Life is Good – January 9, 2009

Snickers - YUM! by you.We’re knee deep in winter here. It’s getting hard to think positively. There is snow covering the ground for as far as the eye can see.  Underneath the snow there is ice. On top of the snow is a layer of grime. More snow is predicted in the days to come. It’s frigid. Even the sun seems hesitant to show its face these days. It is dark when I leave the house in the morning and it is dark again when I head home from work. There must be something good to say about winter…




Oooooh! …I know!

Mosquitoes! There is a noticeable absence of mosquitoes this time of year. I hate mosquitoes and the way they sneak up on you and take a bite, leaving you itching for days. I’m really glad the mosquitoes are gone. What else? Hmmm…Hey! There’s also not much chance of getting sunburned, so we’re saving lots of money not having to stock up on sunscreen. Also, if the freezer goes out, I won’t have to replace it right away. I can just open the back door and toss my frozen foods on the deck. And then there’s sweating. No one really likes to sweat all that much, do they? We are definitely not sweating here. Not a whole lot of B.O. this time of year. And hey! Here’s a bonus! It’s too cold for Neighbor Bob to hang out in his driveway all day long, shirtless, which he likes to do a lot when the weather is warm. Neighbor Bob’s driveway is straight across from my front window. Ever seen a sixty-some year old guy shirtless? It’s not pretty. So, yeah. In many ways, winter is making my life so much easier. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Seriously though, in spite of my growing disdain for winter and it’s tendency to make me feel depressed… which I hate,  I still have much for which to be grateful. Like…

….time with my son. It’s been so nice having Brad home from school the past few weeks. He goes back to school this weekend and I’m really going to miss him. I love that he spent the day with me yesterday on my day off and let me take him to lunch. (Like I had to twist his arm to do that!) 

…a really amazing church service last weekend.

…a good chiropractor. My relationship with the back-cracker is truly on the up and up, despite what the other day’s post might have insinuated. My back and neck were really in bad shape this week and I have felt so much better since getting adjusted.

…a husband who took a night off work and then spent the next day – his free day – and did all the laundry and grocery shopped so that I could enjoy my day off and not have to do some of my most hated chores.

…winter clearance sales! Have check-card, will spend! WOO-HOO!

…a burst of inspiration during the quiet morning hours yesterday. I have been wanting to do something with this desire to write but have felt completely lacking in both confidence and inspiration. But yesterday the ideas just started flowing and I started writing like crazy before they could slip away. What an amazing feeling and a great cure for the winter blues.

…online friends who make me laugh, inspire and motivate me.

Happy weekend, all! We’ve earned it!

29 thoughts on “Life is Good – January 9, 2009

  1. hey better no-shirt bob than “ugly naked guy” neighbor we had for a couple of years! lol
    you forgot about snow…
    …ball fighting
    …made into igloos (i’ve always wanted to try that!)
    …ok, i could go on forever. i want some snow damnit! my mom called me the other day:
    mom: look out your door, what do you see?
    me: ummm, what am i supposed to be seeing?
    mom: big fat snowflakes so thick i can’t see through them
    me: mom, it’s raining here, thanks. alot.
    why do i keep wasting all my blog fodder on comments? i might have to start stealing them back :)


  2. Time to take out the sun screen and apply some to your arm and sniff deeply.

    It will put you right back mentally to the lake at some open air bar laughing your ass off with friends in the warm sunshine.


  3. Yep -put a good spin on what often seems to be a never-ending litany of things we all hate -commonly called winter or the dreaded four-letter word affiliated with winter -snow!

    Much as I rant and rave and declare how much I hate winter and all it brings, my son tried to bring those to mind the other day to me and use it as some kind of rationale to make me think about maybe moving out of the refrigerator zone where I live and have lived for most of my 64 years on the planet. I told him point blank his ploy wasn’t gonna work though cause much as I do gripe about these things, I still would have to have several sticks of dynamite planted under my fat behind to get me to move away from here. Secretly, I think I really do love this stuff after all.
    Or maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment?
    I wouldn’t have thought of the lack of mosquitos but now that you mentioned them, there’s a really big positive thing about winter for all of us to think about!
    Cheers! And peace.


