These kinds of appliances don't usually cause this much excitement!

So, have I mentioned that we’ve decided to go forward with the kitchen remodel? We have.

Everyone should have a wife like me though, I’m telling you. I’m such a good wife. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money.  Seriously, I only wanted to strip (the cabinets… not myself) and refinish the existing cupboards. But it seems that the original finish is so dark, that it has impregnated the wood. (Really. That’s the word that was used to describe it. Impregnated. I’m a third grader at heart and couldn’t help laughing.) I was perfectly content to just do the work myself, keep the existing lay-out and counter tops and black splash and floor. “No, honey. Let’s not spend a ton of money. Let’s be frugal. Let’s be do-it-yerself-ers!”

But then, we had a cabinet-maker come over and take a look at my little kitchen…just to see. Just to get an idea. It doesn’t mean we have to go forward with a whole remodel. Let’s just hear what he has to say.

Okay. Fine. I’ll listen, but I don’t have to like it.

But I did like it…

Scott had some great ideas for giving us more storage space while at the same time, opening up the room. It’s such a crowded little space now. And when his quote came in, I was very pleasantly surprised at the price. So the project is a go. Twist my arm. Yes, please. I’ll take the new cupboards, counter tops, kitchen sink and faucet and tiled back-splash, thank you very much. And a side of new stove and refrigerator? That would be lovely, yes.

So last night found me at the local appliance store, getting all kinds of ga-ga over stoves and refrigerators. My stove is 21 years old. The refrigerator? I don’t know. For sure it’s more than 10 years old. And they are very basic appliances. I’ve really had no complaints about how they work. I’ve only complained, every single day for the past I-don’t-know-how-many years about the stupid meat-keeper drawer in the refrigerator that is cheap and broke years ago, so doesn’t quite roll out like it should. And the mysterious water leak that’s been going on for over a year. I might have complained about that a bit too. The water pools up under the crispers and has forced me to periodically announce (in my “Don’t say I didn’t warn you” voice) to anyone who will listen, “One of these days, this fridge is going to just bite the dust and we’ll be forced to run out and buy the first thing that serves the purpose!” But other than that, I’ve had no complaints.

We spent quite a bit of time in the store, perusing our options and talking with Gary, our appliance expert. He was very knowledgeable and answered every single question we had. And we had a lot of them. Mark kept saying things like, “Can you get us some literature on these models so Terri can decide what features she likes best?” And then I would chime in, “Or so Mark can decide what features he likes best because Terri isn’t going to be the only one using these things!” And then Mark would say, “Yeah, but you’re a much better cook than I am. It’s really more important for you to have what you like because you’ll probably use these so much more than I will.” And then I would say, “Your thinly veiled attempt at flattery will get you nowhere. Don’t even think that I’ll be so excited about new kitchen appliances that I’m going to let you off the hook with your share of the cooking.” And then Gary would nervously say, “Should I come back a little later on…?” And then we promised him we wouldn’t kill each other right there in the middle of the Warner’s Stellian Appliance store and if there were to be a murder, we’d give him the courtesy of taking it elsewhere.

So, again, I must say that my husband should be very grateful for me, because at the appliance store, I insisted I didn’t need appliances with all the bells and whistles. I’m very happy to go middle-of-the-road with this stuff. I have never needed a convection oven in my life. Why pay extra now for a range that offers it? And if I get a range that has all kinds of fancy features, I’m going to feel like my cooking needs to rise to the occasion and that’s just not very likely.  I’m a decent cook, but I’m going to venture a guess that I’ve maxed out my capabilities and am not likely to be opening my own restaurant or writing my own cook book anytime soon.

I do have to say, though, that I really, really want the refrigerator with the filtered water dispenser on the inside! I refuse to even consider one with the dispenser on the outside of the door. Because if that water dispenser on the outside of the door ever decides to leak, it’s going to ruin the new wood floor that, might I remind you, I insisted I didn’t want or need, but we’re getting anyway. Oh, and did I mention? It’s going to be one of those models with the freezer on the bottom and French doors on the refrigerator! SQUEEEEEEEE!

I’m feeling a level of excitement about these appliances that is usually reserved for something like the annual vacation to The Apostle Islands or at least a new camera lens!

I might even start to really enjoy cooking again! Livin’ la vida loca here, people!

32 thoughts on “These kinds of appliances don't usually cause this much excitement!

  1. As much as I am…er…was…an expert on kitchen renovations, I cannot get past the “stripping” and “impregnating” comments. It made me all distracted and stuff…

    Bob is right on the before and after photos…don’t bother with the “during” since you will be so bitter that those photos will be taken in anger.

    On the refrigerator…if it leaks inside you won’t know until too late…


  2. Very nice. Watch out for project creep!! Soon you’ll be redoing the entire house.

    Also, not being demanding and over-the-top with what extras and add-ons you want doesn’t get you accolades. It’s how we all should be: both men AND women. Women who act like that end up the butt of jokes and usually, if the guy is smart, divorce papers.

    Sorry to get all serious! I just don’t think everyone will get your subtle humor about how lucky Mark is.


