No wins, but we had fun anyway

It was another frustrating tournament for the volleyball girls. They played well today, but just couldn’t pull off a win no matter how hard they tried. They won a couple of matches, but getting an entire game under their belts was not to be.

I was proud of Kacey today. She loves volleyball. She likes to play hard and she wants to win. She could have allowed all of the losses to dampen her spirits, but she dug deep and kept a positive attitude. It went a long way in motivating the other girls too. Even when it was all said and done and it was time to go home without anything to show for their efforts, they looked tired, but not defeated. Good girls. They’ll get it together soon enough and their efforts will pay off.

Sharing some encouragement before the game

Having fun and showing off those beautiful smiles

Goofing off between games

“Head Bump!”

The hotel, as I mentioned before, had some history. Our room had a brochure that told all about it. I was wrong when I said that the hotel used to be a hospital. It has always been a hotel. But when it first opened, the third floor was a medical facility with an operating room and patient rooms. And it was on the third floor that we stayed. ┬áThe bathroom was the most obvious sign of our room’s previous purpose – a typical hospital bathroom if I ever saw one.

I found this feature in our bathroom particularly intriguing. It clearly hasn’t been used for years. I peeked inside and all I could see was dust and dirt.

One of the many hallways on our floor had a hospital feel to it as well… Maybe it was those wheelchairs?

Does anyone else find this reminiscent of The Shining?

The pool was located on the 11th floor and was only accessible by taking the elevator to the 10th floor and then walking up a flight of stairs (in a stairwell that had a very disturbing smell, I might add. The girls insisted it was haunted and smelled like old ladies. I’m not sure what old ladies smell like. To me it smelled like burnt pizza.) I was stupid and didn’t think to bring my camera along when we visited the pool. It was beautiful, enclosed in a dome that allowed the night sky to be seen from below, and surrounded with windows that provided a spectacular view of downtown.

I love being in places where you can literally feel the ghosts of the past all around you. That’s how I felt at the Kahler Grand Hotel.

One of several restaurants in the hotel.

The wig shop located just above the main lobby. The girls were creeped-out by the mannequins. It occurred to me that this shop is probably very successful considering what is located across the street from the hotel:

And yes, we could have stayed in any number of the “usual” hotels. There was a Days Inn and a Holiday Inn, both within sight of The Kahler, but I’d be willing to bet that those hotels couldn’t boast of playing host to famous guests like the Kahler did.

And my kid has never felt compelled to play in the closets at those other hotels either.

Ahhh, but it’s good to be home again.

33 thoughts on “No wins, but we had fun anyway

  1. Tonight, I have learned that old ladies smell like pizza. That must explain the cravings I get for Italian food whenever I perform around old people.

    Did the possibility of someone dying in your hotel room ever pop in your head since it was a hospital room previously? I usually think of the prospect of someone being “created” in the room before I stayed there…never the opposite!


  2. Nice shot of my employer. I shoulda gave you a tour :)

    That’s a super historic hotel. The number of famous people that have stayed there while visiting the Clinic is mind boggling. Glad the hotel was fun. I’ve never stayed there, we just walk through the subways a lot. Sorry your girls didn’t win.


  3. Wow, those wig mannequins are WAY creepy!!! Especially if you think a hallway is haunted and the floor you were staying on used to be a hospital. Yikes.

    And nice Shining reference! I totally see it.


  4. I love that Kacey kept a positive attitude during the whole game which in turn motivated the other girls.

    Now I am PEEING IN MY PANTS. When you said,
    “Does anyone else find this reminiscent of The Shining?” I lost it, because that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!


  5. Sorry the girls did not come away with a few wins. Hope they had fun anyway, inspite of the outcome.

    Great hotel. Lots of character (that includes some of the guests) and a little charm. It does tend to look like something out of the Shining. Maybe it’s my imagination but, in the closet shot, isn’t Kacey looking a little bit like Jack Nicholson (Heeeere’s Johnny!)??


