The past week

Oh, hey!

I’ve been absentee for a few days. Guess I took an unplanned break. Then I realized I missed writing and missed reading all of your words and communicating with everyone through our blogs. So I realized it was time to come back. I’m afraid to look in my reader and see how far behind I am! And thanks for worrying about me, RC.

Last weekend didn’t go quite as planned. The bowling tournament was a complete loss. I ended up bowling under my average and didn’t even come close to competing. And then some friends of mine ended up struggling with some issues and, well… it was just so hard to see them hurting and feel so powerless to help them. It wasn’t the kick back and relax weekend I had envisioned. It was actually kind of a relief to get back to work on Tuesday.

So, since I wasn’t participating in blog activities, I did some real reading. Yes, I mean an actual book, with pages. I haven’t gotten lost in a book for a long time and it felt good to escape into the story. (Alright, if you must know, it’s one of those Twilight books; the ones all the 12-year olds and 25-year olds and…umm…40-year olds(?) are reading. I can’t help myself. I’m hooked.)

And I also got hooked on a television show. Yes. Me. The one who doesn’t watch t.v. There was a marathon on ABC Family on Labor Day. The television just happened to be on while I was cleaning, because someone walked away from it, and I started watching episodes of  The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Molly Ringwald is on this show and she looks TERRIBLE! Everyone on the show is beautiful (except Molly Ringwald.) And the premise of the show is terrible too. Molly Ringwald, mother of two teenagers,  is pregnant while not yet divorced and the paternity is in question. It could be her soon-to-be ex-husband’s baby (who just happens to live in the house next door with one of their daughters.) It could be her new boyfriend’s baby. I didn’t watch enough to find out for sure. And her oldest teenage daughter has a baby because she got pregnant on her first day of high school. (So that would have made her…what? 14 years old? And having sex?) And all the parents talk to their teens about having sex, but in an almost encouraging manner. I absolutely questioned why this show was airing on ABC Family, but couldn’t tear myself away from it. Weird.

Last night, Gina and I bowled, just for fun. Of course, I bowled way ABOVE my average, getting a four-bagger (four strikes in a row) in my last game and a score of 192. Of course…when it doesn’t count. Oh, well. It was fun.

saintsgame 2007 by you.Today was a good day. I was checking out my work email from home this morning and saw something with the subject line, Saw this – thought you’d like it. Upon opening it, I found an attachment with this picture taken of Mark, me, Jake and Kacey at one of my company events a couple of years ago. We were at a St. Paul Saints baseball game and the weather was abnormally cold for baseball season, as you can see from our attire. My kids have matured so much in the two years since this picture was taken! I can’t believe it! The picture was sent to me by the woman in charge of our Communications department at work. She had recently been working on something that included a picture of every employee and must have stumbled across this one. Her email was short and sweet, saying, I love this picture of you – you are so beautiful. Enjoy. I was humbled and speechless. She made my day, and I sent her a thank you note telling her so.

I did my once-a-month volunteer gig at the high school today with my friend, Tammy. We always enjoy it. The freshmen look younger than ever. Guess that means I’m getting old. I’m always fascinated with all the personalities in high school. The clothing styles have changed, but the kids are the same as they’ve always been. There are the confident, outgoing kids, destined for popularity. There are the shy, scared kids and the geeky, oblivious kids. I’m kind of jealous of the geeky, oblivious ones. They’re comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to conform. How much happier would we all be if we carried that same attitude?

But the best part of the day was lunch with my mom. My sister and I took Mom out for lunch and had a great time. Mom talked about what it was like for her growing up. I always knew there was quite a gap between her and her three sisters, but it was fascinating to hear her tell it first-hand. I never realized that my mom doesn’t remember her oldest sister living with the family. It seems that by the time my mom was old enough to start remembering such things, her sister was working and living on her own. She said all three of her sisters got jobs while they were still in high school, working for other families and actually living with them at the time. I had no idea! How strange that must have felt to her. Even though she had three sisters, her life was more like that of an only child. We talked about all kinds of family stuff while enjoying our lunch and shared a giant brownie sundae for dessert. I’m going to miss these parent-dates when Mom and Dad head back to Arizona in November.

So… that’s what’s been going on with me. And I’m looking forward to a more mellow weekend ahead.

19 thoughts on “The past week

  1. Sorry to hear that your tournament was not sohot. I figured you would kick butt. Of course, every dog has its day and I’m sure you’ll be throwing heat in the next tournament.

