Life is Good – April 9, 2010

It was a tough week here. The news of Holly’s tumor kind of overshadowed everything else.

Things seemed so dire on Monday when we were given the diagnosis, and again on Wednesday when she was so sick, but she seemed to be okay by Thursday. I spent most of the day at home keeping an eye on her, and she seemed better. She ate some of her dry food and kept it down . I also bought her some canned cat food. (Iams Proactive Health brand food. Now there’s irony if I ever saw it.) I was  hoping that the canned food would sit better with her stomach and it did. I gave her a small amount to begin with and she woofed it down. Poor thing was hungry!

And yes, I know the poor cat is on the tail end of her ninth life, but I seriously think she’s taking advantage of me and my obvious sorrow over her impending passing. See, every single time I use the bathroom now, and I do mean every-single-ever-lovin’-time…whether it be to actually… you know… use the bathroom, or simply to grab a tissue or just wash my hands…suddenly there she is trying to look all forlorn and pitiful and weak.

And then she starts in on me. “MEOW! MEOW! Poor me! Pick me up, puh-leeze! You know I simply can’t make the leap up there to your lovely sink and I want to drink out of that faucet thingy where the water comes out all fresh and clean and has no hairs of other cats in it. And also, be sure not to turn it on too much. Just a trickle please. Thank you. That is lovely. You know I just can’t possibly drink out of that big, blue bowl full of water into which Tigger has been sticking his tongue. Eeeew. Cough! Cough!

Okay, so cats don’t actually cough, but the rest is very true, I’m pretty sure. And I’m totally letting her get away with it because I plan to spoil her rotten for the rest of her days, even if she might actually be milking it just a little bit.

So, while Holly and I hung out on my day off, I was also waiting for the appliance repair guy to come and tell me what was so wrong with my brand spanking new oven that it refused to heat up. Steve showed up in a timely fashion and went to work figuring out what the problem might be. First he checked to make sure the gas was on. (Duh!) And then he started taking pieces off of and out of the oven. He stuck tools inside and checked his little computer and such. I proceeded to fold laundry at the kitchen table, trying not to look like I was scrutinizing him too much as he worked down on the floor with his head in my oven. He seemed a nice enough guy. He didn’t try to steal my pot-holders or Tupperware from the cupboard near where he was working, so that was good. I’m telling you, you can trust those G.E. Appliance Experts!

Steve talked on and on, sometimes to himself and sometimes to me. And wouldn’t you know it, he pulled his head out of the oven and turned to look at me just as I pulled a pair of my string bikinis out of the basket of laundry I was folding. I stuffed them back in the basket and tried to look all like “Underwear? What underwear? No, we don’t have any underwear in our laundry, Heaven forbid! No underwear here! Those hot pink things? Yeah, those were socks. Totally socks.”

Steve was kind enough to pretend not to notice my hot pink underwear.

So, as Steve the G.E. Appliance Expert informed me, the problem was simply something called a glow bar. I pretended to know just what a glow bar was, because, quite frankly, I didn’t care as long as it got fixed or replaced. Steve said that glow bars are delicate parts and  it is quite common for them to be damaged during shipping. He replaced mine and then showed me it was working, all like “behold the flames!” I did my best job of looking impressed, all like, “Wow, look at that. Fire. I can cook now. Yay.”

I thanked him, and off he went to rescue yet another appliance. All in a day’s work for Super G.E. Appliance Expert Steve, I am quite sure.

And also, I’m sure you are asking yourself what these pictures have to do with anything I’ve written here so far. Well, if you would just be patient, I will tell you that the tulips are getting ready to bloom in the little garden underneath the crab-apple tree. I actually tried to get rid of all the tulips a few years ago, but some of the bulbs were all stealth-like and escaped their demise.  I don’t necessarily dislike tulips, but they are only pretty for like a week before they croak, and then you have to leave all the stems there until they sort of dry up and you can pull them off the bulbs. But now I’m just too lazy to remove the rest of them, so there you go. Pictures of spring in my front yard!

And also, Kacey has a volleyball tournament this weekend, and I think I am actually going to stay home! Because I have been a super-supportive volleyball mom and attended every single tournament so far. And this weekend, Mark is available to go with her, and it is a very local tournament, so I’m thinking I’ll just stay home and have a non-chaotic weekend for a change. But I haven’t told Mark yet that I’m bailing out and he gets to go solo this time, so Shhhhhhhh, okay?

Have a great weekend!