  6. That’s funny…we stayed in a place very similiar to that last April when we went to Washington DC. Not a typical hotel at all. Our bathroom looked much the same and our pool was actually not in our hotel but on the campus and you had to drive to it. It was well kept up but very old. We kept scratching our heads trying to figure out the history of this place…turns out it was an old convent! That was purchased by the US Postal Service…they put a smithsonian museum (postal history) on the campus and turned it into a hotel and conference center. It was weird and cool at the same time.


  7. Wow, now that’s a hotel with personality!

    Some of my best memories in high school were those bonding moments with my teammates on sports teams, even though we were very “average” record-wise. Kacey’s in a good place.


  8. Great colors of the team uniforms!!
    The wig mannequins would creep me out too.
    Fun to stay where Bill Cosby stayed. Hubby and I watch his video about family and having children and even though hubby practically knows the whole video by heart we still laugh and laugh.
    Looks like you all had a good experience even if the girls didn’t win a tournament, they did win lots of other things.


  9. Well at least the girls gave it thier best. Like you said, they’ll get there. I’m a fan from afar.

    Interesting hotel. if old women smell like burnt pizza, that may explain the term “crusty”, (badump-bump- TssssH!)

    Ohhh Creepy!

    Good luck next time!

    oh- good pictures!


  10. Wow what an amazing set of pictures. The girls look like they make a great team – all those really PINK headbands – ;-)

    I love the stained glass and dark wood in the lobby (?) of the hotel. Glad you had a great trip.


  11. I love the volleyball pics so much and the girls look like they had fun…as a former volleyball player I know how hard it is to play in games where you feel like you your best just isn’t enough. What a great girl your daughter is to keep a positive attitude…what a leader! Also, Kacey has great vertical height…whoa, that was a great jump!!!

    As for the hotel….creepy factor acknowledged…yikes!!!


  12. Looks and sounds like a very interesting place to stay. Those wig mannequins have surely been placed deliberately to catch the uplight in that ghostly way! Very spooky and yes, just like The Shining, but what fun.

    Sorry about the tournament this time around but with their positive attitude they’ll see improvements all the time. Maybe next time …


  13. I’m sorry to hear the girls didn’t win any games but like you said, you and they had fun anyway and that’s what REALLY counts. They will get it together soon and start blowing away the competition!!

    Wow, that’s a stellar hotel but I must admit it does have a “Shining” look to it. CREEPY MAN!


  14. Your daughter is learning the value of team play. That was something girls didn’t get to do in the 60s before Title 9. She’ll forget how many games they won or lost but will remember the opportunities to grow with others as she gets older. I hope all is well. AA


  15. That’s a cool looking hotel. Kind of odd that about the wheelchairs and the razor blade thing, though it just adds to the intrigue. At least it was an interesting place and not just another hotel!


  16. That hallway in picture #7 gave me the creeps! Reminded me of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. Looks like a great hotel.

    I miss traveling with my son in soccer and my daughter in dance. Those were great days.



  17. The Kahler Grand does, in fact, have evidence of paranormal activity.

    I haven’t personally researched this yet but it is on my list of places to research.

    Very historic


  18. It IS haunted. The place was used both as an operating room(on the 11th floor where the pool is) and also as a morgue (in the basement) for the Mayo Clinic up until 1953. I live in Rochester, and have been in there thousands of times, but never stayed there overnight, as I am a Rochester resident. It is haunted mostly by Helen Voorhees-Brach, heiress of the Brach candy corporation, who disappeared mysteriously after checking out of the hotel in 1977, and was never seen alive again. She can be seen in the hotel’s elevators, and if u look at her for a few seconds, she’ll vanish before your eyes. And she’s not the only ghost there. :)


    • Thanks for the insight into the history and haunting of the Kahler, Alan! I don’t remember having any trouble sleeping when we stayed there. Maybe because I didn’t have any confirmation of the hotel’s haunted reputation. I might think twice about sleeping there again. :-)


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