Puppy Love

Meet Dacotah, our weekend visitor.


She’s so cute! She was ever concerned that someone may be in need of their shoes and she made sure to deliver them.


She’s really smart too and made us laugh when she mimicked Jake.


We all fell in love with her and were sad to see her go when Brad and Heather left to go back to school.


I offered to let Dacotah stay with us until school lets out in a few weeks, but Heather politely declined. That’s probably a good thing. The cats would never forgive me.

25 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Oh God… Jules saw it. I’m going to hear about how badly we need a puppy for weeks now. :)

    In all reality, though, I really want another dog. I just want to wait until we have a bigger place so it has somewhere to play. These pictures aren’t helping, though. :) Can I borrow yours?


  2. WHAT A FACE!!! So cute.

    My husband would have preferred “just dogsitting”. Unfortunately for him, Roxie never leaves. Ha ha
    (He loves her, just won’t admit it.)


  3. Dakotah is just too cute for words! No wonder you wanted to draw out dog sitting for a few more weeks! I have The Dog and The Cat. After seeing Dakatoh’s photos I gave both of them hugs!


  4. Puppies are soooooooo cute. I love having them visit, but it is also nice not to have to do the other stuff with them when they are more permanent (i.e. baths, vets, training, etc). Glad you had a terrific time!


  5. Oh man, Terri -I think if I had a dog like that under my roof for a couple of days, they’d have warrants out for my arrest for dog-napping! I have a fixation for black dogs and especially if they happen to have a white diamond under their chins! That dog -and I -would be long gone and hopefully, hiding in a good safe undetectable spot!


  6. Ok, Dacotah is definitely adorable. Now, with that out of the way…

    I’ve been meaning to mention this for quite a while now: Your post-power with respect to getting comments is staggering! I honestly believe you could write one sentence – “Hi” – and you’d get 50 comments.

    Can we just go ahead and change the blog’s name to Terri Terri Quite Commentrary. :-)


  7. That is a cute doggie and I love that last picture…how you put the soft focus on and how the red collar with the red heart is all centered…soooo cute!!!


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