In My Dreams

I’m always jealous when I read about the dreams that Rock Chef and Wreggie have. Rock Chef recently dreamed that he had two wives. They were clones of each other and I think he rather enjoyed having two women in his life, even though it was a bit much to manage both of them. Wreggie has vivid dreams of travelling to places that don’t exist in reality but are very exciting. Generally speaking, I either don’t dream, or I sleep so hard that I don’t remember my dreams. It’s a rare occasion that I do remember what went on inside my imagination at night. So on Saturday night when I awoke from a dream, I made a conscious effort (as conscious an effort as possible when awakening in the dead of night) to commit the details to memory.

In my dream, I was walking down a local frontage road. It’s a road that exists in reality. I lived near it when growing up and still live fairly close. It is situated between a local lake and a section of I94. For as long as I can remember, there has been a mobile home community which is accessible from the road and there’s also a boat and marine business. Various other businesses have come and gone from this stretch.  I most recently drove this road last Friday while dropping off a coworker at a repair shop to pick up her car. I noticed how much the businesses located along this stretch had changed. Right now, Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles are the high profile businesses located there. Over the past several months, the road has been under construction and on Friday, I realized between the reconstruction and the addition of new businesses, the area seems to have received a nice makeover.

In my dream, the road was in shabby condition, the way it was before the recent reconstruction. It was lined with old, abandoned brick office buildings. As I walked along the road, I could see there were demolition crews working on the destruction of all of the buildings. I stopped to watch the demolition of one of the smaller ones. There was a crew of several men and one woman working on top of the building and they were destroying it by hand, working their way down with sledgehammers. I was surprised that what they were doing was acceptable…you know… by OSHA or whatever powers are in charge of safely destroying buildings.

Just as I was marveling at all of this, I saw the woman swing her sledgehammer taking out a section of brick. Just as she did so, the structure began to give way beneath her. Only part of the building gave way while the rest remained intact. The rest of the demolition crew and I could only watch in horror as the bricks disintegrated beneath her and the woman tumbled to her death. It seemed to take forever while she crashed through weakened sections of the building, finally crumbling to a stop among a pile of brick and dust. It was at this point that I startled awake.

Seriously? I finally have a dream and this is what I get? I wonder what this means? I wonder if I could do it again – dream – and remember what I dreamed? And if the dream gods are paying attention, I’d like to request a happy dream for next time, thank you. Otherwise, I’ll be happy to go back to my dull and uneventful rest.

21 thoughts on “In My Dreams

  1. That is a strange dream. I hate having bad dreams and then trying to figure out why I had them and what they mean. :( I’m just happy when I don’t dream about spiders!


  2. I rarely dream as well. When I do, it’s usually something eerie. That is a weird dream that you had, though. You gotta admit, though, that the lady had it coming to her. What do you THINK is gonna happen if you stand on a building and knock it out from under yourself? LOL

    By the way, Jules was gloating to me about getting the first comment this time around. I’ll have to stay on my toes from now on. ;)


  3. I almost never remember dreaming either. I’ve been pretty firmly convinced that I just don’t dream, but my good friend Michelle, who had ONE psych class about NINETEEN years ago swears up and down that every one dreams every night.

    Like you the only ones I tend to remember are the bad ones. The last time I remember dreaming was more than a year ago and I had two separate dreams in one night about my mother being murdered. I called her the next day and everything was fine. Pretty sure she’s going to outlive me, just to spite me. But still two in one night was a little disconcerting.


  4. I’ve had pretty vivid dreams all my life. Most were weird, sad, terrifying or searching. A tiny fraction were happy. I remember once waking up laughing. That’s much better than crying. Thank God my husband isn’t cranky when I wake him up just with reactions to my dreams.
    The most recent telling dream came a few years ago (yes I remember some of my dreams vividly) when I got to say goodbye to a friend who had passed away.
    To me a night with no dreams is a rarity and welcome. Those nights are so much more peaceful. Here’s to peaceful slumber!


  5. I knew someone who had a diary sitting next to her bed and whenever she woke up from a dream, she wrote down the details. Sometimes I do it when it’s something that really weirds me out.

    Sounds like you’re not in the situation to write them down too often though. That’s odd in itself! Maybe now you’ll remember more of them though.


  6. My dreams are quite realistic. I mean they turn to reality before me some or the other time. I have observed that lot many times.

    Dreams constitute a very important part of my life and I would admit that I even day dream. But most of the time I believe that is important. I was reading a book called “Ignited Minds” by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the ex honarable president of India. He belong to a poor family and his determination and dream bought him all the success in life. He said in his book that Dream, becoz dream transform into thoughts and thoughts leads to action.


  7. Wow, that was a good one!

    I would say it is linked to uncertainty at work,with the falling woman representing those who are losing their jobs. Maybe the lack of safety measures relates to feelings that people higher up (government?) aren’t doing things right?

    Interesting stuff. Let us know if you get a proper answer!


  8. You’ve been robbed. I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do they usually revolve around the Mr. and another woman. I wake up and tell him how much trouble he’s in (and he is). He just laughs at being in trouble when he hasn’t done anything wrong. I won’t let facts deter me. I’m not the jealous type, but these dreams get under my skin.


  9. I too do not remember my dreams very often if at all.

    One of the only times I did remember (it was a scary one) I dreamed I woke up and I was still dreaming!
    When I finally awoke I just gave up the sleep thing and watched TV.


  10. Holy Buckets, that’s a nightmare and a half!
    Most of my dreams -when I do dream -for the past several years have almost all involved me, working at the truckstop where I waitressed for 7 years, 21-28 long years ago! And most of them involved me in some kind of fiasco with a customer because I couldn’t remember something or couldn’t get my stiff ankles and legs to move my fat around fast enough! At least, so far, I haven’t had any dreams about the other truckstop where I was asst. manager. Now that would be a terrible nightmare.


  11. I don’t believe, and I think current science concurs, dreams have any meaning. It is just the mind’s attempt to make “sense” of neurons still around as your mind “cleans up” from the day.


  12. Dreams are a way of talking to yourself, I think. I am haunted by very old dreams that I have yet to unravel. The dream is a nagging teacher!

    I hope your dreams are happy.


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