  3. I’m a lot like you when it comes to my wifely qualities. A trait my mother likes to often remind my husband of.

    A new fridge IS exciting! Oh, what has become of us…


  4. I have the GE Profile French door, bottom drawer freezer refridgerator, Stainless steel. Nice. The through the door ice and filtered water won’t leak. I get nutty how the LED lighting slowly raises as you open the door. LOL Oh BTW – make sure you have space for it now as you design your new cabinets.

    Good luck with the shopping! Dont go cheap on us!!


  5. Usually it is the other way around with the wife wanting the remodel and the top of the line appliances. Good to know you are a wise shopper.
    I’d say this is exciting news. During the remodel how will you cook?


  6. Terri,

    Found you on my Google Alerts and just LAUGHED about your account of what happened the store.

    I hope the remodel goes well and that there aren’t any more “close calls” while shopping.

    Oh, and in my experience, French-door fridges are about the most exciting things can get. Who needs the Apostle Islands?


  7. woohooo!!!!! I like looking at appliances :) If we had a house, we would have a new stove by now. But that’s okay….I take my frustrations out by beating it with a skillet. It doesn’t help the stove, but it helps my frustrations.

    I love the refrigerator you picked out!!! It looks so spacious!


  8. Eh. Don’t listen to Joe, OF COURSE you deserve accolades and Mark IS lucky to have a wife like you! I know from my own limited remodeling experience that it’s easy to go crazy with these things and the fact that you’re level headed (so far) is absolutely praise worthy.

    I was going to tell you to be sure to take before and after pictures and share them with us, but it looks like several people have beat me to the punch.

    If you’ve got any tips on how to break a refrigerator, send them my way. I HATE my refrigerator.

    My landlord told me, the day I moved in, that if my refrigerator dies she already knows what she wants to replace it with, but that she wants my input. It made me think she had expectations for it to go out. It’s been two and a half years and I’m still waiting. It is too small and makes this high pitched sound that drives me batty, but I don’t think “noise” is reason enough to have it replaced so I deal…


  9. > a side of new stove and refrigerator?

    Hold off on buying those until you check this out:

    Part of the stimulus package is energy efficiency. Each state was given money for a 20% rebate on Energy Star appliances purchased during a specific time period.

    In Florida, it is one week in April. And, part of the deal is they give you $75 for hauling away your old appliance. They don’t want you selling it.
    Unlike “cash for clunkers”, there is no requirement to give up the old appliance. (Not sure if the $75 is federal policy or Florida’s plan for using the money in addition to the rebate.)

    So if you can hold off on the purchase until the rebate period, you can save 20%. Ask the appliance dealer about this. He should know.

    The appliance industry asked for a delay in the dates so they could ramp up production to meet demand. But each state will set their own dates.

    If the appliance dealer says he has no idea, then track down your state energy office. A Google search for Minnesota Energy Office should do it. There will be info there.


  10. Once you get all this remodeling finished, you’ll be so excited over getting everything into place in the cupboards, the new refrigerator and all that, plus placing your small appliances and any new decorative items around on the counter, on the walls and all, you’ll be like a kid in a candy shoppe! Just have to go cook something or grab a snack just to have an excuse to get into those cupboards, fridge, use the stove, etc. Either that -or you’ll be so happy to have your kitchen back, period and end the time of having stuff in boxes, spread all over the house that you’ll jump full speed ahead into filling the cupboards and refrigerator and such. (That period -when everything is spread all over the house -is I think the most aggravating time possible! ARRGH!) But the end justifies the means.


      • “We actually have a separate refrigerator for the beer :-)”

        Now that is the sort of thing that warms my heart and gives me good fuzzy feelings. Not enough people are that conscientious about taking care of a major food group.


  11. Nothing says Happy Valentines’s Day like a new kitchen with matching appliances. Another sign of growing older. We used to get excited about a new car or new gadgets or that expensive little bauble. Now we get starry-eyed with the prospect of a new kitchen and brand new appliances that were made in this decade.

    I don’t see any mention of a dishwasher. Does that mean you are old school and wash everything by hand?


  12. It sounds like a fun project and I am all for the before and after pictures. We did some remodelling aroung the house a few months ago and like the results, but are glad it is done for a few years.


  13. “Everyone should have a wife like me though, I’m telling you. I’m such a good wife. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. Seriously, I only wanted to strip”

    Praise Gawd for Victory! Once again I say, your husband must have been a saint in a previous life, he sure made it to the next level in this one.


  14. Our remodel which especially included our kitchen was one of the best things we ever did. Go for it girl!

    By the way couldn’t the stripped cabinets be the finishing and you simultaneously?


  15. Well that was a fun read – clearly Mark is lucky to have such an understanding wife who doesn’t leave him for dead in the audio section of the appliance store. Enjoy your new kitchen!


  16. I was about to say “God, I hope Jules doesn’t read this,” but it seems as though she beat me to the punch. I know when we go house hunting, a decent kitchen is at the top of her priority list. Our apartment kitchen is pretty small. The stove burners don’t lay quite right, and I’ve had to wrap aluminum foil around their “legs” to keep them from wobbling like crazy. The turn-table motor in our microwave gave out last week as well, and we’re waiting on the apartment folks to replace that. So I must say, that I’m very excited for you. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Also, I have some pretty strong country roots, so you will never hear me refer to a stove as a “range.” A range is where you go to shoot shotguns. :D


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