Last week I wrote here about how hard it was to see someone I love hurting. Out of respect for the privacy of those involved, I didn’t elaborate on the situation. And I still can’t/won’t. I do however want to follow up on that post and say that the situation seems to be ¬†improving more quickly than I think anyone could have hoped for. There has been some healing of damaged relationships and hopefully things will continue moving in a positive direction.

Luke 15:32

10 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Life is not and (in my belief) never intended to be a rose garden. The pain, the illogic, the hurt…all the things that we say, “why is the world like this” are for a purpose and that purpose is to drive us deeper in finding the reality that is other than what we see.


  2. Relationships are a tricky thing. Sometimes we navigate them without a compass and hope for the best. Other times we have the map, but don’t always use it.


  3. I enjoy when somebody quotes scripture.
    I look it up to read the whole story and put it in context; maybe even read a few versions to see variance. It brings God into the mix everytime.

    But He was brought into the mix when you posted “Jaded”. Did you not realize that people you do not know would pray?
    God was brought into the mix already, and He inhaled every prayer at once.
    His answer to your needs and that of your friends is in His exhale. The breathe of life seems to have had an effect.

    This summer, I have never seen so many lightning bugs (some call them fireflies) in my life. They do their thing at twilight, and put on a “living fireworks” in silence.
    I love what is going on each time I see them.

    The girls are hiding in the grass. A couple feet off the ground are all the guys. They want a date, so they light up their butt and hope, just like many a man on the edge of a dance floor, loaded with women.

    The firefly gals are always looking up from within the grass concealment. They are watching the guys light their butts with incredible focus. As soon as a light signal they “like” comes into view, they respond in the grass with the quickest of signals in return, and that, is a response to the precise firefly guy that literally “turned them on”. All the other guys know if the grass flash is for them,…or another.

    Pretty soon, everyone has a date and the lights go out.

    This is the time in life to look higher.
    Twilight has past, and deep darkness has arrived. You can only see stars in darkness. And when it is the darkest of dark times, entire galaxies spin into view like brilliant clouds of fairy dust sparkling. Those same stars are out in the daytime, and not one can be seen, certainly not a galaxy either.

    Next month (August) the Perseids meteor shower will come by as it does each year.
    Peak time this year is August 12th, but a week earlier or later is fine. As Earth moves through the heavens, little meteor rocks jump into the atmosphere and burn up flying toward the ground. Shooting stars are all around.

    My daughter’s birthdays are in August, and we have a tradition of heading out into the country to Elk Valley Golf Course and laying down on the fairway. It is dark out there in the boondocks.
    No blankets needed; the grass is always soft and cut. We lay flat on our backs and look up to see who can count the most, in the shortest time. We spend hours on our backs looking at the awesome display.

    In the daytimes of our lives, all of these little miracles of light cannot be seen, for they are eclipsed by the brilliance of our sun.

    Some dark moments have happened to your friends. I have prayed they see the fireflies can’t fall in love with one another until it is dark, and butts light up in sequence of “Howdy, ma’am”.
    There is hope rising in that darkness.

    The stars are available to anyone who looks to the heavens, but only in the dark times of our lives.
    Please tell your friends that we all take the daytime for granted every day, for we expect it to be there tomorrow.

    But when the darkness stays and the nights are long, there is still a myriad amount of light and joy and hope to cling to.

    May their sunrise be brilliant, and, we expect to hear from you the day the sun rises anew in their life.

    “However, as it is written:
    “No eye has seen,
    no ear has heard,
    no mind has conceived
    what God has prepared for those who love him”
    ~~~1Corinthians 2:9

    The best is yet to be!


  4. I’m glad to hear that the situation is looking up. I know that it kills us to watch others suffer and you want to step in and offer up help or a hug, but, sometimes, you have to let things settle on their own and be there for support. I hope & pray that things continue to improve.


  5. That’s really good to hear. It sucks when you see someone you care for in a bad situation, and not being able to make it better for them. I’ll say a prayer.


  6. Keystone – that for that amazing comment.
    Terri – the lost is found/returned… no better story. praying for continued restoration and relationship… Thank you for the privilege of being able to pray with you.


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