Life is Good – June 13, 2009

I woke up today to a gorgeous morning. The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly even though it wasn’t even six o’clock yet.  Mark had just left for work and I was lying in bed just soaking in the quiet. I heard the patio door sliding open upstairs and the jingle-jangle of dog tags, then puppy feet trotting down the deck steps. (Dacotah-dog and Heather are visiting this weekend.) I decided to get up and go for a run.

When I went upstairs, Heather was awake and Brad had one eye open as he peeked at me groggily from inside his sleeping bag cocoon on the living room floor. I asked Heather if she ever takes Dacotah for a run. She said she hadn’t but I was welcome to take her with me. Dacotah seemed ready for an adventure, so off we went.

Once I convinced Dacotah that I should be the one to hold the leash, we got off to a good start. She’s just a puppy though, and doesn’t know how to heel. She’s too curious. She criss-crossed the path in front of me and wanted to chase all the birds and sniff every patch of clover. We hadn’t gone two blocks when I turned a corner and she stopped dead in her tracks. I have no idea why, but she was going no further. I guessed she was growing uncomfortable putting so much distance between herself and Heather. So I brought her back home and headed out once again on my own.

The sun, when I faced it, was nearly blinding and the warmth on my face felt incredible. A train passed through as I continued my run. Sometime over the past twenty years of living near the tracks, the rhythm of a train has become a welcome and familiar sound to my ears. All my worries and anxiety seemed to melt away as I listened to the train’s rumble and my feet pounded the pavement.

I thought about the past couple of days as I ran. After Wednesday night when Gina broke the news about moving out of state, I had a hard time shaking my sadness. I’m having a hard time accepting that there’s now a limit to the days of dropping everything and just driving over to her house, or meeting up for an afternoon of shopping, or our many fun-filled nights out. I was kind of a sad sack on Thursday and Mark kept asking if I was alright. He couldn’t seem to grasp why I was having such a hard time and he was starting to frustrate me. I felt like I had to put on a different face for him, so he wouldn’t be so worried. Maybe it’s juvenille of me to rely so heavily on my friend. Other people do it all the time…deal with distance, I mean. Then again, I think friends of this caliber are a rare treasure and maybe not everyone can understand that kind of bond.

Regardless, it occurred to me that at some point I’d have to accept things. I can’t be running around crying over the loss of my friend for the next six months. I remembered something Dwayne told me once in reference to some other situation that was worrying me. Dwayne’s a smart guy and his theory is something that fits perfectly here too.  The day that Gina moves away is going to be one day. There are approximately 180 days (give or take) between today and that one day. I could spend the next 180 days being sad and mopey. And  in essence, what I’d be doing is wasting every single day that could be better spent enjoying my friend and squeezing in as much togetherness as possible before she moves. I’m going to choose not to waste those days.

I couldn’t help but think yesterday about that old saying; something about when one door closes, another one opens. I had been telling my friend, Shannon at work about Gina leaving. Shannon and I have grown close over the past year and she knows most of what goes on in my life, though we have yet to expand our friendship outside of the office. I could tell that Shannon understood why I was sad and she felt bad.

Her words took on a sympathetic tone and she asked, “Who are you going to bowl with this winter?”

In a mock-wine, I answered, “I don’t know! Gina is the glue that kept the team together. I don’t know if the other girls are going to return to the team without her there to push them.”

I looked at Shannon and half-jokingly asked, “Do you want to bowl with me this year?”

Knowing Shannon has three kids, all younger than mine and one with special needs, not to mention the fact that she plays volleyball once a week throughout the winter,  I knew what the answer was likely to be. Her sympathetic voice now took on a Duh-tone as she responded, “Well, yeah! I thought you’d never ask!”

I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

Not that anyone could ever take Gina’s place, but Shannon and I are very similar creatures and there’s always room for another good friend. It occurs to me that as much as I hate the fact that Gina is leaving, had this not happened, I might not have ever opened the door to building on my friendship with Shannon.

