TGI Monday!

I am so glad it’s Monday. Seriously. Did you ever have one of those weekends? I just did.
Things started out mellow enough. I got up early on Saturday, showered and took Kacey to school so she could take the bus with her team to a volleyball scrimmage. Then it was back home for me and time to get on top of the weekend cleaning. I had a good start, but got sidelined when Mark called me downstairs to look at the PC. Something funky was going on with it and a virus warning kept popping up and preventing access to the internet. But the warning wasn’t coming from the anti-virus service to which we subscribe, Norton. After running a virus scan through Norton and finding nothing, I tried removing the offending program to no avail. Finally, I made use of Norton’s online chat service to get some help. I spent a couple hours chatting with “Aswathy,” a very polite and diligent technician, getting the infected program removed as well as getting a PC tune-up. And yes, it cost me. I think this is the second time I’ve had to pay a substantial cost beyond my annual subscription fee to have something removed by Norton. Does this sound fishy to anyone else?
So only some of the cleaning got done, but I sloughed off the rest in favor of going bowling with Jake. Lord knows I can’t turn down an offer to go bowling anymore. I’m an addict. And Jake and I had a GREAT time in spite of the fact that he kicked my butt. HE should be the one playing on a league! My time there wasn’t in vain though. I got some tips from Mattie, the owner of the bowling alley and hopefully will get my act together in time for this weekend’s tournament.
BrianSo, on to Saturday night. There was a get-together at the home of some friends of ours, Joe and Julie. This end-of-the-summer bash featured Joe’s new band, GPU (Ground Power Unit. I guess it’s an aviation term. I have no idea what it means, but it sounds cool, doesn’t it?) Though we’ve known Joe for many years, we never knew he was a drummer. When I asked him why, he said, “Because you’re not really a drummer until you’re in a band and I haven’t done this in twenty years.” Joe said he was excited about the band. He said their lead singer was a guy who auditioned for American Idol, Season 8. Apparently he didn’t go on to earn fortune and fame, but he was pretty good.
I was excited to see and hear the band, as well as see Julie, who I don’t see often enough. Guests were asked to bring their own lawn chairs, beverage of choice and a dish to share. And so we did. We carpooled with friends, Bill, Tammy, Paul and Megan. Upon arrival, Tammy produced a bottle of our new favorite drink, UV Blue vodka. I passed on the beer we had brought along in favor of the vodka-lemonade that was offered me. I held the cup while Tammy poured the alcohol. The first time around, I dictated how much vodka she poured and made sure it was a responsible amount. Too bad I didn’t pay such close attention when my drink was refilled by Tammy a while later. By this time, the band was playing, and we were all seated on the front lawn and driveway watching the band perform in the garage.I was enjoying the music. Tammy turned around from her seat in front of me on the front lawn and proceeded to pour vodka and lemonade into my cup. Drink number two was substantially stronger than the first and by the time I finished it, I was feeling no pain.
Thankfully, Megan had agreed to be the designated driver because most of the rest of our little group were getting pretty happy too. Another group of guests at one point asked Tammy to take their camera and snap their picture all together. They’re going to be surprised when they look at the picture and see five smiling idiots hamming it up in the background of their photo.
More Cowbell

More Cowbell

I know I talk about having a few beers now and then, but I know my limits and rarely exceed them. Saturday night was one of those rare occasions when I exceeded them. I laughed a lot, and danced without a care. So I didn’t do anything too crazy. At least I didn’t get up and start playing the cowbell with the band, like some people I know. I woke up Sunday morning, early, not necessarily hung over but feeling a little sluggish. I went back to sleep until 10:30. I felt like I was dragging the rest of the day. I’m too old for this stuff! I gladly parked my butt in a chair and watched Kacey’s team play softball for a couple of hours, but other than that, I accomplished nothing. I ended up calling it a day by 9:00 last night and woke up this morning with renewed energy. We had a great time Saturday night, but I’m not in a hurry to do that again!

I’m really glad it’s Monday!

18 thoughts on “TGI Monday!

  1. How well I do remember having gone down that path of that one drink that was “enough” and the one after it that was just a tad more than “Enough!” My memory may be getting a tad foggy at times but that part of my previous life is something that is still retained -quite well -in my mind! It’s been several years now since I indulged at all and as to over-indulging -even longer. Sometimes I kind of miss it but then, I think about the sluggish feelings the day after and decide Nope, don’t miss that at all!
    Sounds like the party Saturday night was definitely a good time for all though!


  2. When you get up and start playing with the band is usually the point of no return.

    I had toyed with a two beer started before doing stand up, but dropped it before this last set and I think it went much smoother. Especially now that i am not as nervous getting up there as I once was…watching other people bomb cures that quickly.

    “I can’t do as badly as they did…”


  3. I hope you had a blast ushering summer out! It sounds like you did. I know that all of us sometimes go beyond our “limit,” but it doesn’t seem like you didn’t go too far. I’m glad you avoided the hangover, but I know what you mean about being too hold to celebrate like that all that often.
    Still, a live band, good friends, good food, good drink, and a lively evening isn’t a bad way to usher out summer.
    Happy Monday to you!



    Ah for days of our youth. Where we could stay up to the wee hours rocking with the band and drinking like a fish and get up the next morning ready to take on the world.

    Old age is a b$%ch. Still, sounds like you had a great time. Just make sure you don’t wind up the next internet star…


  5. I really don’t like Norton as an anti-virus. It seemed to create more problems on my computer than it solved. Even trying to install a different anti-virus was difficult because Norton tried to hang on! I had to download a program from the new AV to get rid of Norton….

    Glad you had a good time!


  6. “I know my limits and rarely exceed them. Saturday night was one of those rare occasions when I exceeded them. I laughed a lot, and danced without a care”

    Sometimes exceeding our limits (safely of course!) is the best thing we can do. Exceding our laughing limits and exceeding our dancing limits sound like fun limits to exceed to me!


  7. Welcome to my typical football game tailgating weekend. The next day is just a waste anymore after drinking. Oh well, it’s worth it!! Not too many folks are saying TGIM though. Nice!


  8. You might want to an alternative anti-virus program called AVG. When I switched to it from Norton, I had much fewer problems.

    Or you can get a MAC. Which I have now and I never have any virus issues.

    As you know alcohol and I never, never have any bad happenings.


  9. You should look into an Apple computer. I have no no maintenance on my Macbook since I got it… no annoying virus messages…it’s great.

    I also need to try that vodka lemonade..sounds good!


  10. Well, it’s okay to have a little extra… lemonade.. now and then.

    I remember the days when I could do that and then get up early the next day and work a 6 hour restaurant shift. NO MORE!

    Bang that cowbell!!


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