Why it may appear that I am a slacker

Someone… I’m not naming names… (*Ahem*Cough* Rock Chef*Cough*Cough*) has suggested that I’m slacking on my blogging duties. And I just want to say that I have NOT been slacking. I’ve just been very busy.

You see, Monday is bowling night, which means there is no time for a blog post. I race home from work and change into my fancy, pink Ball Busters bowling shirt and run back out the door in order to get to the bowling alley on time. On a typical Monday, the games finish somewhere around 9 pm and I get back home in time to go to bed at a decent hour and wake up the next day in time to get to work like a responsible adult. This week, however, was different. It wasn’t just any Monday. It was a special Monday.

DSCN3108 by you.

My best friend, G turned FORTY!

DSCN3107 by you.There was a very regal and proper cake.

DSCN3113 by you.There was some beer…

DSCN3109 by you.And there was some “after-bowling” bowling, during which G was kind enough to pretend she’s just as bad of a bowler as I am. Check out those scores! What a great friend she is not to show me up.

(I just have to add that I bowled a turkey – three strikes in a row – during one of the “after-bowling” bowling games. Of course. When it doesn’t matter. Next Monday, during league games, I’ll be lucky to break a hundred again.)

At approximately 11:30ish, G told me that her back was protesting and we should call it quits on the bowling. I looked at the clock and thought, “That’s not bad. I might still get up for work on time and get there on time.”

But then there were darts. I didn’t know there was going to be darts.

I’ve never played darts before. Darts take a long time. We had a great time. I randomly threw my darts at the board and got a bunch of bulls-eyes, which ironically enough, was not really the goal. Someone might have told me this sooner. Not that it would have made much difference.

We had fun and finally finished the game at 1:30 am. Have I ever mentioned that my alarm clock goes off at 4:00ish? Yeah, I came home and turned off the alarm. Mark woke up enough to ask if I had fun and I said yes and asked if he would make sure I got up at 6:00 when he did so that I could call in late to work. I shouldn’t have worried about it. I was awake at 5:15, called in and left a message that I would be taking a few hours of PTO time and would be in later. The plan was to go back to sleep for a few hours, but guess what didn’t happen. It was a long day at work, and even worse, I was made to attend a basketball game after work, which might have been exciting if my eyelids hadn’t felt so heavy. Guess who has realized she is too OLD to stay up late and party on a weeknight? Guess who fell asleep the minute her head hit the pillow on Tuesday night? Guess who couldn’t possibly squeeze in a blog post again last night?

Not to worry. A good night’s sleep was all I needed and I am back to my old self. (Emphasis on “old.”)


Did you know it was Ash Wednesday today? Yes, it is the kick-off to the season of Lent. Good Catholic that I am (not), I was completely unaware until I was reminded of it this morning. Of course, I had decided to be all domestic today before leaving for work and put a bunch of chicken in the crock pot for dinner tonight. And the problem with chicken is this. If you know anything about Catholics it’s that we’re not supposed to eat meat on Ash Wednesday or on Fridays during lent.

I was lamenting my chicken dilemma to my neighbor who had sent an email to me at work (out of sheer boredom, I’m thinking.) I asked if he remembered it was Ash Wednesday. He replied, “Yes. I called my mom and told her I didn’t go to church, but I did go to Cabela’s today. She forgave me.”

I explained that I hadn’t gone to church to get an ash tattoo on my forehead and likely wouldn’t, but I had so far managed to avoid eating meat. He then replied, “I have some thick cut pork chops thawing for dinner and I will eat them without guilt.”

I replied, “It is kind of ridiculous when you think about it, isn’t it? I mean, really. You’ve departed from your earthly body and you find yourself face to face with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter eyes you up and says, ‘Ah yes. Mr. B. I know you’ve given thousands to charities, sacrificed your time and shared your talents with those in need. But I can’t let you in. Sorry. It’s that pork chop thing. Down you go. Here. Take this jug of ice water. You’re gonna need it.'”

Neighbor replied that my St. Peter humor was REALLY funny. Like he was surprised. Which I didn’t take as a compliment because I like to think I’ve been funny a time or two before, but maybe not. I didn’t tell my neighbor this. I just told him to laugh it up because at that moment there was probably a bolt of lightning aimed at my head as punishment for my making fun of the Catholics. You’ll be happy to know I did NOT get struck dead by a bolt of lightning, and therefore, I was able to update my blog today! And now you know what I’ve been up to!