Having reached this point in my life, it still surprises me that I’m just learning a lesson like this. But I guess the day I stop learning is the day I stop living and I’m not ready for that yet. Life is good.


P.S. If you have a Blogger blog and it seems like I haven’t visited or commented lately, it’s not that I haven’t tried. Anyone else experiencing this?


Update: I downloaded Google Chrome and dumped Internet Explorer. Problem solved!

17 thoughts on “Life is Good – June 13, 2009

  1. The problem with Blogger? Snap! You and I really must be on some kind of mental link because I mentioned just this in my blog earlier today. Frustrating, innit?


  2. That’s a great way to look at looming known events: wasting x #of days for one day. I like it!

    And good for you and Shannon. Sounds like she could pick up some of the Gina slack…if you let her!


  3. Glad to hear you have a new bowling partner.

    As for your Internet woes…have you considered Firefox? It’s free and way superior to IE, in my opinion. All sorts of neat “add-ons” to make your browsing experience easier, more productive, etc.

    Check it out at


  4. Not having much issue with blogger, except that I’m slacking majorly in the blog-reading department! Great attitude about the Shannon-Gina deal, too. Proud of you!


  5. I have an almost impossible time commenting on Blogger blogs and I use Firefox most of the time. the ones that are the worst are the ones that give you a choice of various profiles. Since most of the people I follow moved from Blogdrive the Lame to Blogger I hope they fix it soon.


  6. Life has a way of balancing out. It is sad that Gina is moving away, but you now have an opportunity to expand your friendship with Shannon. Of course, given your personality and winning smile, I’m sure you have no problems finding new accomplices for your crimes.

    As for the error, there are a couple of sites I cannot access and I am still on IE. My son keeps recommending Firefox, but I am slow to change.


  7. As always, as you so openly share with us the tribulations that most keep locked away, you exemplify that no matter what just keep going and things will turn out.


  8. I noticed it happening when Internet Explorer got updated to version 8. I hate internet explorer and have now just given up on it. I’ve been using Google’s Chrome for a while. Super fast and it doesn’t give me those stupid errors. Firefox also works just fine. You will continue to see that error as long as you keep using Internet Explorer. Or all of figure out how to fix our blogs to work better with that browser.


  9. I am one that fights change with every once of my being. I am not sure that it has gotten me anywhere good with my personal relationships. Kudos to you on a nice way of looking at this.

    I am going to say try Firefox…for the Blogger issues too.


  10. Like I said before, I can totally understand why you feel so sad about Gina moving away. A friend like that is a rare find. It’s good to know that you’re making the most of the days she has left here. I’m also glad that you’re making new friends as well. If you have good friends to support you, it’ll be easier when Gina moves. And I’m sure you’ll still talk to her all the time. :)


  11. cue ominous voice – Come to the Dark Side! Get your own host, stop using Blogger because it sucks!

    Okay, I’m done now:) Seriously tho, people move on, and there are always more people to meet. Not to cheapen your relationship with Gina, but there are so many people right in front of you. Also – this is the age of the internet. You can still ‘talk’ to her all the time. I know it’s not nearly as cool, but it’s not like it was when we were kids, right?

    BTW – DAMN cute puppy.


  12. I love your Life is Good posts. Running is awesome.

    Im sorry to hear your friend Gina is moving. I know how hard it is to let go of someone you love spending time with. It IS very painful. Friendships are hard to come by, so when you do share that real connection with someone as awesome as Gina, its hard to accept things will be different bewteen you since she’s moving.

    I am excited to hear about your new friendship with Shannon. You two should have fun getting to know each other OUTSIDE of work!


  13. Glad to hear about the new bowling partner. I always enjoy getting to know my coworkers outside of work; it gives me a better understanding of the type of person they are.

    I’m think the noise from a train would distract me while I am running…I do love to run in the rain, though.
    Glad your internet browser is up and going again!


  14. So, am I the ONLY one here who fell for it and tried to find! Turns out that blog isn’t yet assigned! It could be YOURS!

    Too funny…


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