It’s been an unrushed weekend. Next weekend begins the schedule of graduation parties and weddings that fill the early part of our summer. This weekend is one of those rare, quiet ones without any obligations on the calendar.

I went out for an early morning run both yesterday and today. I feel like I can say I am a runner again! I thought I had lost my groove over the winter when too many cold, icy or snowy days prevented me from running on any kind of regular basis. And then came the weeks of back pain, (which is suddenly and completely gone, thank you, body pillow.) I had almost given up when I realized I was way, way off track and I grew frustrated with my lack of endurance. But I kept it up and I have found the drive, the endurance and the joy in running again. Both yesterday and today were beautiful, warm sunny mornings. I was out early enough that I didn’t have to hear the constant thump-thump of cars driving on the roads. I marvelled at how different it is to be outside at 6:00 am this time of year as opposed to during the winter. In the winter, at that time of day it is dark and too quiet for me. It perpetuates a feeling of loneliness and solitude. This time of year, the sun is already high in the sky. Birds fly across the sky and sing beautiful songs. My path is lined with geese protecting their goslings and keeping a close eye on me to make sure I don’t invade their space. The sun on my skin feels warm and fills me with a feeling of joy, like I can take on the world.

I took Jake and Kacey back to Pinz yesterday to go bowling. The lanes are charged by the hour, as opposed to paying per person, per game. The cost was $28 for the hour, which I thought was kind of pricey, but when you break it down, it was only about $9 per person. I guess that’s reasonable. As we were getting our lane and shoes, Jake thought to ask the boy who was helping us if employees get a discount. 

“Yes. Fifty percent.”

Jake told him he was an employee and it was that simple. Our price was cut in half! We had a great time, the three of us. It took Kacey a few throws to get the hang of it, but soon she was doing great. I was amazed at Jake’s skill and strength. He used to bowl in a youth league during his middle-school days. I had no idea how much he had learned back then. The boy is an impressive bowler. The manager even came over to us and told Jake how impressed he was with his scores and suggested Jake think about joining one of their leagues! I love seeing things like this happen to Jake. There aren’t enough instances of confidence boosting in his life.

Brad is gone for the weekend, back to Fargo to move some of his things from one house to another and spend time with his woman. Jake and Kacey both left last night, she to spend the night at a friend’s house and he to play a pick up game of basketball and hang out with friends. Mark was working, so it was just me and the cats here at home. I couldn’t even go anywhere since all the cars were in use. It was the kind of evening that I fear there are more of in the near future as my kids grow older and I’m not looking forward to it.

Today the sun is shining and it promises to be another beautiful day. I plan to enjoy it as much as possible before being forced back into the confines of the office again tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Mellow

  1. Sounds like a great way to enjoy the weekend (peace & quiet).

    I see a new future in store for Jake: Instead of NASCAR, how about the Pro Bowler’s Tour (think Kingpin)?
    I noted that that Brad is spending more time with his “woman”. What happened girlfriend?
    Enjoy the brief break before you have to go back to the salt mines.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Ya, I like the transformation of “girl friend” to “woman” LOL.

    I don’t know Terri, maybe I’m a wierdo but after so much chaos in my life over a long number of years I’ve learned to really cherish solitude and quiet. Maybe as the family evolves, you will find so too. Hope so anyway.


  3. Gotta love employee discounts! I have yet to use my hotel discount to go stay somewhere..

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend before the chaos begins!!


  4. Go for the discounts where ever you can get ’em! That’s my theory in life anyway!
    And, now and again, usually if my jeep has to be in the shop for something or other, and I am here with no vehicle to use if I really wanted or needed to go some place, I hate that feeling. Just makes me feel very dependent then on Mandy or someone, anyone, to come get me and rescue me. And yet, when my vehicle is here, I rarely go out and use it! Go figure.


  5. Most places discount league players 50% at least AMF and Brunswick franchises did.

    A decent set of bowling shoes runs about $35 you can order them from a catalog in the pro shop. They usually pay for themselves in comfort alone.


  6. 50% is a good discount!
    Glad you are over the back pain and back running.
    I doubt you will have many moments of quietness. You still have two teenagers! They will give you plenty to do I feel sure.


  7. Yes, 6 a.m. in late May is WAY different from 6 a.m. in December! Glad you’ve got your running mojo back.

    Yeah, the older the kids get, the less they need us. Take advantage and pamper pamper pamper!


  8. I can tackle the running part…

    Maybe you can find a way to move inside for a few months during the cold season. We have a YMCA (you can avoid the public shower) that lets a person pay monthly instead of entering a long contract…it would have helped me during the rainy month we had here….it rarely gets too cold to run. It is brutal for you up there.

    It is the starting over that was always so hard for me…along with the frustration of the condition I let myself get into. I slipped a bit after the 1/2 marathon and signed up for the full one to jumpstart myself. Now I am signed up for NOTHING, but still logging between 25-30 miles a week…with no target. Running is such a self-motivation thing and I am really happy that you back is better and allows you the chance to get out there.


  9. “It was the kind of evening that I fear there are more of in the near future as my kids grow older and I’m not looking forward to it.”

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes I cant WAIT to get some alone time and for everyone to get out of the house, but yanno what? As soon as I am alone, I cant wait for someone to come home!


  10. I’m totally with you on the summer thing. Any day it is not raining, you will find me outside. I don’t care what it is – running, going for walks, swimming, riding fourwheelers, or just sitting there talking… I love it. I’m so glad we have all summer ahead of us. It’s going to be great.


  11. I’m so glad you are finding such joy in running again. It sounds like a peaceful weekend, even if you experienced a little bit of melancholy. Peaceful weekends are wonderful. I hope you have a good week at work. BTW, it’s been years since I bowled, but I remember a lot of laughter at the alley. I think it was over my form, or lack thereof.


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