La Vida es Buena! November 6, 2009

Brad & Jake HuntingAND we’ve found our way to Friday once again!

It’s been a good week…

Monday began with a smile as I opened up my email at work and saw a message there from our good friend, Paul, along with a picture that he had attached. My boys had been hunting with him the previous weekend and he managed to capture a rare moment on camera – my two boys, standing together and appearing as if they actually like each other. There are very few such pictures in existence, so this was a treasured gift. I may have to frame it in spite of the presence of dead animals in the picture.

Wednesday brought an opportunity to spend time with the two best girlfriends I’ve ever had. Gina, Kendra and I met at the bowling alley. (I know, I know. The bowling alley. Big surprise, right?) After Kendra finished her league games, the three of us bowled a few games just for fun, then went into the bar to find a table and just talk, since we couldn’t seem to keep the game going for all of our gabbing. That night, I realized how lucky I am to have such amazing friends. Gina has been there for me for over twenty years. She knows me and gets me in a way most people don’t. Kendra is the person who filled those same shoes in an earlier part of my life. We kind of forgot how important we were to each other for a few years and I feel extremely blessed to have been given a chance to renew that friendship. And as the evening wore on, I realized that Gina and Kendra seemed to like each other just as much as I like each of them. How cool is that?

Speaking of long-lost friends, Facebook brought me another blast from the past. Becky is a coworker from the bakery where I worked during my teenage years. The bakery was a family owned place, and those of us who worked there were sort of like a little family. We have such good memories and so many stories from that place. (Suffice it to say that when the owners left teenage girls in charge of the place for the evening, there were plenty of antics.) Kendra was one of my coworkers there and so was Marilee, who now lives just a few miles from me and whose daughter is one of Kacey’s best friends. I haven’t seen or heard from Becky since she left her bakery career to go to college. She contacted me on Facebook yesterday and said she was trying to organize a little reunion of all of the people who worked at the bakery during our years there and wanted to know if  I would be interested. I responded something to the effect of, “BECKY! OMG! HOW ARE YOU! IT’S BEEN FOREVER! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO? AND OF COURSE I’M INTERESTED!” And soon, we were walking down memory lane, catching up on each other’s lives and promising to stay in touch from now on.

And finally,  I’ve been thinking this week about how much I love my daughter and how lucky I am to have her. I was talking with a coworker this week about daughters; particularly teenage daughters. They are famous for causing their parents much angst and frustration. But Kacey isn’t your typical teenage girl. She’s so easy-going and yet so responsible. She’s an excellent student and she has a great sense of humor. She’s a good person and likes almost everyone. She talks to me with ease (and often in Spanish, just to keep me guessing.) I am blessed to have such a great relationship with her. I know not all parents are so lucky. I love that kid.

La vida es buena!

19 thoughts on “La Vida es Buena! November 6, 2009

  1. That is a great pic of the boys! Have a huge copy framed! Make them t-shirts with this pic on them!

    I think you would be hard pressed to find a more perfect daughter than Kacey – apart from my daughters, of course :-)


  2. Great pictures of the boys. It’s got the makings of a great family Xmas card. Another hallmark moment…

    If you keep finding old friends on Facebook and inviting them to go bowling, you could start your own league (or at least another team).

    You & Kacey have that special bond that some mothers & daughters develop. I think you are more than justified to be proud of her and her accomplishments.


  3. Isn’t it amazing but also amazingly nice when the kids (my three are very grown compared to yours -42, 36 and 33, ya know) actually manage to do things with and for each other that is extremely nice as well as helpful too. Mandy’s having a very, very rough spot right now in her marriage and I’ve been trying to clue her brother in here and there via phone conversations while he is out at work, on the road and yesterday, he called and talked to Mandy. Thankfully, he is a very good listener. Also, very thoughtful too and a bonus here -he’s also a feminist! Can’t go wrong with that in a male, can you? The upshot of their conversation -not that Mandy got anything cured -was that she ultimately felt much better about herself. Always nice to have that happen too isn’t it?
    Now -this reunion of your old co-workers -you are going to blog about that aren’t you and keep us all informed of what you did then, what others are doing now? I, for one, am very much looking forward to reading of your hi-jinx!


  4. Girl, did you get Chinese spammed there?

    Life IS good…I really should start posting stuff like this. However, today is so good, I am scooting out the door to hang with my favorite five year old…that’s how good it is!


  5. Yes! La Vida es buena!!

    That’s a great shot of the mighty hunters. Kinda hard to find them in all that camo, but a great shot nonetheless.

    I was sort of reluctant at first to get on facebook “just what I need, another time waster”, but it has put me in touch with some really good, but long lost friends. Glad it’s done the same for you.

    I often wish I had a daughter, then someone will tell me the nightmares they go through with their teen daughter and I’m kind of relieved. You (and Kacey) make me wish I had a daughter!


  6. My girls were never that close until they actually left home. They’re now closer than I ever thought they’d be. Probably be the same with your boys.

    Life is good and especially because you are open to all the goodness you have.


  7. You are very lucky with ALL your kids and your friends too. But, I could say that it is not luck at all and you are a person who creates good things and good will around you.


  8. Hi Terri! :)

    You have some very handsome boys there! I BET your face lit up to see that photo. :D And what great news to hear you were able to spend some time with your best friends. I have to say that Facebook has been the place for myself as well. I don’t know HOW many friends from high school that I have reconnected with…and teachers! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs!!!!!


  9. I love Rock Chef’s comment about the T-shirts!!!

    And I will say, in homage to daughters, that my four girls, now that the youngest is in her 20’s, are great to be around – I just wish they all lived closer to me!!


  10. De-I is correct. Most siblings hate each other while they are living under the same roof. Once they get older and start their own lives, they’ll realize the others aren’t so bad after all. At least that’s what happened to me.

    It’s also awesome that you have such good friends. Good friends are a rare find.


  11. that photo is TOTALLY frame worthy!

    Im glad you got to spend such good times with Kendra & Gina at the bowling alley…you are very lucky to have such wonderful women in your life!

    Facebook RULES, the end!

    And I love when you talk about how much you love your daughter! You are such an awesome mom!



  12. in spite of the presence of dead animals …..

    HA HAAAAA !!!!

    I think you have more fun bowling than anyone I know, just sayin`


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