    And do not apologize (or feel embarrassed) for getting hooked on Twilight. We all have our guilty pleasures and just because you enjoy reading some “teenage” literature does not make you immature or less of an adult. I have been fan of Harry Potter ever since my son was young and I was into Lord of The Rings when I was back in high school. Does that make us bad/juvenile/not grown up? Who cares? Indulge yourself. You’ve earned it.

    It is good to hear you are enjoying the time with your mom. Not many of us get to spend time with our parents when we are older. There is a lot of wisdom and love there and you are lucky to have your folks so close to enjoy their company on a regular basis.


  2. I wish your weekend had gone better than it did! I hope things work out okay for your friends.

    Awesome picture of your family and kudo’s to your co-worker who thought to send it to you (along with a great compliment).

    I hope you or your sister are writing down all the stories you’re getting from your parents. They will be awesome treasures to pass on to the next generation….

    Here’s hoping this upcoming weekend is the restful one you were hoping for last weekend!


  3. Here’s to some much-needed rest for all of us, starting tomorrow!

    Haven’t read the Twilight books, but I’m still working with Travis to get through Deathly Hallows, and I’m fairly certain he won’t be picking up the Twilight books himself…I gotta read to keep up with him right now! Sounds like our next stop is the Percy Jackson series!


  4. i just finished all the Twilight books. I was (am?) totally obsessed. Be sure when you are done, that you stop by the author’s website. She started a book to tell the entire saga from Edward’s point of view, but it was leaked and she stopped. She put what she had written up on her site. It is really interesting to read after you’ve read the books. She also offers, in my humble opinion, some fascinating insite to how she came up with the story. The movie was very good as well. and I’m 35!


  5. This was a great update and so fun to see that picture….that t.v show is too much for me but I am addicted to Glee….its like Fame but less serious and it just makes me want to dance and sing!!!

    Glad all is well with you, thinking of you as my weather stays seriosuly warm and knowing you are cooling off…seriously jealous!!!



  6. Sex at 14 is very common in the UK. I hate it when TV shows and movies seem to endorse this, though. I hate the view that virginity is something that should be lost at the first possible opportunity.


  7. Don’t you love Twilight. Got hooked on it too, it was like: What just happened?

    That show with Molly Ringwald sounds creepy. Why would I want someone to film my life if it was that messy? Some people are just desperate.


  8. I haven’t read those Twilight books, but I can’t put down a Harry Potter when they come out. Other than reading your Senator’s books, they are the only books I’ve read in a while.


  9. Glady your back. I figured with the start of school you were overwhelmed.

    Yes I read the Twighlight books too and yes I admit it. I enjoyed them and rooted for Jacob.

    Oh and isn’t that the way it goes with anything. When you are by yourself you sing just like Bette Middler but when your with the choir you sound just like the cat caught in the kitchen door, same with bowling and anything else.. :)


    • Ooohhh….Gladys…I LOVE your phrase “just like the cat caught in the kitchen door”!!!!

      So incredibly descriptive that even a non-cat person (not me – I have 2 cats) can completely and thoroughly undertand what you were saying.

      Thanks for sharing that phrase!!



  10. I haven’t been blogging much lately either, mostly because of my work schedule. Sorry to hear about the bowling tournament. I’ve had similar experiences when I ran track. I would do awesome in practice the week before the meet, then during the actual race I just didn’t have it. I hated those days.


  11. Im sorry to hear you didnt do as well as you would have liked in the tournament, but Im glad you had fun with Gina. [I think THAT counts more!]

    I think I might want to find sometime soon to read a real book with real pages again too!

    I have never seen the show The Secret Life Of Teenagers and after your ‘review’ I dont want to! I cant imagine Molly looking a mess!

    Im glad your back to blogging! Missed you.


  12. I’ve been overwhelmed a lot recently. Seems like you have too. But you percevere (sp). Good that you were there for your friends. They are lucky.

    Pressure? Perhaps. You bowl lgood with Gina, and not then. $#it happens. LOL As long as you still have fun. Thats how my golf game is. If i didn’t have fun, I suck.

    Didn’t see that show. usually wouldn’t watch it. LOL But I’ll bet it was good if it caught you.

    Reading a book? I remember those…. Some peoples posts are novels. LOL

    You are beautiful. Mark is lucky.

    Yes, my nephew is in high school. I have been to some events. All the same… different music and clothes (or lack of)

    Time with Mom is like gold.


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