19 thoughts on “Life is Good – April 9, 2010

  1. Your stove problems reminded me of the range I bought when the kids and I moved from the house my ex and I had built into this one, that had been my grandparents homestead. The first time I used the oven on it, stuff I was baking was turning really dark, close to being burned in record time. A batch of bar cookies with cherries and coconut on top and which was supposed to bake for 45 minutes, was brown to almost a really, really dark color in a mere 15 minutes. So I called the company where I’d purchased the range and told them of the problem. They came out and checked it and informed me that the oven was operating on the “self-clean” cycle. So the repairman adjusted things -or so he said -and left and I went back to baking with a normal time cycle. However, whatever he did when he adjusted it, it did something then to the self-clean thing -which they never were able to get fixed so I never had the opportunity in the years I had that range -from 1979 until about 1999 -to make use of the self-cleaning oven, which was one of the main things I wanted when I bought the darned thing! But I sure did put that oven to good use over that 20 year span, you can bet your bottom dollar on that!
    Just glad to hear you got yours fixed and done quickly too.


  2. Sorry to hear about Holly. It is really sad when you can see the end coming like that.

    I totally agree about the sympathy thing. Custard does it too. The other day he got cramp in one of his legs and couldn’t put it down properly. For a couple of days after, every time he was near my wife he stood with it off the ground, looking pathetic. Never did it at any other time, walked normally, etc. Crafty.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Some pets know how to ride the sympathy train (Doncha feel sorry for me???). Claire has been taking advantage of her HW treatment and getting all the attention at the same time she is messing with the other dog. I hope that Holly keeps it up for a good long while.

    Frustrating to buy a new toy only to not have it work like you had expected/hoped. Glad that Super Steve was able to save the day. Now to bake up a batch of new oven cookies (just to test it out of course).


  4. so sorry to hear about Holly. she seems to know you very well… animals are intuitive that way.

    glad your stove is fixed. love your description of Super Steve:)

    i’m sooooo happy that spring has arrived. we have a little carolina wren nesting in our back porch. it’s awesome to watch her sitting on her eggs. it’s like a PBS science and nature show for kids right outside our door! i wish i was brave enough to actually plant flowers in the ground:) i am a pot planter…

    have fun at home this weekend!


  5. So glad Holly seems to be feeling better. I would do the same about pampering one of my pets if I thought her/his time was near.

    Yay! Your oven works again!

    Enjoy your weekend at home.


  6. Well lets hope she hangs on a while, I’m prayin for her!

    Oh look at you flirting with the repairman…
    tsk tsk tsk…. LOL

    Tulips are a waste of time, unless you can plan a strategized bloom.

    Good luck to Kacey!


  7. When I first read ‘non-chaotic’, I thought it said “non-alcoholic”! What a tragedy that would have been. Good for you staying home and relaxing. Volleyball isn’t something you have to do every weekend.

    Pick up Holly whenever you can over the next month, you’ll definitely feel better about it when she’s gone.

    And yay for fire!!


  8. Glad Holly is getting extra attention.

    That was funny about the underwear. When someone arrives to repair something, we are always running around trying to pick everything up–I mean really, why would they care as long as the house is not filthy?


  9. Okay, I admit I’m a guy and when I was reading the post the hot pink string bikini underwear made me spit out my coffee. This could have been something right out of a really bad movie.

    Sorry to hear about the cat. I’ve got two cats over ten years old and a dog at thirteen. There days will be here soon enough….


  10. sorry to hear about your pet. Its very hard on the family when there is a sick pet in the house. I tried to nurse my kitten when his liver shut down on him. poor little guy. still tears me up.


  11. I know that cats and dogs know when the window of opportunity is WIDE open. Sounds like Holly’s taking advantage of it!

    A glowbar! Of course! (what the H is a glowbar??)


  12. Well now, cat’s can sneeze, why can’t they cough? And certainly they can sympathy fake cough! :)

    I’m glad she’s doing a little better. You’re absolutely doing the right thing to pamper her in her final days.

    Keep your chin up.


  13. Glad to hear the oven’s working! Obviously, you live in a “big city” since you got someone out there fast. Between being in the South and in the boonies, nothing’s fast where I live…

    When I make it to Amsterdam, I’ll try to bring back a tulip for you. If Homeland Security doesn’t think I’m going to try to light it and if the Agriculture folks don’t think I’m trying to infest the country with “furrin” pests.


  14. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I love how they look, and their stems are all smooth and classy-like, not like ugly carnations (ugh!).
    Have a great weekend!!!


  15. Now that your oven is working, I will be expecting dinner invitations. I know it’s a several-hour drive, but whatever. I can be determined when there is food involved. :P


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