Maybe running two days in a row was too ambitious after a span of an entire week between runs. I just couldn’t help myself. It was 20 degrees this evening and I’ve been feeling like such a slug. When I glanced in the mirror this morning before showering, I did not like what I saw.

I felt so good after yesterday’s run that I convinced myself to go again tonight.  I told myself it would be invigorating and it would help to tighten up some of those lazy muscles. So off I went. And let me tell you, it was a struggle. The inclines felt like mountains, my lungs felt tight and the neoprene ankle supports did nothing to prevent the weak and achy feeling in my ankles (which I’ve only noticed since trying to run through snow. Maybe they’ll feel better when the pavement is dry again.) And the weirdest thing? I’ve realized that unless I make a conscious effort not to, I curl my toes under on my right foot  while I run. This can’t be good.

I went the entire distance but it wasn’t pretty. And in spite of the fact that the run itself did not feel like a success, I do have that hurt-so-good feeling. But I think tomorrow I’ll give it a rest.

25 thoughts on “Dragging

  1. Once again Terri you boggle my mind. Out running in this freezing cold weather. I can give you a million reasons not to. Heck I’ll even write you a note.

    Dear Running Gods,

    Please excuse Terri the Blogger from running. She ran yesterday and because of that she is in need of some down time.

    Thank You


  2. Consider this: In spite of all of the excuses NOT to run, you did it anyway. At least you made effort to get out and hit the pavement instead of hiding under the covers. That makes you a winner in my book.


  3. Some days I have great workouts. Some days I go through the motions. Other days I try and discern whether I need to lay off for a day or whether I am lazy today.

    When I had a cold a few weeks ago and then a giant head, I laid off the workout for over a week.

    Normally I workout 5 days a week and rest on the weekends.


  4. I guess that was a bit ambitious! I felt like that the first couple of days after the Christmas holiday – no cycling for 2 weeks, 9 pounds heavier…

    I soon got back into it, though, and you will too!


  5. 20 degrees…a heat wave :D…hey pat yourself on the back, you ran and twice good for you…I whine if I have to walk to the park….in 60 degree weather (but in my defense it was really windy)…you are an inspiration!


  6. I think you need to curb your outside stuff and focus more on what can you do inside. I have the perfect suggestion – http://www.menshealth.com/cda/article.do?site=MensHealth&channel=fitness&category=workout.plans&conitem=b031b671d468d110VgnVCM10000013281eac____

    It’s the medicine ball workout I’ve been doing and I love it. A friend of mine didn’t have a medicine ball, so he put some stuff in a pillowcase until it weighed enough and uses that. Give it a shot.


  7. Yeah for you…the whole distance? I’m SO impressed. Terri…treat yourself to something finnneee..you deserve it. Your motivation for running is very inspiring to me.



  8. I am thinking that the cold temps canNOT be good for you. And every-other-day deal would be plenty – your body is not only exerting the normal amount of energy to run, but also to stay warm.


  9. YOU are an amazing woman and I love you to pieces….you are also making me feel verra verra guilty!!! Ha! I’m going to quit complaining about how cold it is here in Texas now.


  10. I can’t believe you are still at it in the weather you’ve been having…do you just ‘crash’ when you walk in the warmth of your home afterwards or are you totally rejuvinated?
    Great job…and determination Terri!


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