  4. We’ve had beautiful weather here and all I can think of is we are going to get seriously hit this spring… maybe even if you had unseasonably good weather you might not enjoy it anyway because you’d 1. worry about global warming, or 2. know that it wasn’t going to last and you were going to get hit w/ two blizzards back to back

    oh, and lots of snow, good moisture and really pretty spring flowers ;)


  5. I love being outside and being active, but it is also kind of nice when you are forced to just stay inside. Napping by the fire is my favorite Sunday afternoon activity, and it is something that obviously never happens on a gorgeous sunny summer afternoon.


  6. Keep Writing!!! :)

    Also, I’m going to win the lottery, buy a huge plot of land on an island somewhere, and start a blogger commune so we can all hang out in hammocks in the shade and blog when we feel inspired ;)


  7. Hey they make this great light for victims of SADS and I believe anyone who lives above the Mason Dixon line qualifies.

    I kind of like the winter. It is less pressure to get things done. ;)


  8. Winter is indoor time. Except that gets lame after a while. I’ll take the mosquitos. I have ways of ridding them. Summer kicks Winter’s A$$. Only benefit of winter I see is you can tell where the dog went, and not have to worry about stepping in it. Oh, and not having to cut the lawn (who am I kidding, I have a landscaper. oh yeah, he cleans my driveway. ) What else…. Can’t count winter sports because it balances the scales. So…. that’s about it. You have a longer winter than I do. I’d shoot myself. LOL Yes. This medium do take the edge off. Thanks!


  9. Winter. I know, it blows…SNOWblows that is!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Okay, SO not funny, I know, but I’m actually sitting here giggling :)

    Anyhoosers – you know that though I may live in another country, currently we’re living in the same frozen deep freeze. I won’t even leave the house with E today because it’s about -47 outside.
    And man, do I bitch about it!
    But one of my favourite things about winter is that after I’ve gone out in the nasty cold and all my bits are frozen, there’s nothing better than coming in, jumping into sweats, slippers, and a blanket, lighting a fire, and curling up on the couch. In my case, usually with tea. Mmmm. In that way I love winter, because you just can’t do that in the summer…what with all the b.o. and everything :)

    (Please let me take this moment to apologize for this lame comment. I’m still laughing about the snowblows thing, and apparently I’m not going to get over it anytime soon…)

    ANYways – congrats on getting some inspiration to start writing. Isn’t it great when your pen won’t write as fast as the thoughts are coming?

    Okay, I can’t stop laughing, I’m out. Peace yo.


  10. Ditto Mel.

    Put words on paper, no matter what. Never stop. If you do, you will be no different than I am. You would DEFINITELY not want that!

    Be you….and never stop.


    (PS…what is that very little smilie doing in the top right hand corner of your blog?)


  11. How old is Tom Selleck? Cuz I’ll bet he still looks good shirtless! mmMMmmMm… Call Magnum I lost my kitty! hahaha!
    I am thinking “Bob” doesn’t really look like Tom? Probably a good thing, after that last post about your chiropractor!! ((hugs))


  12. Terri, sounds like you have the world by the tail. A good family, a nice home, and a check card! What more could a girl desire?

    Winter is nice up here in the mountains because there is nobody up here but me and my family.


  13. I’ve decided to take a “Mulligan” or Do Over on Christmas. We had a wet, green Christmas and now
    2 weeks after the fact we are getting snow.

    I think you should hit up some winter clearance sales! One of the bright spots this time of year!


  14. You sure do see the glass as half full, don’t ya?

    Here today, it reached 61 degrees. I took our 21 month old son, Brady, put him on top of my shoulders, and walked to the nearby park.

    We had fun on the playground set and chased the birds scurrying on the ground. Later, when Brady tired, we came home and together took a nappie.

    Yes, life is good.


  15. hahahaha…Terri…you crack me up! :P Any winter is good that is minus mosquitos and holds GREAT chiropracters. =D

    Hope you have a good Saturday.



  16. You know, Terri…I think I could live with mosquitos and scratching myself raw…if I didn’t have to have winter!
    Hey! We use the “outside” all the time in the winter as a freezer! Saves me from climbing down the steps to basement freezer, or trudging through snow and ice to get to the other one! Saves electricity too! *wink
    Life IS good!!


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