Life is Good – April 16, 2010

In the Life is Good department this week, I bring you…

Fun Night at Bowling

Hosted by the Ball Busters!

We had a great time on Fun Night. During the first game, we played “Bowlo”, which is Bingo for Bowling.  We played Low-Score-Bumper-Bowling, which is just what it sounds like. We put the bumpers up and whoever got the lowest score won. You should have seen these women trying to strategize! And finally, we played No-Tap, which is where the scoring is set up so that if you knock down nine pins with one ball, it gets marked as a strike. There were cash prizes for each game, but more importantly there was lots of fun and laughter. I can’t tell you how many women came up to our team to thank us for making it such a fun end to the season.

Sam - Willing her ball to go where she wants it to go

Did you notice anything in particular in the above picture?

Maybe this will work better?

Fun? Yes, this is definitely fun!

Suzie gives Sam's method a try

Alyssa can talk on the phone and bowl at the same time!

The "Who's Up?" team

The Sleepers and The Wild Things... My friend, Big Boobed Mary is in this shot. Can you find her?

The "Cannon Tree Farm" team, and our waitress, Lisa in the middle. I love Lisa. She brings me a cold beer before I can even ask!

The "Fort Road Florist" team

The "Mattie's Lanes" team. They took first place. We'll get 'em next year!

The Ball Busters! (Minus Sheila and Gina who were out of town.)

My Peeps!

15 thoughts on “Life is Good – April 16, 2010

  1. I noticed right away… hey – I’m a guy.

    You must have a great time. Thats fabulous!
    Looks like a fun group of people. I’ve never heard of half of the games you play. Guess I’m not a pro like you! LOL

    Maybe I want global warming….

    Enjoy the weekend!


  2. Awesome. I love the low score idea with bumpers, though I also like the idea of getting a strike if you get 9! Did anyone get close to 300??


  3. OH fun! Life is Good in photos!

    Well, YAH, I noticed the plumber butt!

    All looks very fun. I can’t ID big boobed Mary from that photo. There are several contenders.


  4. A few years ago the fad was to show your thong with your low cut jeans… so now it just plain crack eh? I saw a lady at the horse show today dispaying her crack with no apparent shame whatsoever.


  5. LOL! Sam has the “plumber’s syndrome” going on. Funny stuff!

    I think I could definitely excel at “low-score bowling.” It happens to be my specialty.

    Looks like everyone had a lot of fun, thanks to you gals.


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