The Wii is here! The Wii is here!

The Wii showed up ahead of schedule and arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I was shocked because it wasn’t supposed to ship until the 23rd and there was a glitch, so I didn’t expect to get it on time, much less early. On Monday, I received an email from Game Stop saying my credit card had been rejected and I should contact my financial institution to see what was the problem. I had used my check card and knew there was plenty of moolah to cover my purchase, so I called the bank and asked, “What’s the deal?”

The representative helping me said he showed no record of a rejected payment, assured me I had plenty of money to cover the purchase and I had not maxed out my daily purchase limit. He suggested that in the case of credit card purchases, the seller will often perform an address check to make sure the one on the credit card matches the one provided in the order and if any part of the address doesn’t match it will show up as a rejection. So I called Game Stop, told them what the bank rep had told me and my representative confirmed that it was a rejection for address. I told him I’ve been at the same one for twenty years and asked if it had to do with the part of my address that ends in “North.” Sometimes it’s listed as “North,” sometimes “No.,” and sometimes “N.” I rattled off my address and he said, “Ok. I’m just going to release this order.” Yes! It was well worth sitting on hold and being subjected to the Mario Brothers theme music while I waited to be assisted.

The kids and I set up the system as soon as I got home from work. (Ok. Kacey set it up as she is very familiar having spent much time with her friend and her Wii.) In the inaugural game, Jake beat me by three points in bowling, after which I let he and Kacey test out all the various games. Kacey had volleyball practice and I wanted to give her a chance to play before she had to go. Then Jake beefed up his boxing skills and knocked out his mom but she didn’t go down without a good fight. (My arm already hurts this morning!) Later, I proved I am a rock-star golfer, at least on the Wii. Real life golfing is a much different story.

I went to bed by ten. (I am just wiped out by Friday night.) The kids were just beginning to explore Mario Party and I have no idea how late they stayed up. This was the first night I can remember in a long time that they weren’t bickering and fighting.

And to think when they asked for a Wii for Christmas, I said, “No. No more game systems.” Not to mention, last week when we were in Target looking to see if they had any in stock, Mark said to me, “What about the video game restriction I put on Jake for the trimester?”

I sort of forgot about the video game restriction, but since he sort of forgot to remind me until we were actually in a store, shopping for a Wii I sort of told him that we’d have to rethink that restriction. And I reminded him that a Wii is not just a video game system, it’s exercise! And isn’t that really something we want our kids to do? Not to mention, the temperatures have dropped again and I personally need a way to burn off stress when I can’t get outside and run, otherwise I might take it out on him and I think we can all agree that wouldn’t be much fun.

22 thoughts on “The Wii is here! The Wii is here!

  1. Awesome!Congrats!

    Wii’s aren’t just for the kids. Wii Fit is fun. Guitar Hero is a blast. We just love it because the entire family gets off the couch and plays together.

    Good times!


  2. Bbbbwwwaaaahhaaha Did I send you the Wii email?? My husband fowarded to me? You will laugh soooo hard! Do you like tennis.hehe
    Good for you, I have had several friends tell me they have a family game night. I think you need to have a Vblog of you playing!! I wanna see….


  3. I have fought the Wii battle for a long time now, and I’m starting to cave, too – now I just have to convince my husband that I’m on-board with Wii-ing. And he needs to be, too!


  4. I have never had the pleasure or torment of playing Wii. I never got the whole video game thing. So my question is if I’m too much of a spaz to play the actual sport wouldn’t I be too much of a virtual spaz to play the virtual sport?


  5. Rules were made to be broken my dear…

    Told ya you would hurt! My arm killed me the first time I virtually bowled!

    Have fun,

    No pain, no Gain.

    Now you need the gun and light sabres attachment!


  6. My son Glenn spent two years at the Art Institute of Vancouver in their Game Design Program. He has every game machine ever made I think, and he says the Wii is the best. It should give you all a lot of fun.


  7. My oldest daughter has a Wii and she and her husband and their daughter love it. They always try to get me involved but I think that my blood type is Wii intolerant.


  8. I WILL WARN YOU!!! Two things to watch out for…a) it can be very addictive for the kiddos…but you probably already have that under control and here is the biggie

    B) you will indefinitely hurt your arm playing tennis, boxing, or baseball. It’s called Wii arm…at least that what I call it as I now have it. Since August my right shoulder is totally screwed! So watch out! :) and have fun!


  9. you and I must have gotten the same deal, as mine came on Friday from the same place and I thought it would be shipped that day

    I am out of town, but I hear from the husband that he hurt his shoulder boxing already

    WE dont even have kids to blame it on


  10. The wii is cool. It’s more than just another video game. I echo Oh Captain, it gets the family off the couch and playing together. It even gets my mom & dad playing. Wii Fit is really fun.


  11. And thus concludes the final entry of Terri Terri Quite Contrary. Moving Forward all spare time will now be spent Wii-ing the hours away. :)

    Congrats, and have fun!


  12. The WiiFit is next. That alone is worth the system…It was cold outside yesterday and I actually did some of the Yoga exercises when no one was home. I am SOOOOO not limber…but it just me warmed up and I had to get outside for some real exercise.


  13. Yah!! Terri got a Wii…I love ours. I don’t find time to play it enough though. We just added Guitar Hero as our family gift this Christmas and Chuck is really loving that and uses it as a way to relax. It’s been great and I don’t regret buying it at all. I want WiiFit next. Be careful, you will be sore the next morning if you overdue it. :)


  14. I played Wii for the first time last night. My wife, daughters and I went to a friends’ house for dinner. Afterwards, he quietly said “how about a little Wii?” For a second, not realizing what he was talking about and factoring in the way he said it, I thought “is that legal?” Finally, Mr. Wizard realized what he was talking about.

    We played bowling. I scored a scintillating 73. My five-year-old daughter got 158. Let’s review Terri:

    158 for the little pipster…
    73 for the seasoned, game-playing adult…

    With every succeeding game, the results were pretty much the same: Daughter wipes the floor with Daddy.

    But listen, no worries. You’re a parent so I’m sure you’ve also encountered this at one point or another. Defeat at the hands of our beloved children. It happens. And I try to be very mature about these things. When we got home last night, she couldn’t stop talking about Wii. Neither could I.

    So I helped her get ready for bed, tucked her in and said “This was a really fun night, wasn’t it? That game was a lot of fun. And listen sweetie, I hope you don’t mind the fact you won’t be eating for the next two days. Good night.”

    As I was walking out, she said “Daddy…….158.”


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