State Softball Tournament

It’s State Softball Tournament weekend for Kacey’s softball team. They’re doing well so far, with two wins under their belts. In their final game today, they beat their local rivals.

Wait….Let me rephrase that.

They SPANKED ’em! They completely outplayed them. They ten-runned ’em!

It was a sweet, sweet victory due to the fact that the rival team is made up of some not-so-nice girls. It was so gratifying to see our girls’ good sportsmanship and teamwork win out, especially after watching the other team’s pitcher smiling and smirking after she hit a batter with one of her pitches.

After the big win, the team went out for a celebratory dinner at an Italian restaurant. While there, we picked up Joe Mauer and took him home with us.

IMG_0420 by you.

IMG_0421 by you.

IMG_0422 by you.

22 thoughts on “State Softball Tournament

  1. Way to Go Kacey (and the rest of the team)! Good sportsmanship goes a long way in building character (but it is so much sweeter when you win).

    Joe looks a little bulked up in the legs. Steroids, perhaps?


  2. YEA for Kacey and her team!

    Wow… you know Joe Mauer?!? How cool are you? Don’t tell him I said so but I think he needs to get it together before the playoffs… just sayin’. Like Mike said, “he’s looking a little bloated.’


  3. Congrats on the win!! The meals after winning a game are so much better than after a lost game. We used to have to sit in silence on the bus rides home if we lost a basketball game. Not so much fun..


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