banquet actually. it felt great!

    and yeah, you should have heard the thoughts running through my head while i was reading that. you had me going just a little for awhile. i resisted the urge to skim down to the punchline and just kept reading until you redeemed yourself :)


  4. Yes, I think Angelic is better.

    Sadly I remembered that you had bumped into this guy in a bar so I knew the punchline already! Not that I really thought you were up to anything bad!

    You are too angelic for that! Unless – you are the last person I would expect to… (see my last post ;-) )


  5. No saint, no sinner either?

    This post reminded me I think I need to go back to seeing the chiropractor again too! Trouble with the one here is the visits are way too short. I think what I really need to do is find a damned good masseuse instead! I really could definitely go for a long, deep, back massage! I think that would cure a whole lot of what ails me. Nothing better than a massage, is there?


  6. Saint Terri. Hmmm yeah I can see if though If Saints were more like you I would absolutely go to Church more often. I am quite certain!

    Great post.

    Great pics.

    Glad my link is now finally fixed so my “peeps” can get their Terri fix!

    Ripple On!!!


  7. Okay. I know you better than to just think that post was about what it was sounding like. But it was driving me nuts…I was reading with a huge smile trying to figure it out. As soon as I read about the bar, I remembered the previous post. Stink!! I wish I hadn’t read that! That was really good Terri!!

    I’ma huge believer in chiropractic care also…as you probably have read on my blog…it’s currently helping Ella to release the fluid in her ears as to not need tubes hopefully. Love it.! Yesterday her regular child chiropractor was sick so the other dude took care of her and he did her adjustments just like mine…on the table and all…it was TOO cute!!


  8. Is your husband ok with that, Terri? Because if some doctor massaged my wife, she’d have to find a new doctor and the cops would have to find him, with a shovel. I’m not good at sharing! ;-) Those are some great looking women in that top picture, but that one on the left in the bottom picture, she’s a closing time only girl.


  9. Was it wrong that I was a little bit excited reading your post? Your buildup in the story leading us through this adventure all the way to the ending climax was almost “too much.”


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  11. Oh Terri…I thought I was reading the beginnings of your novel in progress….
    Much to my disappointment…it’s about a real life back cruncher!
    They scare the begeezes out of me! So, guess that makes you a Saint…to be able to tolerate the snap, crackle, pop! And keeping them Chiro’s house payments current!


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