Office Restroom Perks

 Or potential plumbing problems…

The water in the toilets in the office restroom is hot. Feels kinda nice, actually. I was tempted to hang around a bit longer than usual, but didn’t want to cause any concern among my office mates. But one has to wonder why the plumbing there is carrying hot water.

Yep. That’s all I’ve got today. Carry on…

40 thoughts on “Office Restroom Perks

  1. this happens in our staff restroom also. Every time I see the bubbles in the toilet I think about the line in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, where there is hot water in her toilet and Sandra Oh says, “It’s great, now you can give your butt a facial.” It makes me laugh every time!


  2. I love it when it they do that! The toilet is nice and warm!!! The plumbers have just hooked up the hot water line to the toilet intake instead of the cold water line. It’s pricier to use hot water instead of cold, that’s why most people use cold water. Enjoy it!!


  3. Now THAT sounds comfy. I have never had the pleasure of sitting on a hot water filled toilet. You just gave me something to add to my bucket list.

    Thanks Terri!


    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure this isn’t right. Once they get flushed a few times, the warm water disappears. But I don’t think anyone will get burned. No one is interested in getting that close to the actual water.


  4. And then we have MY work (preschool) where NONE of the hot water valves work (and justifiably so)…I love coming home and running my hands through the hot water (in the sink, not the toilet).


  5. OH NO!!! you are NOT feeling the hot water in the toilet! I love my bathroom at work because they have the BEST hand soap – smells fantastic – and is very foamy and moisturizing……


    • Michelle, LOL, NO! I wasn’t feeling it. I could just feel the heat from it! Eew, no, I would never touch it. Even flushing is done with my foot. My hands aren’t getting anywhere there.


  6. I’ve always known you have this ‘other’ side to you…the one that dips thermometers into toilets as on going research…sure go ahead deny it. You’ve been outed.


  7. Butt facials are a way of life out here in So. Cal…but in the summer not winter. Our incoming water pipes are in the attic so the water is heated naturally thanks to the 100+ daytime temps. I can even take a shower without turning the hot water on!
    I definitely would much prefer the heat in the cooler months though…


  8. Mixing hot water with cold during a flush will fill the bowl and the tank with warm water. As long as the water temperature is above the air temperature, condensation will not occur. Of course, this is useful during the humid, warm summer months and practically useless during winter months.

    But you also observed that the water temperature cools after the toilets have been flushed numerous times. This would suggest that the plumbing may be routed through a warmer environment, perhaps the room containing the HVAC system, where the water heats up overnight.

    Just some thoughts.


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