Lazy Thursday

I had a lazy start to the day today. No alarm clock. No hurrying out of bed. It felt good. I needed that.

For breakfast, I made myself a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich on Country Hearth multi-grain bread, toasted, of course. I am a bread lover, and this bread is to die for!

Okay, I think I’ve hit a new low here on the blog when I’m describing my breakfast and singing the praises of bread… So as long as I’m down here, let’s talk about peanut butter. I’ve never bought natural peanut butter before. It’s pretty good. Not as sweet as my usual Jif, but good. Do all natural peanut butters have the consistency of baby poop? I swear, when I opened the jar and started stirring it up – because that’s what you do with natural peanut butter – you stir in the oil – my first thought was, “Baby poop.” Didn’t stop me from eating it though. It’s very tasty when combined with Nutella, which just seems sinful, but who could resist it? It’s spreadable chocolate and goes great on toast! (And shortbread cookies, I might add.)

Speaking of cookies, those Girl Scouts are evil. I currently have eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the house and I think I have six more on the way. It’s not that I want to eat them all. I just can’t say no to those cute faces when they give me their sales pitch and tell me how bad they want to go to Girl Scout camp. I went to Girl Scout camp once, even though I was never actually a Girl Scout. Not sure how that happened, but it was FUN!

So we have cookies. Lots of cookies. I’m going hide them and put them in the snack cupboard, one or two boxes at a time. Otherwise, Jake will eat three boxes a day. Not that it would affect him. The kid eats anything he wants and nothing of value and still doesn’t gain a pound. It’ll catch up with him someday though. I keep warning him.

I think I’ll take Jake bowling today. He doesn’t have class for some reason. He’s asked me a few times lately to go bowling with him, but I’ve not been able to take him up on the offer for one reason or another. My almost-19 year-old kid still likes to spend time with me now and then. I’ll take it. Today’s the day.

19 thoughts on “Lazy Thursday

    • I DO love my Jif, but thought I’d give the natural a try. Any small attempt to promote healthier eating… Nutella is actually a hazelnut and chocolate spread. It’s been around a long time, but this is the first time I’ve bought it too. Look by the peanut butters in your grocery store. I bet you’ll find it there. It’s gooood!


  1. I loved that post! It was like you were sitting there, nibbling your sandwich and just talking. That combination does sound great. Must try it. BTW, there is a new breakfast cereal here that is basically nutella in litte biscuit parcels. Wonderful!

    And boys always need a bit of time with mom, no matter how old they get!

    And I am still waiting for my eating to catch up with me too…

    Have a great day!

    PS I have now posted properly…


  2. Gotta love peanut butter and jelly – I’m a Skippy fan. Extra chunky!

    Natural is good. It does look gross buttastes good.

    I’m a sucker for the little ones too. I hav 14 boxes. Some come from women at work who have kids.

    Enjoy your lazy day – have fun bowling!!!


  3. Hey there!
    ‘Just a little “thank you” for turning my 9 year old into a “Nutella” junkie. Remember, your adorable nephew who already thought the best meals are those made up of all things sugar…Kid Cereals (the chocolate variety), pancakes (not a healthier homemade version – no, those cute little silver dollar sized frozen ones), syrup, kid yogurts, chewy granola bars, and an occassional chicken nugget. Yes, that’s the one…

    After a long drive back from Chicago I was forced into an unnecessary trip to the grocery store the other day to buy this “really awesome chocolate stuff” to put on toast that Auntie Terri had at her house! Sad thing is, I think we’re all hooked now…just what I need…something more to add to my ever increasing mid-section…Who needs “natural peanut butter”???!LOL


  4. I have some really ambivalent thoughts right now about girl scout cookies. One is that I could kick Mandy for having brought I think six boxes of ’em home and that we have already devoured the Samoas and the lemon ones along with a box of the chocolate mint things too and my second thing is the timing on their appearance here was terrible -major interference with my dietary plans ya know!
    But man, the kids, Mandy and I -all really LOVE those darned cookies!


  5. I love shortbread Girlscout Cookies!!!!! I’ve been thinking about them lately, wondering when a salesperson will wonder my way. So far, there has been no one.

    I’ve seen a few commercials for Nutella and it just doesn’t really appeal to me. Though I never figured out exactly what it was….it is more chocolatey than jelly?


  6. Hmmm. Your breakfast sounds so much tastier than my oatmeal. I don’t eat PB very often but love the crunchy kind. Of course, most of what we have around here is the low fat version, so I am sure it is not as tasty as natural.

    And Girl Scouts cookies are evil. We’re up to 10 boxes this year (I can’t say no) with Thin Mints and Trefoils leading the charge.


  7. Scott brought home a CASE of Thin Mints last week. That’s on top of the 10-12 boxes of cookies I already had! EEKS! The good news is, I’ll be eating Girl Scout cookies next October!


  8. I’ve never heard of Nutella. I Googled it, and it doesn’t look like something I would eat. Glad you liked it, though!

    Also, this is very true. –> “It’ll catch up with him someday though. I keep warning him.”

    I used to weigh 130 pounds a few years ago. Not so much anymore.


  9. I’m a big peanut butter fan myself! Besides the traditional PBJ sandwich, which for me is with strawberry jam only, I like PB on bagels instead of cream cheese. My wife likes PB on bananas.


  10. Just went out and bought some more Nutella this morning — I start to have withdrawals when we run out!

    PS — Other nut butters that aren’t all-natural use hydrogenated veg oils (trans fats) to stabilize and prevent oil separation – so natural nut butter is better for you and doesn’t increase your LDL (bad) cholesterol. Woo hoo!

    Nutella uses a modified palm oil to prevent separation which also doesn’t contain trans fat — it’s from Italy, btw :-)


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