So, as I began to gain consciousness this morning, all snuggled under my warm comfy blankets and comforter, I was thinking how well-rested I felt. But I was cozy and in no hurry to exit the bed just yet. I resisted opening my eyes and thought to myself, “I hope it’s not 4:30 yet.”

Lazily, I rolled over, and peeked at the clock. There was a fleeting, but pleasant moment when it registered in my mind that it was ¬†not 4:30 and then it only took a split second for me to realize it was after 4:30. It was, in fact, ¬†actually 6:10, which is just about the time I normally hit the road. In my car. Fully showered and dressed with make-up applied and my tote bag all packed with the necessities of my day. It was time for me to leave for work and here I was in my pajamas with bed-head and yesterday’s mascara which I was too lazy to take off before I went to bed last night. Apparently I was also too lazy to turn the alarm clock ON!

Panic ensued, starting when I bolted straight upright in bed and gasped loud enough to awaken Mark who took one look at the clock and commented, “I think you’re gonna be late today.”

Brilliant observation, honey. Thanks for that.

I forgave him for his sarcasm because that Ipod Touch he gave me for Valentine’s Day is going to go a long way in garnering forgiveness for his transgressions. (Don’t get TOO comfy, dear. You have until about April before I’m going to start holding grudges again. Okay, maybe May. But that’s it. Enjoy it while you can.)

Mark fell back to sleep within approximately three seconds and I scrambled out of bed. The good thing is, I realized just how quickly I can get myself ready and out the door when all I am doing is showering and taking care of myself. I ended up only being a half hour late to work when all was said and done. (And yes, that half hour came right out of my PTO balance. Not my favorite use of precious vacation time!)

It would seem that when the morning routine includes doing some laundry, ironing clothing, unloading the dishwasher, showing some love to the cats, doing some crunches, tidying up the kitchen, writing a check for Kacey’s lunch account, and making a breakfast and lunch to bring to work, it all takes up valuable stretches of time that might otherwise be better spent sleeping! (No, I don’t do all of these things every day, but some combination of several of them.)

I couldn’t shake that panicked feeling until I was sitting at my desk at work. You can bet I won’t be forgetting the alarm clock again any time soon!

22 thoughts on “Overslept!

  1. That really is the worst feeling in the world. Even after you get to work, it sticks with you for a while. You feel all flustered.

    I was also about to say… damn… you do more in the morning before work than I do all day!


  2. I hate when I oversleep….I can’t shake that nauseous feeling all day, its the worst! I do it more than I like to admit too….can’t seem to get to bed early or set my alarm when I do! Ugh!

    Lucky you, you made it almost on time…


  3. When I do that I tend to be rather more direct in my language – remember the first scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral?

    Only one word is used.

    It has 4 letters.

    And it starts with F.

    Does Mark have an email address? I think someone should warn him that the clock is ticking and that he should be on the look out for another kick-ass present for you!


  4. I have an almost pathological fear of being late for anything so this kind of error sends me into an instant state of decline. On the other hand, have you ever woken up on a Saturday, looked at the clock and thought you were late for work, only to have that glorious realization that it’s the weekend? Total bliss. :)


  5. Waking up late throws off my entire day. No matter how much I get done, I still feel behind/rushed. Although the adrenaline rush you get when you’re late can be more intense than a whole pot of coffee. And the vocabulary I use is a wee bit more expansive (& colorful) than RC

    You are right about the amount of stuff that fills our morning while getting ready for work. Fixing lunch, feeding the dogs, shaving, showering, checking my e-mail, reading the blogs, getting the paper, walking the dogs, paying a bill. All somehow gets done in that before heading out.


  6. My wife says that this an impossible thing to have happen to me. She tells the story all the time of me setting up in bed every 60 to 90 minutes and looking at the clock…and then laying back down. She says it is because I don’t want to be late, but I know it is because I don’t want to hear the “tsk-uh” sound that she makes when she hears my alarm clock go off before even the rooster crows in the morning.


  7. Okay -so I admit I chuckled when I read the beginning of your post -about really waking up when you realized what time it really was -and that you were going to be late for work. I laughed because it brought back some memories to me of times when I had similar problems -waking up late, etc. So I wasn’t really laughing at you, but rather at myself and how I would end up racing around to get myself dressed and out the door as fast as I could.

    But then I thought too -as I read all the different things you may do in the early morning hours while getting ready for work -about the 18-year-old here, in her senior year in high school, who has to catch the bus at about 6:55 a.m. but gets up at 4 a.m. to get ready to go greet the day and the bus, etc. And all she is doing in those almost 3 hours is getting HERSELF ready! Shower, dress, do the hair -that’s her basics in her routine. And frankly, I don’t understand why it takes that damned long. One day, not too long ago, she overslept -woke up about 6 a.m. -and ended up not going to school at all that day simply because she couldn’t get ready in time -in about 45-55 minutes! Just couldn’t do it! EGADS! Considering, her hair, once combed, looks not too much different than it did as “bed-head” so what’s the big time consumer there anyway? She has no clue that she can kick-start her butt -and routine -into high speed just by walking a tad faster -for openers! Arrgh! Some things just still boggle my mind but the vision in my mind’s eye of you moving at top speed, getting ready, out the door and only being about 1/2 hour late (and that being late irritating you too) is one I can easily picture! I just can’t imagine you moving into a slower than slow frame while running late. Not. At. All! Go get ’em, Tiger. That’s how I picture your actions and reactions this morning.


  8. Sounds like you’re in line for some time management exercises. Perhaps do some of your other chores before you go to bed. Your personal things maybe at.. 5? LOL

    Ah, you just hit a bump in your routine. $#it happens. Sad it comes out of your vacation time.

    Gifts huh? LOL


  9. Argh I feel your pain–though it has not happened in awhile.

    As you stated, I was also impressed at how little time I do really need to get ready in the morning; at least for a day with a little funk that is.


  10. Ugh, that’s the worst feeling. You get docked at work for something like that? That’s crap. I guess it’s been so long since I’ve worked in that type of situation that I can’t even relate anymore. Geesh, I have been in that mode since college!


  11. I get up at 5:30….sometimes I hit the snooze six different times before I actually get up. I have a backup alarm clock always set too in case I accidently turn the snooze off of my phone.


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