Get Blogged by Terri – One More Bite

It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these, hasn’t it? It usually takes months of reading before I get a real feel for a blogger’s personality and style, enough to “blog” them. So imagine even my surprise when I woke up this morning thinking it was time for another episode of Get Blogged by Terri, and the subject is a girl who introduced herself to me just this week.

It was one of those “Possibly Related Posts” links that brought her to my blog. It was her comedic introduction of herself that drew me to hers:

I just discovered your blog through mine. Serendipity? You’re funny! I think I’m gonna propose…

Imagine me down on my knees as I say to you:

“I’m not a one-night-blog gal. I’m into long-term relationships. Would you, Terri, take this blog, ONE MORE BITE, and put it on your page as a symbol of everlasting fun, health, wealth, and mutual respect? I promise to reciprocate with equal loyalty, support, and always fresh recipes as long as I shall write.”

Yours Truly,


Who could resist such a proposal? I quickly said, “I do” and a blog marriage was born!

Agi FreeAs you might guess from Agi’s introduction, she writes about cooking. And her creations look and sound incredibly delectable! But Agi is more than just her cooking. She’s refreshing, sincere and witty and her writing flows with an ease that draws the reader in. Upon my first visit to her blog, I was reluctant to stop after reading her latest post. Other responsibilities prevented me from prolonging my stay, but I was back again as soon as I had time to linger a while.

I soon learned that Agi is in love not only with cooking, but with a couple of hotties. One is named Jason and the other, Cosmo. Guess which one this is…


I consider myself to be fairly competent in my cooking abilities, though I rarely have the opportunity to prove it. The nature of my life leaves me feeling limited in my own kitchen. Though I try my best, my family doesn’t expect much more than the tried and true simple standards; some soups, some chili, a few casseroles, a good burger or steak now and then, and plenty of … umm… adventures with chicken.  But a girl can dream and so I continue to follow the culinary pursuits of others. Agi now joins the ranks of the other talented chefs whose creations over which I regularly drool , De-I and Kuckie.

SalmonI love the way Agi intertwines the simple moments of her life with her love of food. In Is that a Pita in your Pocket? Jason’s early arrival home from work due to a headache inspired these gorgeous grilled salmon and pesto dressed salad pita sandwiches. (Is your stomach growling yet? Mine is!)

Chocolate Kogel MogelWrestling with Chocolate appealed to my Polish heritage. You see,  Agi grew up in Poland and lived a very different life than the relatively comfortable ones that most of us knew. One of her pleasures from those days was a simple mousse called Kogel-Mogel and it involves an egg yolk, a few teaspoons of sugar and some cocoa. Not only did this appeal to my Polish background, it appealed to my love of all things simple and easy, not to mention, my affinity for all things chocolate!

Agi's BallsEven if you’re not into culinary adventures, you’ll find yourself unable to resist reading further when you see titles such as Agi’s Got Balls, in which she tries to convince us she’s a cow, or at least has four stomachs like a cow. It seems Agi over-indulged just a bit at dinner that night. In addition to the drooling you’ll soon get used to, you’ll be giggling when you realize that Agi’s balls are made of vegetables and even a meat lover like me will find the idea of spaghetti and veggie-balls oddly appealing.

I could go on and on, tantalizing you with descriptions and pictures of Agi’s culinary creations.  But I think you’d be a lot better served by just heading on over there and checking out the menu for yourself! I promise, you’re going to love it!

Jason and moi

16 thoughts on “Get Blogged by Terri – One More Bite

  1. WOW! Terri…I’m speechless, and a tear lingers in the corner of my eye. Thank you a million and then some. You’re so generous and kind. OK, I need to go blow my nose now. Sniff.
    Thank You!!!


  2. You ought to see her do her stuff in person. I am a little prejudiced because I am the soon to be father in law–I hope. We obviously love her, but even at that she is one of those special people that you immediately like and soon after love. Our son and Cosmo are lucky dudes.
    Daddy Yimmy


  3. By a fantastic coincidence, my post tomorrow (Sunday) is about cooking, but mine is 180 degrees different from Agi because I’m….laissez. ;)

    Maybe I can take some lessons from her blog for those days when I have lots of time on my hands.


  4. Made the mistake of reading this before lunch – now I’m really hungry – went and visited her blog and the De-I one too – I’m also amazed by these new worlds we keep getting introduced to! I love Kukie’s food blog too!


  5. I have to admit when I read the line about falling to her knees, I wasn’t thinking of proposals (I’m sooo bad). I like that title Agi’s Got Balls. Too much.


  6. Okay full disclosure, Aggy is a wonderful friend of mine! She is witty, funny, charming and she cooks, okay? The girl is a wiz at anything she tries and her blog is no exception! I am so glad you agree, Terri! Aggy always has something cooking so I encourage everyone to keep checking it out – if nothing else, you will surely be entertained by her adventures in the kitchen and out!


  7. LOL!!!! You said, “balls!”

    It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a “Get Blogged” introduction from you. I’m gonna have to go check her out. After all… who doesn’t like food?


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