Sharing my useful knowlege

I thanked a coworker for sharing some new-found information this morning. She replied, “Knowledge is power. Use it wisely.”

I told her, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Truthfully, I do like to be well-informed, but that doesn’t always mean I’m smart. Smart people don’t run around melting their finger skin off with hot irons.

Smart people don't touch hot irons by you.

Don’t ask. Yes, I knew the iron was on. Yes, I knew it was hot. My only defense is that it was way too early for my brain to be functioning at full capacity and it even took quite a few seconds for my nerves to scream out, “Hey, Idiot! That hurts!”

Allow me to share some powerful knowledge with you. People with blisters on their fingers don’t bowl very well. Did I tell you? I’m a full-fledged member of the bowling team now. And of course, now that I’m no longer the sub, I’ve forgotten how to bowl. I bowled like a rock star when I was just the sub. Now that I’m a true member of the team, I kind of suck. This week, we’ll blame my pulled back muscle and blistered fingers. Next week I better show some improvement or they’ll kick me right back off the team!

There are interesting people in the bowling alley. Last week I was chatting with my little 17-year old mentally challenged buddy. He was telling me about bowling with his family and I told him as soon as they finish building the new bowling alley by my house that I’m going to go bowling all the time with my 17-year old son who also likes to bowl. There was a man sitting next to my buddy and I heard him ask, “Where do you live?”

I looked at him, and he was facing my direction but I honestly couldn’t tell if he was talking to me. One of his eyes was squished shut and the other was sort of floating around in circles. I tried to follow his gaze, but I was getting dizzy. He asked again, “Where do you live?”

I decided it was a safe bet to answer and that turned out to be a good call, since he was, in fact asking in which city I live so he could figure out where the new bowling alley was going to be. We had quite a nice conversation and I didn’t have to try too hard not to ask if he was allowed to drive with that rogue eye.

ADHD moment… Total change of subject. Check this out:

Believe it! by you.

My daughter got the biggest kick out of this insert that came in the package of underwear I bought her. The undies were these really teeny-tiny microfiber panties and did NOT look like they’d fit a grown person. But guess what? They do!

And speaking of random thoughts, my boss buys these awesome scented liquid Bath & Bodyworks hand-soaps for the ladies’ room at work. The one I tried today smelled really good, and I wanted to make a note of the name so I might buy some for at home. It was “Freshwater Cucumber.” I wonder if there are saltwater cucumbers too? I didn’t even know cucumbers could swim.

No, I have NOT been drinking. I’ve just had a hair-on-fire busy kind of week so far and for the record, I LOVE IT! Bring it on!

End of rambling… I’m off to catch up with all of you.

32 thoughts on “Sharing my useful knowlege

  1. First let me say I’m glad your feeling better. Second be glad it was your finger and not your forehead.
    Third I always have problems when talking to people with Marty Feldmon eyes.


  2. ummm which of that knowledge was the useful part? the don’t grab a hot iron?? lol i’ve almost learned that all on my own.

    ok, that was just the smart-aleck in me coming out. glad you’re busy at work, enjoy your week!


  3. Wow. You’re on full blown ramble tonight! I love trying to follow the theme. From work, to injury, to bowling, to underwear, to cucumber soap. All you need to do is add:

    The following ADHD moments were brought to you by Terri….

    BTW – is it just me or did I notice that you injured your middle finger. Are you sure your injury wasn’t due to some other reason?


  4. Congrats on becoming a full fledged member of the bowling team, that’s great! I had a bad night of bowling on Saturday, I was 45 pins below my average. I so sucked!
    The burning of your fingers reminds me of what happened to a friend of mine. She came in to work one morning stating that she had burned her “boob” while getting dressed. My curiosity got the best of me, I had to ask. She explained that she ironed her dress and after putting it on, she noticed a big wrinkle on the chest area. She picked up the iron (which still hot & on steam) and placed it lightly on her dress. Now, you know the rest of the story. Lol.


  5. Jeez Terri I got all out of breath just reading all that stuff!

    Nasty blisters

    Of course you bowled better when you were a sub – there was no pressure. Now you’re expected to do well so you put pressure on yourself (I got my degree in sports psychology OJT coaching girls soccer for 20 years)


  6. If it makes you feel any better, I stuck my hand in a deep fryer was I was a teen. Something fell in and I chased…Good thing I was a teen. Thankfully it didn’t get too burned my hand was far better then my ego. It was crushed.

    So glad to hear you in a better mood!


  7. OUCH! I hate when stuff like that happens. My son and my son-in-law have to be two of the biggest dummies ever in the “Ouch” department for burnt fingers! Everytime I put something on the table that I just got out of the oven, I put a couple of pot holders beside it or even leaning against the container as a warning that this dish is HOT and could burn the fingers (or other body parts) if touched. Sometimes I even mention it too for their benefit and yet, it is inevitable that one of those two numbskulls, often both of them, will still reach over, ignore the potholders and then, yelp out in pain because guess what? They just burned their fingers! Irons are a bit different in that I don’t know anyone who keeps a pot holder handy when ironing, do you?
    Good luck with the bowling too. You’re just having an off day there.


  8. The bowling thing reminds me of a band I was in briefly!

    I went to try out and that night I was on fire! They thought I was the God of Bass Guitar! Next meeting? I could hardly hit 2 notes in a row! I sucked so badly I left early…


  9. 1. “but I was getting dizzy” had me crying.
    B. I need to go buy some of those panties to try.
    3. Those soaps are wonderful. I love all the scents. You have to try the pomegranite one.


  10. Terri, I have to share a bowling story…

    My wife and I are average bowlers…barely. As a man, this notion that “I’m a MAN, I can BOWL, baby!!” No. I can do other things better than bowling. Like…vacuuming and grilling.

    Where was I…

    A good friend of mine and his brother wanted to have what amounts to a bowl-off (if there is such a thing). They figured, “easy pickens…” It promised to be a little pizza, a little beer and a lot of humiliation for the two of us. But THAT’S why they play the games! To wit…

    Three games, I went over 200 each time. Wendy averaged 170. We SLAUGHTERED them, three straight games. And how much did we enjoy it? This was 15 years ago…………..we still have the score-sheet. :-)


  11. blisters, bowling, and panties.

    All in one post. Wow, I’m impressed. I can’t even begin to come close to that.

    We went bowling for School Night on Sunday, it was fun. My 6th grader bowled over 100 :)


  12. Well, there ARE sea cucumbers. When threatened, they excrete all of their innards. Somehow, I don’t think I would want a soap with that scent… whatever it would smell like.

    I’ve never seen those stretch panties – unless they’re those lovely one-size-fits-all “fishnet” things they give you at the hospital after you give birth.


  13. Hmm… I saw a woman in Target the other night that those undies probably wouldn’t fit. I could be wrong, but I doubt I am, based on the fact that I had to go down the next aisle just to get around her.


  14. Owwwwwww! Burns hurt worse than anything! Limits your abilities for sure!
    Never seen panties like that! I’ve seen a “bubble” top that is itsy bitsy tiny…yet stretches for all sizes….


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