I know. You WISH you were me. I’ll be back to catch up on all the unread posts in my reader as soon as I go for a run. I have to do this while there’s still dry pavement because there is a 90% chance of snow here tomorrow.

Yay me.

31 thoughts on “Why it may appear that I am a slacker

  1. GAH!! I ate hamburger!!! I did so good at lunch, I had a cod fish sandwhich. I remembered up unitll JUST NOW!!! Oh now I must go pray. Sheesh what was I thinking?
    I don’t think you are a slacker? Because if you are a slacker I am a…. hmmm what is worse than a slacker? That would be me. I am lucky to get a post a week. Good thing I am not as popular as you. whew, I would have people calling me all kinds of names. hahahaha Love you. You look great as always. Pretty non slacker.


  2. 40th birthday…I have one of those coming up. Sounds like you had fun, very glad to hear it. 90% – down here I think it’s 100% with a good shot at 8 inches. I should have flown somewhere.


  3. Ok I’m not a cataholic nor do I play one on TV but I used to live in Loozeranna and came to know Ash Wednesday as the day that all those damned Cajuns messed with my hangover. Why did they mess with it you ask??? Well for one do you know how hard it is to tell everyone you run into that they have a smudge of something on their forehead when you are hungover? Also and too…my cure for hangovers are greasy hamburgers. When you are the only non smudged Bathtist in the hungover pool no one wants to go to What-a-burger and eat lunch unless of course they start serving Fish Burgers. EWWWW.

    Now as for the snow. Buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy night. I sat my BIG mixing bowl out an hour ago to collect snow for snow ice cream. It is already full. So it holds about 20 cups that would be 2″ of snow?


  4. Me? What did I say??? :-)

    Isn’t darts wonderful? At one time I wasn’t allowed to play at my local pub because my games took too long and everyone else complained!

    No lightning bolt? Just shows how much the price of electricity has gone up!


  5. you’re too funny my friend! Loved that post! As you know I too was raised Catholic and I never understood the “no meat” thing either, but I’m with you on the “pork chop rejection”! LOL!!

    if it makes you feel any better…the same thing would happen to me if I stayed up that late on a weeknight cept I’d be GRUMPY the next day in a bad way. ;)


  6. See, a night of fun once in a while is good! Though it can create mayhem for you, you recover!

    126. Nice….

    If you bowled a Turkey on Wednesday ,would that have mattered?

    I almost ate chicken myself. Got a container of chicken soup and remembered as I was about to eat it. Its in the fridge at work. Hey you do the best you can.

    Hey we know you can’t always get to blog. So us fans will have to learn to deal with our jones-es. :)
    Pork chop joke – “heh”


  7. > pink Ball Busters bowling shirt

    LOL! What a name!

    As for Lent, don’t they have Mardi Gras celebrations in the north? Or maybe just not in your area….

    New Orleans may be the BIG one, but many cities in the general vicinity have a smaller Mardi Gras. Saturday, I was in Panama City for their Mardi Gras, which I estimate attracted a good 1,000+ folks who scrambled for who knows how many beads from a good two dozen floats.

    It was 75 today..yee-ha!


  8. Great post! (as always)

    And might I help you clear something up…rather, clear something up for those around you who clearly are misguided? Ok…

    The importance of Bowling and Darts cannot – and must not – be underestimated by your readers, your family, your friends and the neighbor on your street who secretly wants to be you. But combine Bowling and Darts (they deserve upper case) with the birthday of G and we’re talking End of Friggin Story. Period. The Bowling-Darts-G’Day trifecta trumps the writing of your blog.

    By the way – has G ever explained to you why she was passed over in favor of M in the Bond movies?


  9. LOL hahaha! This post cracked me up! First of all, I’m very envious of your bowling scores. I rarely get close to that… unless it’s Wii Bowling, then I can kick ass. Second of all, I’m HORRIBLE at darts, but get a little better after three or so beers. Third… there is nothing worse than walking into your room, turning off your alarm, then going to work. I would know. And finally… I’m glad you ate your chicken. No offense to anyone Catholic… but I’m not down with a lot of the “rules and regulations.” To each their own though, I suppose. Glad you had a good time!!


  10. i’d let you sub on my dart team if i can sub on your bowling team. our names even go together…
    it started out as Need Another Dart

    which got shortened to NAD

    then s.son started cheering Go NADs …so we became the…



  11. Found your blog via the “crayon survey” post which was linked at the “possible related posts” section of my blog.

    I really have to say I absolutely love that spongebob cake!!!!! I love the concept of cupcake-cakes. They’re just so cute!

    Clever name for a bowling team, by the way!


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