I'm fall – ing!

Gourds by you.Fall has definitely arrived! Fall means fresh apples and pumpkins, baking, warm sweatshirts and hot cereal and I have to say it’s probably my most favorite time of the year. Even though summer ranks high on my list of favorite things, with all of its sunshine and heat, there’s just something about the fall that brings me such a feeling of contentment and peace. Maybe it’s the absence of extremes that I love so much. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. There’s no snow or ice on the ground yet and everything simply feels cozy.

Fall means waterfowl hunting season arrives for my guys. Every year at this time they spend several weekends away from home on a quest to take down their limit of birds. My boys are true outdoors men. Last week Jake was almost giddy with excitement over his first hunting trip of the year. I love to see him so happy and so passionate about something. And I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying Mark’s famous duck stroganoff for dinner.

As much as I love my guys, I also love having them go away a few weekends a year! Having the boys gone for a few days at a time means girl-time for Kacey and me. Our lives are so busy and she’s growing up so fast. The older she gets, the more I realize the importance of setting aside some time for just her and me. It’s always fun to have some one on one time with my daughter, even though I have to work harder at squeezing in some time with her as she gets older. She has such an active social life! If she can fit me in, we’ll do some shopping and possibly go out for dinner.

This morning, I discovered another reason I love fall. I run well in the fall! I struggled with my running all summer long, almost to the point of giving up. It never occurred to me that my problem might be the heat. Then, last week, I went out one cold morning and had the best run I’ve had in months. I went out again this morning, the air still chilly after yesterday’s snowfall. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to duplicate the feeling I experienced last week and had to give myself a motivational talk, telling myself to just do the best I could do and not to get frustrated.  And as it turns out, I had another good, solid run! It’s ironic, because in almost all other regards, I HATE the cold. But where running is concerned, apparently I love it!

Leaves by you.As I ran today, I took in the beauty of my surroundings. Some of the trees are beginning to change colors. The reds and golds are gorgeous, like a fire in the tree tops, while other trees are holding fast to their summer greens. The contrast of the colors against one another is breath-taking. I have got to get out with my camera and capture some of this before it all fades away into the gray of winter.

Turning by you.The guys were gone hunting this weekend, and in just three short days, they take off again for a four-day trip. The schools in Minnesota are closed for an annual teacher convention every year at this time, so the boys get to enjoy an extended hunting expedition. I always take a couple of days off work when they go on this trip, so Kacey and I can spend some quality time together. However, she has just informed me that there’s a varsity volleyball tournament this Thursday and Friday and she’s been asked to go along. She’s already planned a little social gathering at home with her friends on Saturday night, so… so much for girl time! Things will be quiet around here Thursday and Friday, but I’m sure I can find ways to occupy my time.

I feel such a lack of stress and anxiety right now, knowing I have a long weekend coming up in just three short days. There are chores that I haven’t dealt with this weekend, and normally that would make me just crazy. For some reason, today, it doesn’t bother me. I LIKE it!

I love the fall!

20 thoughts on “I'm fall – ing!

  1. Thanks for sharing your autumn with me! The trees look fabulous!

    I always thought I would miss winter and snow when I moved from MA to CA, but I don’t. It’s the autumn that I miss. There’s nothing like a nip in the air to put a spring in one’s step :-)

    My aunt lives in MN and has been as low as 17 degrees in the past few days. Here’s hoping you’re not quite that nippy!

    Enjoy your short week — I’m jealous!


  2. Glad to see snow has not covered up everything, yet. We are finally enjoying cooler/wetter weather down here. Leaves are just now starting to turn, but it is still a ways off before we will hit lower temps. I agree that fall is a great time of year. Time to step back from the days of summer and enjoy your surrounding before winter and the holidays start up. I always like autumn because is reminds me of growing up in New Jersey and the amazing colors of the northeast.

    I hope the guys do well on their hunts. I am heading out in a few weeks for some field work myself. Enjoy your solitude while it lasts. The holidays are just around the corner…


  3. Cozy, contentment and peace…the absence of extremes – such great ways to describe fall! I hope we have an extended fall and somehow we are able to hold ofd on any of the snow as long as we can(not always possible here in New England!)


  4. That’s why I love fall, too. It puts a spring in my step, a smile on my face and promotes a calmness within me. I love the absence of extremes as well. Your fall photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I wish you the contentment of fall all year long.


  5. Love the beautiful pictures you posted with this!
    Also -about the cool temps and running -what you said there really makes a lot of sense. Too cold and the air really hurts to breathe it in deeply but in the fall, the crisp but COOL -not icy cold air -probably does make the running easier as well as quite exhilarating then too!


  6. Maybe the difference in running performance is the lack of allergies in the fall after it turns colder? My husband suffers a lot in his conditioning and running until fall brings that first nip. then, like magic his allergies decrease drastically. i love fall too.


  7. I wish I could enjoy fall as much as the rest of you but I don’t. I love the beautiful colors of fall but I don’t enjoy the cold. I am a summer kinda guy through and through.

    Duck Stroganoff? OMG! Can I get an invite to this gala? :-D

    Enjoy your alone time Terri!


  8. I too totally dig fall. ya know… that short amount of time right before it gets bitter cold? I welcome the transition from shorts to Levi jeans.. from Tees to long sleeves.. from soaking up the sun to wearing a leather jacket and fedora. I think god knew that we needed the change of seasons.. otherwise life would get pretty darn boring.


  9. Fall is nice as far as the scenery and “autumn stuff” pies, pumpkins etc… But I still would rather have to cut the grass, and have a beer in the sun.

    SSSHHHHH be vewy quiet, duck twacks…..

    Enjoy your time with Kacey….


  10. Fall is a nice time of year, no doubt. We just had the Chicago Marathon here and it was in the low 40’s at the start of the race. The winner set a course record by 1 second. The last two years, when it’s been 80 degrees by noon, they haven’t even come close to the record, so I completely believe you run better in the colder weather.


  11. When we lived in the East, autumn was my favorite season. There was nothing like navigating a Connecticut back road in a convertible with the multicolored leaves whipping up behind you. Here in Southern California, fall brings cooler weather, cloudy day and some fall colors, but not with the brilliance of New England. Fortunately, we live about an hour and a half from Oak Glen (aka Apple Country) nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains where fall is really fall. My daughter’s family is here this week, and Friday, we’re all going to Apple Country. So it’s still my favorite season.


  12. I enjoy Fall as well because it means festival time in Florida, including the areas just over the state line in neighboring Georgia and Alabama.

    National Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama at the end of the month, followed by the Apalachicola (Florida) Seafood festival in early November, etc.

    Unfortunately, many festivals overlap. So will it be the National Peanut Festival or the Elberta German Sausage Festival? Decisions, decisions….
    Elberta is just minutes from the huge Foley (Alabama) outlet mall…. ;)


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