TAG! Explanation

My friend, Matt, who writes mattdaddy.net has been encouraging me to write something more than blog posts. He knows from reading my blog that I would like to write something of significance and he never misses an opportunity to ask if I’m making an effort to follow through on my dream. I’m always quick with the excuses.

There isn’t enough time…I have the desire but no grand ideas…Maybe I’m trying too hard…Maybe it’s not meant to be…

Matt decided that he’s using the same excuses as I am for not writing and came up with a plan to help both of us give our writing skills a workout. His plan is outlined on his blog in this post, but the basics of it, as explained by Matt are this:

What if I start a story – a few paragraphs of something off the top of my head, and then leave the last line open so (Terri) can continue it.  I’ll put a link to her blog at the bottom so people can go to her blog and read the follow up to my post.  See if we can play storyline pingpong for a while and see what becomes of it.  I figure if we begin to get something going, or we finish a storyline and want to start another, we can grab each other’s posts and put them in a story section, except all in the same place.

Matt’s idea was just the push I needed and I’m excited to give this a try. Our first attempts will be in the next blog post and I’ll probably set up a page on my blog to keep everything neatly packaged in one place. Stay tuned to see where this goes!

3 thoughts on “TAG! Explanation

  1. It took me a while to figure out the whole “Tag” thing the first time I saw it online. Generally speaking, it’s been the instruction manual that has stopped me cold. At least now, I think I understand the whole thing a bit better…maybe.

    I mean, unclogging a drain often brings me to my knees.


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