Life is Good – December 4, 2009

Whoa! It’s December already! Can you believe it?

I’m sure you’ll all be relieved to know that Winslow the Thanksgiving Turkey has been found. I know you were just as worried about his whereabouts as I was.

So where was he? Winslow and friends were whoopin’ it up back behind some of the Christmas boxes.  They missed their big day and didn’t even care! When I dragged their sorry asses out from hiding two days after Thanksgiving, they were downing the last of a case of beer with Santa Bear 1986 and a family of snowmen. I swear. I don’t know where they learn these things. It’s disgraceful! That Santa Bear is a BAD influence!

I got the turkeys whipped into shape, gave them some Tylenol for the hangovers that were sure to follow their little escapade, and packed them safely away in their proper place so they might be easily located next year. Afterwards, we managed to get the Christmas tree assembled and decorated with new L.E.D. lights and lots of ornaments. We decked the halls around this place and it’s looking pretty festive!

And no, I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. I’m not one of those early shoppers. I like to avoid the stores on Black Friday at all costs. I’ll get started shopping this weekend and it will probably take me until the week of Christmas to finish. That’s the way I do things and I like it that way.

In completely unrelated non-holiday news, the highlight of my week came when Jake finally applied to the local community college. He’s going to school! We had to push him to do it, but once he filled out the application, suddenly he was full of ideas about what he might like to do with his life. Go figure. I guess it just took a little nudging from his parents to make him realize that living at home until he’s thirty probably doesn’t sound like much fun.

And in the “I’m not sure how I feel about this” department, someone in this family has a boyfriend. I won’t say who, as I make it a policy to try not to embarrass my children on the blog. He seems like a nice boy though. He came over to the house, met the parents, and was very polite. I guess I really can’t complain so Mr. New Boyfriend gets a nod in the Life is Good post this week.

This weekend I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of relatives on my mom’s side of the family when we attend my aunt’s 80th birthday party. It should be fun. And afterwards? You guessed it! BOWLING!

How about you? Anything good going on this weekend?

20 thoughts on “Life is Good – December 4, 2009

  1. This weekend has shopping and decorations waiting for me – YAY!

    Glad you found the turkey and helped him sort out his hangover!

    Boyfriends? Always a scarey thought for a parent, but I am sure that whoever you are talking about has great taste and won’t go dating any assholes…

    Great news about Jake. I am sure he will do great at college – he certainly looks like a student :-)


  2. Where were the boxes?

    He was ready. See?

    Oh the fun starts now! He best be a good guy or the crew at Oscar’s will have at him!

    Family and bowling… Life IS good Terri!


  3. I haven’t even BEGUN to think about Christmas shopping yet, if it makes you feel any better.

    Jules and I put our tree up last night. It’s our “starter tree” from last year, so it’s not extravagant… but it’s a tree nonetheless.

    Jules, my friends, and I are all going bowling tonight too. Hopefully we’ll have some cool stories. Probably nothing that will compete with yours… but we’ll see. :)


  4. Souns like life IS good at your house! I’m happy to hear you found Winslow as well. Sucks that he missed his big day but you said he didn’t seem to mind so oh well. There is always next year right? LOL

    Have a great weekend Terri!


  5. Jake has a new boyfriend? That’s great! ;-)

    It’s hard to see your kids grow up, but I’m sure the new boyfriend will be greeted with open arms. But my parental mantra has always been – If you make her cry, I’ll make you cry.

    Glad to hear Winslow has been found. Cancel the APB on the bird. He’s come home to roost. Let the festivities begin.


  6. I am so glad the missing turkey has been located. you made me laugh on a bitterly cold morning, when I really needed a good laugh!


  7. PHEW!!!! I am sooo glad that the errant turkey has been found — and more than a bit jealous of the fun he and his coherts were having!!!!

    Have a BLAST at the party this weekend — having just come back from a trip east that included a family reunion, I can honestly say there’s nothing like catching up with family!!

    As for this weekend? After food shopping, washing the CRV and fertilizing the lawn, the rest of the weekend (noon Sat thru Sun) will be spent in various jammies working and making the inside of my house look like Christmas!!

    And “working” is NOT the decorating…it’s the work work stuff….. :-(


  8. What a relief that Winslow has been found!! I was really worried. :)

    I was totally going to make the “Jake’s got a boyfriend” joke, but I see someone beat me to the punch.

    Good luck with the boyfriend thing… It was bound to happen eventually. Kasey sounds like a good kid, I’m sure you’ve got nothing to worry about.


  9. Yep Terri know what you mean about Christmas shopping. can’t summon up the energy to actually GO OUT and start even now. I have been online shopping for a couple of weeks though. Have to get Laundry Fairy’s gift sorted out first then that is like a gate opening I am OK then.

    Haha snap! Big Daughter (15) has a boyfriend too. I might do a post about it.


  10. I am rather proud (and a little shocked) to report that I’ve actually bought a Christmas present already!

    Gee, I’m really at a loss as to who has a boyfriend… Hope it’s not Mark.


  11. Abby, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking – it had to be Mark!

    As far as where turkeys learn to beer it up – When they’re bowling for crying out loud :)


  12. “And no, I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. I’m not one of those early shoppers. I like to avoid the stores on Black Friday at all costs.”

    Oh honey! Me too. I haven’t even MADE A LIST yet, and as for Black Friday? You couldn’t PAY me to deal with that noise!

    Im very happy to hear Jake changed his mind about school!! You must be THRILLED!


  13. Nothing new in the STL area. Seems like everyone is getting snow but us.

    Sounds like you had a good week! One kid going on to school, and another with a new boyfriend! Can’t wait to read more blogs!


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