Preacher Dave and the Nice Tries

In weekly bowling news…

It turn out that P.U. Dave is a bit of a comedian! (That’s Poor Unsuspecting Dave for those not already in the know.) Dave had us believing he makes his living as a preacher for quite a while there before he finally cracked a smile. (This gag was prefaced by Gina’s announcement that Amazing Grace was the only church song she knew by heart. What prompted this announcement, I’ll never know, but Dave took it and ran with it.) Gina and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows at Dave’s revelation, each internally worrying about anything we might have ever said that may have offended Preacher Dave. She looked at him and asked, “You’re a preacher? Really?”

“Hell, no!” 

Heh. Good one, Dave.

 The actual bowling last night was nothing to write home about, but there’s never a shortage of antics to provide entertainment. Gina keeps things lively. She knows everyone and everyone knows her. And the woman can belch like a three-hundred pound trucker, which is apparently quite amusing to her friends at the bowling alley.

The team we bowled against last night consisted of Thai, Sammy and Sonny. Let me tell you, the Asian community is a force in the bowling league! These guys were good! There was no hope for us, but Thai and Sammy encouraged us none the less. (Sonny was apparently the shy member of the team and didn’t say much.) In the women’s league, I’ve come to expect high-fives after a strike or spare. Things are different in the men’s (I mean co-ed) league. Last night, Thai high-fived me for everything!

“Nice try! Nice Try,” he’d say. “Next time you get strike!”

When I got a spare, he’d say, “Good job! Good job! No ‘nice try’ when you get spare! Good job!”

I bowled a couple of strikes and Thai’s resounding “WOO-HOO” could be heard throughout the place. What a nice guy. Maybe he needs a nick name too. Nice Thai.

I asked P.U. Dave why some of the teams had cool team names when we were known as “Team 4.” He said he didn’t know and asked if I thought “The Nice Tries” was a good name. I countered with “Preacher Dave and the Nice Tries.” We decided that sounded more like a band name than a bowling team, and since none of us can really sing, we remain the bowling team known as “Team 4.”

We finished respectably, and once again, my inexperienced straight throw put my score above Pro-Gina’s score in at least one game. She and P.U. Dave contemplated the oil on the lanes, the curve in their throws and complained more about missing the “pocket.” I think I prefer to remain oblivious to technique. It only causes frustration.

17 thoughts on “Preacher Dave and the Nice Tries

  1. I must remember that one – I have to tell people that I am a preacher!

    Thai sounds great! Let us know how his team gets on.

    Team 4? You must get something better than that.

    Preaching, Belching and Therapy!


  2. I’m jealous…I want to be on a bowling team!! I think you should have a contest on your blog to see who can come up with the best team name. :)


  3. You sound like you are having so much fun I want to join Team 4! Of course I couldn’t add much to the overall team score, I don’t bowl very well. I have more enthusiasm than talent. P.U. Dave and Gina sound like twin riots!


  4. I used to live in Utah. I imagine that you, Gina, and Preacher Dave would look like just another polygamous “couple” were you to join the co-ed leagues there.

    I love Thai people – always so happy!


  5. I think their “pockets” are bringing them down. I’m half tempted to Google that to find out what that means, but I’m afraid it would mess up my future bowling endeavors if I was in the know.

    The trucker comment made me laugh hysterically. That’s awesome. Gotta love a gal who can hold her own with the guys.


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