What day is this?

I seem to have lost a few days. Last I checked it was Thursday and now here it is Tuesday of the next week already!

And you thought I’d been eaten by an alligator or something tragic like that! Nope. Just busy.

Last Friday we got back to work at work after spending over 18 months in very uncertain territory. But we survived it and are back in business once again. I’ve been hair-on-fire busy there and LUH-UH-UH-VIN it! I’m heavily involved in a few things, one being a major project that involves website stuff. I get to envision this site (along with a few others) and then see if the great techie minds of the company can make it reality. I get to do things like reach into the depths of my brain and say, “Hey! It would be REALLY cool if we could make this a capability!” And then, if I’m lucky, the smart people go, “Yeah. We can do that!”  I love this stuff. Sometimes I’m such a geek.

So there’s that. And then there was a weekend. At least I’m pretty sure there was a weekend. Kinda hard to tell because it doesn’t feel like I really had a weekend. Kacey’s team played in the annual Presidents’ Day volleyball tournament. We were gone most of the day Saturday and all day Sunday, then drove home in some crazy weather on some treacherous roads and got home in time to hit the sack. (Resisting the urge to complain about winter and the weather here!) I got nothing done at home, but the girls came home with medals, so it was worth it.

Oh! And something really cool happened on Saturday night! I gotta give my husband kudos for this one. He did good!!! Saturday evening, I walked into the family room and there was a Valentine’s Day gift sitting on my chair. Mark said, “It’s not much.” And I said, that’s okay. All I got you was a card! So I opened the box and inside was a heart-shaped tin of Dove chocolates. Mark said, “It’s just chocolate.” And I said, “That’s okay! I love chocolate!” And inside my head I was thinking, “And besides, I only got you a card.” So I opened the tin and inside I found the candies, but ALSO… AN IPOD TOUCH! I gasped when I saw it! I have been wanting one, but just couldn’t justify the expense, but my hubby knew how much I wanted one so he got it for me! Is he great or what? So now when I find myself in the midst of another weekend, stuck at a volleyball tournament, I can find myself some wi-fi and play with my new toy! WOOT!

For those of you following my reading pursuits, I just finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett. The setting is Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960’s and the civil rights movement. I’m not going to try to review it. You can click on the link if you want to know more, but suffice it to say, I loved it and highly recommend it.

I’ve now moved on to The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. After hearing at least four people say this was the best book they’ve ever read, I couldn’t resist. It’s a biggie, and not typical of the type of books I normally read, but already just a few chapters in, I’ve cried and regained hope and been amazed and think I’m going to love it. But at the rate things are going, it could be months before I finish it.

15 thoughts on “What day is this?

  1. I’m one of those techie people, and I love it when I can figure out ways of doing it rather than what it’ll look like:)

    Pillars is one of the best books. He just wrote a followup that wasn’t half bad either.


  2. I’m a techie too, but web development isn’t really my thing. I’m the guy that takes care of all of the stuff that make the websites go. I let the creative people do the fancy stuff. :)

    Congrats to Kacey on the successful tournament!

    You’ll love the iTouch. It’s essentially an iPhone without the phone (and extra expense). I have an iPhone, but I rarely use it for talking anyway. Be careful; you’ll get addicted. :)


  3. I am not a techie. I wish I was so that I could figure out why my macbook doesn’t want to stay wirelessly connected.

    Tomorrow is Wednesday, so you are halfway to another weekend!! Hope you get some time to relax! I’m with you on being busy though…I love those days.


  4. Sounds like somebody had a great weekend. Busy at the office, the girls won medals and you got a new toy. Scores all around. Now you can get lost in watching all of those back episodes of tv shows you are missing. Be careful or you might turn into one of those techno-geeks.


  5. All your talk about books you’re reading has me in a bit of a dither. I have a big stack of books I bought almost 2 years ago and have yet to read so I really am going to take a couple of days off from the stitching crafts stuff and do some serious reading! I need to figure out a way to balance my time better but if I start reading a good book, I never want to stop and put it down and I tend to do pretty much the same with the crafts stuff too. Good and bad points to operating that way but the bad, I think, is beginning to outweigh the good in that I am way, way behind, for sure, on the reading!


  6. Eaten by an aligator – the obvious thing to assume! Everyone knows how many gators there are in Minnesotta!

    The girls got medals! Well done!

    He got you all that and all you got him was a card? I’d say you’ve got some catching up to do! ;-)

    The Help sounds good – will see if I can find it for Mrs RC, who has just run out of books again!


  7. We were all thinking it was just a Terri drought!

    Well kudos for you Ms. Web design! Glad your new work model is working for ya!

    Hooray for Kacey!!! Woot!

    an Ipod touch – sweet! What a guy!

    For a busy gal, you’re reading a lot! LOL


  8. Nice job Hubby! A great gift which he disguised.

    Due to your blogging silence, I just assumed your new awesome refrigerator fell over on you and you couldn’t get to your computer or call for help. One more day and I was going to call 911 for Minnesota. Everyone there knows you and where you live right?


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